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Easy Sudoku for 13/January/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I’m Sitting On Topp Of The World ~

13/Jan/10 2:28 AM
Ya notice I don't "whee" all over the page. After all, I am "Swabby, Re-fee-n-ed, De-boner & Sof-is-cated...

13/Jan/10 2:32 AM
To: Maureen M


You should be WINED and DINED.

Or at least BEERED and CHEERED!

13/Jan/10 2:36 AM
Jerry, several years back, my opthamologist, thinking to comfort me as he prescribed my first set of reading glasses, shared his own "irony of life" ... "When you're finally old enough to get your act together, your a$$ falls apart!" Danged if it isn't true!
13/Jan/10 2:39 AM
Good Maen to all. I think the piggy momma looks very content and happy. I always heard all old barns look better painted so maybe some lipstick on any animal may improve their looks. Animal babies would not need any, they are all cute. Happy New Year to all.
13/Jan/10 2:39 AM
I think we are ready to turn the page.
13/Jan/10 2:40 AM
Hiedi, Thanks for the OX definition. I didn't know...

13/Jan/10 2:42 AM
Got beat out! Maybe tomorrow.
13/Jan/10 2:42 AM
I know, I know, some think I'm full of bull, but an OX isn't a bull, is it?
13/Jan/10 2:43 AM
Mornin', GmaJackie. Have a wongerful day.
13/Jan/10 2:45 AM
Jerry: Do you think it is possible that Eve's first question to Adam was "Do rats use lipstick?"
13/Jan/10 3:08 AM
Were there any rats present? How would he know?
13/Jan/10 3:11 AM
I was always taught to respect my elders,
But it keeps getting harder to find one.
13/Jan/10 3:12 AM
Sheila: I think the year in which you were born is just that - the year as defined at the time of the year irresective of any variant dates transported from other years.
I have a similar problem regarding place of birth. When I was born, my village of birth was in Yorkshire. Now it is Cumbria. So in which County was I born?
13/Jan/10 3:12 AM
Rayray and Jerry - no, it wasn't Eve's first question, it was their 22nd comment.
13/Jan/10 3:12 AM

It seems I am The Year of the Monkey
No lipstick, though.
13/Jan/10 3:13 AM
*that year
13/Jan/10 3:13 AM
I have seen a monkey using lipstick - in a zoo
13/Jan/10 3:15 AM
Rayray - it only matters in so much as where your birth certificate is currently filed, which may be important if you're ever running for the highest elected office in the land.
13/Jan/10 3:15 AM
everybody. Do you suppose there's any chance they'll get Tiger Woods to be Grand Marshal of the Tiger Parade this year?
Plum, you sure do keep yourself busy with a wide variety of projects. Glad Starr's hand is better already. Sure wish my poor Kyley's surgical More...
13/Jan/10 3:17 AM
I have also seen a monkey in a zoo using a hat - my friend's that the monkey knicked through the cage bars - and it was not using the hat on its head, but as a bowl for peanuts.
13/Jan/10 3:17 AM
I'm taking a yerba mate break while the young uns bring in firewood and stoke the stoves. Still very, very cold here. I'm sipping slowly as the mug serves as a hand warmer. That doesn't help my feet, however.
13/Jan/10 3:17 AM
Plum: I was not thinking in terms of the lack of pragmatic application by others of my place of birth.
13/Jan/10 3:20 AM
Plum: May I suggest you need a foot warmer
13/Jan/10 3:21 AM
Kathy - I hate scars and I scar so easily. I am so sorry for Kyley, but I rejoice with you.
13/Jan/10 3:23 AM
Are you offering, Rayray?
13/Jan/10 3:23 AM
I finally moved the padded headboard to the front of the project queue because I am so tired of the cold radiating through the wall the bed is up against. It's an exterior wall on the north side of the house. Hopefully an inch of dense foam, batting, two layers of fabric on top of a piece of plywood with an inch of dead air space between the headboard and the wall will help the situation.
13/Jan/10 3:24 AM
Rayray - your humility is one of two reasons why you will never become President of the USA.
Judy - tsk. tsk. I'm looking for the plum-colored slippers Little Plum bought me for Christmas.
13/Jan/10 3:27 AM
Plum: if you sleep with your feet next to that headboard little wonder your feet feel cold. I haven electric blanket - and a spare one in case that one breaks down.
13/Jan/10 3:29 AM
Other reasons are (a) I am not living in America, (b) I positively do not want to become President of the USA
13/Jan/10 3:30 AM
Maen everyone
13/Jan/10 3:34 AM
(c) I could never be elected to any office - 'high' or 'low' beause I am not married and do not wish to marry.
(d) I am also relatively honest - perhaps more so than "humble"
13/Jan/10 3:34 AM
My keyboard is really bad. Perhaps I should buy a new one - but they sometimes take time to become integrated with the other software.
13/Jan/10 3:36 AM
Happy Tuesday day off!
Love those Chinese New Year float pics.
I am the Year of the Sheep. I admit to teasing my Sis, being Year of the Rat...
13/Jan/10 3:38 AM
The quality of humiity is very difficult to assess. Self-respect for the right reasons can lead to an imperssion of pride, and some people who appear to be humble are actually supremely arrogant and manipulative. I think any humility I may expresses arises from social shyness along with trying to find some positive way of asserting my existence against negating opposition.
13/Jan/10 3:41 AM
Alhough it may seem sometimes that it is, self-assertion in combating negative opposition is not an expression of a lack of humility
13/Jan/10 3:44 AM
Rayray - if I slept with my feet near the headboard I couldn't breath for my head being under the covers and my brain being cooked by the electric blanket! I could be warming my feet right now in bed, I suppose, but I don't think I've ever homeschooled from bed.
13/Jan/10 3:47 AM
Too funny, Plum, absolutely too funny.
13/Jan/10 3:50 AM
Plum: In my case keeping my feet warm is essential for sound sleep. If you swivel your electric blanket round sideways you can arrage for it to warm your feet only. I don't like hot-water-bottles because they give me chillblains.
Hopefully, it will soon be possible to conduct any work from bed at the touch of a button (I joke)
13/Jan/10 3:51 AM
Keith - I do birthday parties.
13/Jan/10 4:03 AM
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