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Easy Sudoku for 12/August/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
12/Aug/08 12:00 AM
Rest in Peace:

(1942 - 2008)

In Memory:
U-tube: "SHAFT"
12/Aug/08 12:02 AM
2:03 Maen! Nice closeup of a pretty kitty...
12/Aug/08 12:03 AM
12/Aug/08 12:04 AM
1:50 Hi ho, Silver! What a lovely cat!
Sunny day here, at least so far.
12/Aug/08 12:12 AM
Abinav Singh Bindra..
Join me in congratulating this lad from India, who has created history by getting a Gold in the individual event in Beijing....
The national anthem has never sounded sweeter than this before, as it was played when the medal was awardd to Abinav in the podium.....
12/Aug/08 12:13 AM
Sorry forgot to mention the event in the excitement, its for Shooting, men's 10m air rifle..
12/Aug/08 12:21 AM
Hi all! lots of correct answers for Friday's puzzle - the order of the keys was green,red, orange, blue(the door) and yellow. Well done to lonewolf, plum, eve, judy...! Thinking caps were on!
12/Aug/08 12:29 AM
Here's today's one for the scientists!
Mr Reid, gathered the kids one day for an experiment. He began, "I have in my hands a rock and a piece of wood. I am going to place them in this beaker of mysterious liquid, and you may observe what happens." Surprisingly, the rock floated and the More...
12/Aug/08 12:34 AM
Hello everyone and hope you all are having a wonderful MAEN in your little corner of the world we all share. It has been too long since I've had a moment to visit. I hope everyone is doing well. Fiona, I see that you posted some new pictures on your page. The headdress you are wearing looks More...
12/Aug/08 12:38 AM
Peace & quiet after a long weekend of house guests. And no builders today, either. Trying to clean out my laundry room. Totally amazed at what I am finding in there! It turned into a "catch all" somewhere along the line! A bit overwhelming!
12/Aug/08 12:40 AM
AWWW How Sweet! Good Maen Silver and rest of the world!

Congratulations Abinav!!!!
12/Aug/08 12:41 AM
Aimee, when you go into the markets in Tunisia, they just love to decorate you in various 'disguises'! I was assured this was what the girls wear on their heads to their weddings but couldn't try on a dress as they are made specifically for each bride,extremely elaborate, and cost the family an arm and a leg!
12/Aug/08 12:45 AM
How exciting for you, your athlete & your country, appy!
Congratulations, Abinav Singh Bindra, for making history and for making your country proud!
12/Aug/08 12:59 AM
The liquid in the beaker could be water. If the piece of wood was of a kind that has a specific gravity higher than 1, it would sink in water. Some types could be Abony, "ironwood", or "leadwood" for example.
The rock, however, could be pumice which was formed More...
12/Aug/08 1:00 AM
ohhh chalkboard - smack on the wrist!!! Answers in my inbox please so everyone gets a chance!!
12/Aug/08 1:01 AM
will post another...!
12/Aug/08 1:02 AM
Sweet kitty, Silver!
12/Aug/08 1:05 AM
Ok, riddle number 2, as Chalkboard has let the cat out of the bag so to speak, with a very good explanation too! Please post answers to my inbox, please, please, please!!!!

A witch owns a field containing many gold mines. She hires one man at a time to mine this gold for her. She promises More...
12/Aug/08 1:07 AM
Fiona, I'm so sorry. I was so excited to know the answer that I actually thought I was on your page!
This happens when I've been awake day and night watching Olympic TV coverage--especially Nadal!
I hereby apologize to all!
Now, I'm going to take a nap!
12/Aug/08 1:20 AM
And for all the women of the U.S., I'm going to complain to NBC for not showing every minute of Rafael Nadal's tennis matches on HD TV. Watching him in the little window on my computer just isn't enough!
12/Aug/08 1:26 AM
Maen all - What a sweetie Silver is!
12/Aug/08 1:30 AM
What a sweet face you have, Silver! I'll bet your personality matches.
12/Aug/08 1:30 AM
Fiona, this area in the Sierra Nevada Mountains has been (and still is) volcanic in nature, and the ground is covered with pumice. No matter now big the rock, it will float. They make great sharing items for school ... floating rocks! I could send you some ...
12/Aug/08 1:32 AM
Today we are celebrating my grandson's 4th birthday. I spent the morning telling birthday tales to him about various birthday celebrations in our family that have occurred over the years.
12/Aug/08 2:29 AM

Just a thought...
Why do people drink the milk of other animals but freak out if you talk about human milk for babies?
12/Aug/08 2:31 AM
Good thought, Jerry - especially in my line of work!
12/Aug/08 2:41 AM
Woohoo - on the first page for the first time in ages. Guess there has to be some reward for being silly enough to work a double shift!!!
12/Aug/08 2:42 AM
And now that all the babies are out and the place has settled, I actually have some time to post! And may get a chance to catch up a few days later. GRRR - my internet is still out at home, and i spent 90 minutes yesterday talking to - or waiting to talk to - IT support people as I tried to instal More...
12/Aug/08 2:47 AM
Mind you - I hope I'll be too busy sleeping to even check out whether the modem is working! Especially as I'll go home at 0730 and have to return here to work at 1700!
12/Aug/08 2:49 AM
Long ago when men cursed and beat the ground with sticks, it was called witchcraft. Today, it's called golf.
12/Aug/08 2:52 AM
Welcome Newbies!
Congratulations Abinav Singh Bindra.
Happy Celebrations to anyone I've missed in the last few days (weeks!).
Hopefully, I'll be back later!
12/Aug/08 2:53 AM
appy- i love those olympic moments. i even forget that i am an american and start rooting for the person no matter what country they are from. and chalkboard i agree on the nadal bit, although i have to watch him with the mute button on. well, off to attend to the many mom things that need attending to. ciao!
12/Aug/08 3:05 AM
Good afternoon to all! Cute dog in today's picture!
12/Aug/08 3:31 AM

Some good old fashioned country crying for you today... Freddy Fender singing "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights." Enjoy!
12/Aug/08 3:35 AM
There were three brothers who bought a three story house. The eldest brother had the top floor, the middle had the middle floor, and the youngest got the bottom floor.
A little while after they moved in, the eldest brother brought over his girlfriend. During that night, the two younger brothers More...
12/Aug/08 3:38 AM
Fiona, I sent you an answer for the 2nd riddle.
12/Aug/08 3:53 AM
Time to put the laptop up and go rest my leg - then off to school for a while this afternoon.
12/Aug/08 4:00 AM
Ohhh! Greg! That hurts just thinking about it!
12/Aug/08 4:06 AM
Can I?
12/Aug/08 4:06 AM
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