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Easy Sudoku for 12/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Only six little tornadoes around Dallas area in last two days. No problem. Rain continues.
12/Mar/16 12:05 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
12/Mar/16 12:06 AM

Really Wolf, is there such a thing as a little tornado?!?!?!?
12/Mar/16 12:09 AM
I love this picture!
12/Mar/16 12:17 AM
Five were EF-0 and one was EF-1. No they weren't little anyhow since they did cause extensive damage.
12/Mar/16 12:26 AM
Nobody hurt, so that's good.
12/Mar/16 12:31 AM
Good morning people of the world.
12/Mar/16 12:42 AM
Strange, how Wolf and I are just 2, possibly 3, hours away from each other and he is experience severe weather, whereas, I am just wet. There is flooding all around me, but I am just wet.
12/Mar/16 12:44 AM
Had a stroke to my ego last week. A man actually wanted me. Just after chatting with him for a few minutes he offered me a job. And our conversation was about being advanced in age, with small children. He is a little more advanced than I am, more Man's age, with a 3 month old. His wife, when he More...
12/Mar/16 12:51 AM
Here you go my dear friend.
May your luck bring you many blessings.
12/Mar/16 12:52 AM
Speaking of advanced aged.
Man did it again. Made it through another year. He did groan a lot yesterday, each time he moved, but still claims he is 21.
He is so delusional.
12/Mar/16 12:54 AM
Stray Kittie has made himself at home. Though I am not sure if he is a normal cat. Every cat I have ever known has had a superior attitude. Hairy or Harry Baby, has his demands, but not that, 'I am a cat, you must obey,' attitude.
I have never had a male cat before, so not sure if this is just his attitude or all male cats.
12/Mar/16 12:58 AM
He does have a tendency to wrap himself around my ankles, especially when I am walking. Still cannot reach out and pet him, though when caught, we are tolerated to cuddle, for a few seconds and no more. He will sleep in K's bed, until she is deeply asleep, then check on M and then demand to go back More...
12/Mar/16 1:03 AM
Seems my nephew is coming out of 'my aunt is a dork' stage and is coming to see me again. Granted the last two times he has come over he has wanted the kayaks and our tent, which is perfectly fine, but on his last visit he made a request. Which of course, just boosted his uncle's ego. He requested More...
12/Mar/16 1:20 AM
On a good note. My fun noodles have finally come out. Have been waiting for these things since November. You know Christmas stuff comes out in June and Valentine stuff in December, so I really thought a Summer item would have been out in January. No. I had to wait till March. My closest store got More...
12/Mar/16 1:28 AM
My first project is completed, but after a nights sleep, I think some tweaking will occur. The padding on the trampoline was totally worthless. So now every spring and pole is decorated and protected by a fun noodle. Looks cool and thicker safety protection and will look awesome with my tweaking ideas.
12/Mar/16 1:31 AM
Today's project is to make an Easter wreath.

The original projects was to make lolly pops yard decorations for Christmas and a few wreaths, which all the after season clearance is waiting in my closet. May do those over Spring break, since it looks like I will only have my girls, maybe, 4 days. It is hot glue projects and my youngest does not care for hot glue projects.
12/Mar/16 1:35 AM
OK darling Keith, you have a chance. My cup is empty and machines are calling.

I may return. )
12/Mar/16 1:36 AM
Yes, come on Keith
12/Mar/16 1:53 AM
Definitely no gallumpimg
12/Mar/16 1:54 AM
12/Mar/16 1:54 AM
and you could knock me down with a feather. There's Glenn from Winter Springs. Howdy pardner.
12/Mar/16 1:56 AM
Our gallumper must be sleeping in.
12/Mar/16 2:15 AM
This little black duck didn't sleep in.
12/Mar/16 2:17 AM
Good morning.
12/Mar/16 2:17 AM
Mr P is heading away today in the van. Was going to leave about 0800. However, since we;re both awake now, he's going to hit the road very soon.
12/Mar/16 2:20 AM
Congrats BYOM, you got it without too much gallumping.
12/Mar/16 2:21 AM
One more comment and you'd have had a cp - not me! The Sudoku kind!
12/Mar/16 2:22 AM
Well, golly gees. Set the man up and he sleeps in and BYOM gets all the credit. No problem, I can ramble on some more.
I am rewarding myself with work well done.
12/Mar/16 2:24 AM
In my observance this week, there was a topic about bottom issues. A few weeks ago, a neighbor let me do a good deed by letting me take her to her appointment. When signing in before the procedure, she talked about how the dentist gives goody bags after a visit to them. She asked the nurse if she More...
12/Mar/16 2:32 AM
My next observance was time on the site. This is my reward for a task accomplished. My first reward occurs after I get the girls out the door in the mornings, dressed and on time. Most of the times fed, too. The rest of the day, I reward myself, either in here or with a game. For instance, I am on More...
12/Mar/16 2:38 AM
Man used to nag me about playing solitaire so much, but now I think he believes me when I say, I am not playing, I am thinking. Not really paying attention to the game, but organizing my thoughts.
12/Mar/16 2:41 AM
Time for another task to be accomplished.
12/Mar/16 2:42 AM
Aha! You are talking about POOL noodles! It took me awhile to figure that out. I cut a piece off one and used it as a door stopper when our 1 year old kept closing and locking the bedroom door. It was at the top and he couldn't figure out why the door would no longer close and lost interest.
12/Mar/16 2:46 AM
Karen, I've only ever had male cats. They're wonderful, each one different ... some cuddly, some shy, some regal. Enjoy yours!
12/Mar/16 3:17 AM
Kathy, wish I had known about pool/fun noodles during child proofing stages. Sorry, to confuse on the type of noodle. Anyway, probably would have saved on a lot of goose eggs. My sister, put them on the corners and edges of furniture during child proofing and chewing on everything stage. And MIL, More...
12/Mar/16 3:39 AM
Still ''early'' here, just past 8:30. Plenty of mornings, we haven't even made it to 10 by now.
12/Mar/16 3:42 AM
Cathy, even though I said no to keeping Stray Kittie, he is turning out to be one of use. He has a really cute personality. He is just shocking me with his not superior attitude and he listens. Sometimes. Though this morning I did have to bring out the water bottle. Using the furniture as a More...
12/Mar/16 3:43 AM
Yes I am one of those people who have complete conversations with their fur companions.
12/Mar/16 3:44 AM
Bye-bye page one.
12/Mar/16 3:45 AM
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