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Easy Sudoku for 12/November/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Shiela - did you not see my clue?
12/Nov/09 10:06 AM
Interesting NYTimes article today on how China has dealt with the flu pandemic: basically isolation and quarantine. It seems to be working. Too bad we can't do that here. Because young children seem to be most affected, I think schools should be shut down if even one child has symptoms. Here's the article:
12/Nov/09 10:08 AM
Ian: but in my opinion the wars are nothing to do with that at all. Efforts are made to make it look as if they are. Although I suppose you might say the wars are a 'fight between Abraham's children', really it has more to do with human greed on one side accompanied by much lack of respect for human life on both sides.
12/Nov/09 10:09 AM

No argument there, Rayray.

But can it wait until tomorrow, and not make Veterans Day merely a vehicle for a personal political position?

12/Nov/09 10:18 AM
I agree with that. Many people are doing so unconsciously and that needs to be compensated for
12/Nov/09 10:26 AM
You have put my point very well
12/Nov/09 10:27 AM

Have you ever wondered if the one dollar bills
In your wallet were ever in a stripper's butt crack?
If not, you're wondering now. Have a nice day...
12/Nov/09 12:23 PM

And so end the gentle and soothing words that offered solace and appreciation to those who stood on a wall while you slept...and to their families.

Congratulations, you three. You've accomplished your mission.

12/Nov/09 12:26 PM
for all the birthday wishes. As some of you know it was also the day of a funeral for a close friend. So I have had a mixture of congratulations and condolences. I appreciate them all. Love and hugs back to every one of you.
12/Nov/09 12:46 PM
Wishing you the best, dino ... &
I've changed my Youtube to a number by the Ross Sisters, filmed in 1944, showing some of the entertainment popular close to the end of WWII. Watch through the vocal beginning to the acrobatics. Amazing.
12/Nov/09 1:02 PM
I am pleased to say I cannot be one of 'the three' as I have never 'slept'
12/Nov/09 1:48 PM
1:58 just dropping in to quickly do the puzzle. may come back and read later?
12/Nov/09 2:59 PM

I have had an email from Vici letting us know she is safely home, and missing us already.

12/Nov/09 3:41 PM
Glad to know, Gail. Thanks.
12/Nov/09 4:01 PM
1 + 2?
12/Nov/09 5:04 PM
2.35 Beautiful, well worth the hash job I made to get here! Thank heavens for the pause button.
Night all.
12/Nov/09 9:07 PM
12/Nov/09 9:20 PM
Rayray - I was actually referring to the sniping between the "girls"!!
12/Nov/09 10:04 PM
Back at work.
12/Nov/09 10:05 PM
Good to hear Vici made it home safely.
12/Nov/09 10:06 PM
12/Nov/09 11:09 PM
Not wow. Or wow + 3.
12/Nov/09 11:10 PM
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