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Easy Sudoku for 12/August/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hello page two.
12/Aug/14 5:18 AM
Good afternoon to all! A little bit of good news today from my physical therapist as he said my back is looking good. I'll see what my doctor and chiropractor say tomorrow, but things are looking up.
12/Aug/14 6:47 AM
2:13. Good morning everyone.
12/Aug/14 6:53 AM
One more post already than for yesterday's total for the day.
12/Aug/14 7:53 AM
And an exact one hour between Chris's post and mine.
12/Aug/14 7:54 AM
Sun's out.
12/Aug/14 7:54 AM
Chasing away the frost.
12/Aug/14 7:55 AM
Off to work for me this afternoon. It's been a while.
12/Aug/14 7:56 AM
Choosing a dog may be
the only chance
you get -
to pick
12/Aug/14 8:23 AM
Greg -
12/Aug/14 8:46 AM
RIP, Robin Williams, 63.
12/Aug/14 9:12 AM
That's only a year older than me!!
He was a great actor!
12/Aug/14 9:16 AM
Hello everyone!
12/Aug/14 9:16 AM
So sorry to hear about Robin Williams. He gave so much joy.
12/Aug/14 9:42 AM
Well, the girls have been gone for two hours now, and I have not noticed. Even though the house is dark and quiet, it still seems loud to me.
12/Aug/14 9:46 AM
I could only remember Robin Williams as Mork and I think, Tootsie. May have to look it up and see if I have seen any other movies.
12/Aug/14 9:49 AM
12/Aug/14 10:59 AM
Robin Williams was Mrs. Doubtfire. Dustin Hoffman was Tootsie.
12/Aug/14 1:15 PM
Boy am I tired. From babysitting to cleaning out the kitty messes to taking care of funeral aftermath.
12/Aug/14 1:59 PM
Yes, I learned my mistake, when I was reading about Robin Williams. There was a thought, to come and correct, but that is as far as I got.
12/Aug/14 2:07 PM
I am going through that phase, of what do I do with myself, since the girls are not here.
12/Aug/14 2:09 PM
Shosho, is your grandie back home?
12/Aug/14 2:09 PM
The girls got their kittens today.
I still do not like what MIL did, but I am not going to tell the girls, no. So, need to get kitty stuff, before they come home, sometime this week.
12/Aug/14 2:12 PM
Maybe MIL should have kept the kittens for the girls to enjoy when they visit her. - Just a thought. Or perhaps she should have sent a 'care package' with at least a years supply of food, plus beds and grooming supplies. Even the greatest ''grands'' in the world are capable of major blunders.
12/Aug/14 3:05 PM
It is way past my bed time. Just can't seem to get sleepy.
12/Aug/14 3:18 PM
Had another wonderful day with my sister. We will see them for a short time tomorrow. I have to take the car in to have a chip in the paint repaired. Then Harry and I go to the doctors, he has decided to retire so one last visit.
12/Aug/14 3:23 PM

Maybe I can.
12/Aug/14 3:24 PM
Good evening any one who may be lurking in this place.
12/Aug/14 8:35 PM
Magnificent day here today. I'm starting to clean up and revitalise our native garden. We had a lovely bonfire from the dry and dead plants and trees we removed. There's something fun about a bonfire in winter.
12/Aug/14 8:40 PM
Glad to see you are all, well almost all, are behaving yourselves. Just felt that I would speak instead of my usual lurk.
12/Aug/14 10:13 PM
Nice to see you speak, GannieMo.
Sacky, I used to love a bonfire but they are banned here now.
It was cold here today but tonight we have had some much needed rain.
12/Aug/14 10:58 PM
Home from work and time for bed - goodnight!
12/Aug/14 11:06 PM
all. Back to Charlotte today. I will check in this evening.
12/Aug/14 11:42 PM
13/Aug/14 12:00 AM
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