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Easy Sudoku for 12/January/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hold on. Here we go.
12/Jan/11 2:31 AM
woohoo Karen! Page #2, a number higher than my current temperature, but the sun is brightly shining off the glittering snow and all my snowmen are smiling!
12/Jan/11 2:35 AM
Something in what you say, but I don't think that complaining in Toowoomba is being a 'weather wimp'.
Yesterday they had 6 inches of rain in half an hour. It is difficult to imagine how, at a rate of one foot per hour, the rain has enough space to fall down. However I have seen rain like that in Innisfail in North Queensland. It is a solid, opaque curtain.
12/Jan/11 2:37 AM
No good trying to video that kind of falling rain.
You can't see anything
12/Jan/11 2:38 AM
I just played four hands of Q of H and got the Queen every time. It's not worth playing. I prefer the old hacker-free desktop games. I suppose they want me to go on the Internet to 'buy something'. Well, actually, tracker-hackers, I am not made that way. You will lose custom !!!
12/Jan/11 2:52 AM
Shiela: No, no cracking tree limbs. At least not in our neighbourhood. We've got one limb on one of our pine trees that is touching the ground, but I don't think it will break.
12/Jan/11 2:52 AM
With a little luck, I may be able to get off the mountain in a day or two.
Condolences to those in Oz who were affected by the floodings.
12/Jan/11 3:05 AM
http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/politics/oldtimers-on-a-high-when-water-levels-rose-20110104-19f1o. html?comments=37

There is a good point in this article - about the advantages of the high-block house (on stilts). In Cairns many new residents from down-south build their conventional More...
12/Jan/11 3:05 AM
Rayray, certainly not referring to anything that is going on down under in the 'weather wimp' department. It is horrific, and as one who has been through floods (not anywhere near that magnitude) my heart goes out to them. But really, the snow storm coverage in our southern states is cracking me More...
12/Jan/11 3:08 AM
They have exactly the same attitude here in the UK Shannon. We now grind to a halt when there is snow fall of an inch or more.
12/Jan/11 3:23 AM
Is it very unusual to experience snow in that part of the world ?
12/Jan/11 3:24 AM

Only one answer to yesterday's puzzle. A tip of the hat to Plum, who figured out the word was LAP.

No word from Fiona as to whether she has finished arranging her couches in time to post today's puzzle. I shall patiently await instructions.....
12/Jan/11 3:26 AM
Also people generally are hyper-sensitive to 'weather events' in the present 'climate'.
If there is a gale of more than 60mph they tend to expect that the end of the world is nigh.
12/Jan/11 3:26 AM
That is the problem, Ray. They don't have the equipment or manpower to handle much of any snow, let alone a significant amount.
12/Jan/11 3:29 AM
@ Kathy,
I missed seeing yesterday's puzzle. Guess my old eyes are a-failing me. might be time for bigger fonts or (gasp!) readin' glasses.
12/Jan/11 3:34 AM
Good Maen (almost mAen), good people.
12/Jan/11 3:41 AM
Kathy - Mymare had just been off to the pool, so I was thinking how much I'd like to do some laps ... then you posted the riddle. I can't believe I was the only one who gave you an answer? Thanks for the private puzzle and the tip of the hat.
12/Jan/11 3:41 AM
It's our coldest day this year currently 12º expected high of 15º my poor heater is over worked. We ended up with about 3inches of snow, have heard that the major roads in town are clear but not the side streets.
12/Jan/11 3:42 AM
Cap'n J - I like Kathy's distinctive bright green avatar for finding her easily. Fiona's is also a stand out (not surprising). I get my first pair of bifocals either today or tomorrow.
12/Jan/11 3:43 AM
Hi Plum,

Does 'today or tomorrow' (you above post) mean when you can find the optician's shop?
12/Jan/11 3:45 AM
It's snowing here and fairly warm - 27F. That means we're likely to have at least an inch accumulation, up to 3" total by tomorrow morning. Ho-hum.
12/Jan/11 3:45 AM
HI all! Yes, the boss is in today Kathy, so you can have the day off. Seems I have to pay the girl double time for rescuing me yesterday...chancer!
Here's today's puzzle - answers to the 'what shall we call it today?' inbox please!

All answers end in sting and the whole word is More...
12/Jan/11 4:04 AM
I know what you mean Plum - I can see at a glance if that bat woman has been doing her job or not!!
12/Jan/11 4:05 AM
I remember Rayray said something horrible about my avatar once!
12/Jan/11 4:07 AM
While not a regular occurrence, it's not completely unusual to get these ice/snow storms there. As Kathy said, they don't have the same supplies for that weather, not that they have none. It's just that it was well known this was coming, so people could prepare. Certainly an inconvenience/hassle More...
12/Jan/11 4:26 AM
Brenda, you mean we don't have a monopoly on that here? Sue, I'm dreading opening the hext heating bill, thankfully the bright sun is helping somewhat (and the three layers of sweaters, lol).
12/Jan/11 4:30 AM
I can't decide if your avatar reflects your bubbly personality ... or indicates that you are a bubble-head!
12/Jan/11 4:30 AM
You KNOW the answer to that one Judy, so stop torturing yourself!
12/Jan/11 4:35 AM
Neil - I had my eye appointment the 4th and the optician insisted on putting a "rush" on the order when she saw the state of my current (12 year old) glasses. She said she'd make it free for me, so I accepted, though I figured it's been 12 years, what's another week, right?
12/Jan/11 4:40 AM
What? The bubbles don't indicate clean living?
How about champagne type celebration?
12/Jan/11 4:43 AM
Plum, the optician probably panicked when you called her a him!
12/Jan/11 4:43 AM
I got so caught up reading yesterday's posts that I forgot they were yesterday's and started to post responses.
12/Jan/11 4:44 AM
Because we in UK have not had severe winter cold (like we have just had), for many years, new electric railway tracks have been constructed with a conducting rail that ices up. So a cold snap brings the railways to their knees. I don't really understand how this can have been allowed to happen. More...
12/Jan/11 4:49 AM
[I am turning into a grumpy old man]
12/Jan/11 4:49 AM
Judy - there are people I sometimes can't make out the gender of, but not the optician. Both she and the opthalmologist are very beautiful young women. (Shaver Rd. Wal-Mart, Portage MI should any young men out there care to know.)

My glasses are very scratched and there are coatings More...
12/Jan/11 5:02 AM
Sorry, Rayray, but I think it's hilarious how you spell whine. It's not your fault; it's British. But, everytime I read it I think it rhymes with hinge. So I laugh when you winge. So, sorry. hehehe
12/Jan/11 5:06 AM
I have to go to town, have a doctors appointment just after lunch. Going to have a cyst removed, this is the second try.
12/Jan/11 5:17 AM
Harry went out to warm out the car, so it won't be so freezing inside.
12/Jan/11 5:18 AM
Kevin shoveled the drive yesterday afternoon, it continued to snow so there is another inch.
12/Jan/11 5:20 AM
They are starting to nag, nag, nag.
12/Jan/11 5:20 AM
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