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Easy Sudoku for 12/March/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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12/Mar/13 2:51 AM
I am scared to race, because of how slow this site is for me to turn the page.
12/Mar/13 2:51 AM
Ummm, may I offer a
12/Mar/13 2:52 AM
Karen, hopefully in your new home you'll have a faster connection
12/Mar/13 2:54 AM
Going to try the medium. Hopefully I'll be faster than my usual 4-5 minutes.
12/Mar/13 2:55 AM
I should have prepared, instead of posted.

Shosho, it just seems to be this site, seems everything else is coming up in a timely manner.
12/Mar/13 2:55 AM
As for our Spring Break, it is normal time. I think you go to school longer than we do, we just have 9-ish weeks left.
12/Mar/13 3:00 AM
Off to help hubby...OK...off to update hubby's resume.
12/Mar/13 3:02 AM
You end in May??? Wow! We're not far behind you. Originally we were going to end in May, too. But somehow we got another week so we'll end after the first week of June.
12/Mar/13 3:09 AM
My friend who's also my grandie's kindergarten teacher will be retiring in June. He's been peppering me with questions of retirement all year! Seeing what will lay ahead of him! But all three of his kids are not married so he won't be babysitting. I had his youngest and only daughter. I am More...
12/Mar/13 3:14 AM
I'm chagrinned to say while his daughter was a well behaved studious little second grader for me, my grandie is a rambunctious active little kindergartener,
12/Mar/13 3:15 AM
Mr Cee may not have received my answers but I now know that I still cannot send PMs from this computer..
12/Mar/13 3:36 AM

Telecommuting is often used as an alternative to allow women in developed Islamic countries to work while still abiding by traditional rules about the separation of genders.

12/Mar/13 4:32 AM
Whew! Finally got Man out the door and off to a new adventure.
I really miss my boring days, when nothing ever happened. When my biggest worry was if I got a nap or not. Whatever happened to those days?
12/Mar/13 4:46 AM
Sue, you still sound quite sane! You mean there's hope for me? Keep smiling.
12/Mar/13 4:52 AM
Good afternoon to all! What a beautiful spot to imagine you were in.
12/Mar/13 5:48 AM
Kayo, who took the time to weigh over 27,000 elephants?
12/Mar/13 5:50 AM
Greg, maybe they only weighed 2,700, took the average, then multiplied by 27,000. That might have made for an easy ''math puzzle''.
12/Mar/13 6:08 AM
12/Mar/13 6:55 AM
1:57, I managed to get 1 and 2 confused at one stage! Good morning all.
12/Mar/13 7:20 AM
Morning all,looks to be a nice place for a swim.
Chris, and still managed a time I'll never get.hehe
12/Mar/13 7:49 AM

Wife: 'Do I look fat in this dress?'
Husband: 'Do I look stupid in this shirt?'
12/Mar/13 7:55 AM
A wise man.
12/Mar/13 8:36 AM
Any of our California friends feel the shaking?
12/Mar/13 8:37 AM
My maths says that 2,700 multiplied by 2,700 is 72,900,000. or am I wrong?
12/Mar/13 9:39 AM
Imagine waiting at a level crossing for that to pass.
12/Mar/13 9:41 AM
Or perhaps 27,000 x 2,700 = 72,900,000
See I was wrong.
12/Mar/13 9:44 AM
saylz, you missed the ''operative'' word - average. Perhaps if I had said 'calculated the average', it would have been more clear.
12/Mar/13 9:47 AM
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We see what we want to see. I can now see what you actually meant.
12/Mar/13 9:52 AM
But I was right that I was wrong.
12/Mar/13 9:52 AM
I had computer problems on Saturday - when I tried to shut it down it wouldn't, just kept going in circles trying to restart! So I pulled the plug. Tried to get it going again on Sunday morning, but it did the same thing, so I pulled the plug again. Rang husband who was up-the-river. Said he'd look into it when he got home!
12/Mar/13 9:54 AM
While I'm on a roll ~ why whenever I see DOA does it mean something different to me.
12/Mar/13 9:55 AM
I think Judy was possibly the closest to the Riverside quake today... but she ain't talkin' to us anymore.
12/Mar/13 9:56 AM
saylz, you're not alone. I think the same thing when I see ads for KIA.
12/Mar/13 10:06 AM
Went to Kirribilli to meet with June. Rola & husband met me at my station & we got the train to Kirribilli. We were so busy talking, though that we almost went over the Harbour Bridge (mea culpa!!) - would have had to get a train back! Lizzie came down from Gosford. T'other Kate was there with beautiful Leah. Suzy & husband were there. And June's husband came later. It was a lot of fun!
12/Mar/13 10:08 AM
I'd say shosho is closer to Riverside than Judy, and she IS still talking to us. I was WAY to far away to feel anything.
12/Mar/13 10:20 AM
Yeah, guess your right Keith. But doesn't THE fault run north/south.
12/Mar/13 11:07 AM
Well, I just checked. The San Andreas fault runs SE to NW in that area, so... Did you feel it Shosho.
12/Mar/13 11:11 AM
Did I break something?
12/Mar/13 12:01 PM
Where is everyone?
12/Mar/13 12:01 PM
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