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Easy Sudoku for 12/July/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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12/Jul/12 12:00 AM
G'day mates, here's today's daffynition:
Secret: n. Something you tell to one person at a time.

...And here's today's factoid:
During the Middle Ages, you could be accused of witchcraft if your pets disobeyed you.
12/Jul/12 12:00 AM
1:49. Good night all.
12/Jul/12 12:02 AM
Hello, everyone!
It'a a glorious morning in SE Michigan.
Will need today!
12/Jul/12 12:05 AM
Good morning people of the world.
12/Jul/12 12:19 AM
Slurpee Day
Cheer Up the Lonely Day
12/Jul/12 12:19 AM
I remember calling my mother a witch once! Soooo.... If pets are like kids to some people, then are kids like pets? And if those kids are disobedient, then she WAS a witch???
(By the way, that name did not go over very big with her!)
In fact, the next time I asked something of her, she replied, 'Witches don't to that!'
12/Jul/12 12:21 AM
It is a good idea that I do not live in the Middle Ages, no one around here hears me, much less listens to me or obeys me.
12/Jul/12 12:21 AM
Seems you remember that day very well, Shiela.
12/Jul/12 12:24 AM
That's an attractive bridge.

Mmmmmmm Slurpee Day. I LOVE Slurpees!!!
12/Jul/12 12:27 AM
Kayo, I would think it witchcraft if your CAT obeyed you!
12/Jul/12 12:28 AM
That would seem to be more likely, wouldn't it, Wolf!
12/Jul/12 12:29 AM
Yes, Karen! Etched DEEPLY in my memory!
12/Jul/12 12:30 AM
Yikes! # 13 post for that comment! It MUST be a sign!
(In honor of our topic, of course!)
12/Jul/12 12:32 AM
A different perspective on the coat hanger.
12/Jul/12 12:34 AM
Really? They call it a coat hanger???
12/Jul/12 12:35 AM
It would have to be a mighty BIG coat!
12/Jul/12 12:36 AM
Good Maen, all! PICTURE PUZZLE #15 has been posted in my gallery.
12/Jul/12 12:42 AM
Hope the Opera House is not called 'The Moth'!!!
12/Jul/12 12:42 AM
Where are you, Keith???
12/Jul/12 12:42 AM
Has anyone heard anything about Eve?
12/Jul/12 12:43 AM
12/Jul/12 12:43 AM
Gotcha, Shiela!
12/Jul/12 12:43 AM
Sorry, Keith (NOT!)
12/Jul/12 12:45 AM
Good morning. The heat has finally arrived in Pioneer. We escaped it yesterday afternoon by going fishing at a lake about 20 minutes from here. I caught a nice trout!
12/Jul/12 12:46 AM
As I wait politely for Keith... Jane pounces!
12/Jul/12 1:00 AM
12/Jul/12 1:02 AM
Had a good run this morning!
12/Jul/12 1:03 AM
Lord help me in the Middle Ages. My cat looks at me if I were nuts expecting her to do anything I request! And my budgie would rather bite my finger than obey me!
12/Jul/12 1:04 AM
Hopefully, Eve will be able to let us know how she's doing, Although I don't think she would be out of the hospital yet.
12/Jul/12 1:06 AM

We're finally getting a break from the oppressive heat, although the humidity is high. I can live with that!
12/Jul/12 1:21 AM
Still hot and muggy here, but hey, that's why we moved here! Off to the beach after lunch for swimming and crabbing!!
12/Jul/12 1:23 AM
Good race. I was off 'playing games.'
12/Jul/12 1:25 AM
Does anyone have any contact info for Eve, such as a family member's number?
12/Jul/12 1:26 AM
Um ... sorry Jerry. NOT.
12/Jul/12 1:26 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: ALABAMA Why, you ask? It stated, 'Hint: becomes a' Sooooo, if you take the letters in HINT and change them into the letter 'A', HLIBNMT becomes (A)L(A)B(A)M(A)!

lonewoof moved all the lines of the letters around and somehow came up with the correct More...
12/Jul/12 1:31 AM
Said this before, we need a buddy system.

This system worked out wonderfully with Mamacita, through Tami the Troublemaker and Michelle. Though have not heard from either one for a while now. When Jill and I were in the hospital, you did not have to worry about us, because...well, you know we are chatters.
Please, find a buddy, so we don't have to worry about you.
12/Jul/12 1:34 AM
Well, I was just going to get on my soap box and leave, but look...no don't look, I will just ramble on.
12/Jul/12 1:35 AM
Are we on page 2 yet?
12/Jul/12 1:35 AM
12/Jul/12 1:36 AM
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