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Easy Sudoku for 13/November/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
13/Nov/17 12:00 AM
Happy Birthday, Jim.
13/Nov/17 12:09 AM
1:42 Good night Plum and all who follow.
13/Nov/17 12:12 AM
13/Nov/17 1:50 AM
Hi Very wet, cold and miserable day here
13/Nov/17 2:15 AM
Everybody!! Still in Reno playing in a Cribbage tournament. First round, boo! Bad cards!
13/Nov/17 2:31 AM
Good morning to all! Initially I thought these were strawberries Until I read the description.
13/Nov/17 2:38 AM
Peter, thank you for the poet's name. I should have remembered it was Vaincourt as I had seen it posted on the wall in our Veteran's Affairs building here in Ottawa, But my memory let me down.
13/Nov/17 2:41 AM
Morning all, and a big congratulations to Chris. Should I peruse the Canberra Times?
13/Nov/17 2:41 AM
13/Nov/17 4:13 AM
Morning all, clever idea for the apples ,must have grandies that visit.
13/Nov/17 6:28 AM
Jim and ritparham.
13/Nov/17 6:29 AM
13/Nov/17 6:30 AM
Wombat, I just checked the sport in the Canberra Times,nothing there.
13/Nov/17 6:40 AM
13/Nov/17 7:36 AM
13/Nov/17 7:41 AM
Congrats, Chris - great accomplishment & honor to stand upon the podium!
13/Nov/17 8:03 AM
Birthday greetings, Jim - Come visit occasionally - it's been a while...
13/Nov/17 8:05 AM
From fleeing wildfires to Reno Cribbage...keeping things interesting, Denny! Good luck if that's how things might improve....
13/Nov/17 8:09 AM
I'm collapsing from an entire day of leaf-gathering; nearly every leaf in our yard dropped within the past 2 days along with a cover of snow. Today, the snow had melted & the leaves were no longer frozen to the drive - we began the clean-up....

Ready for the pounce.............anyone?
13/Nov/17 8:13 AM
OK here I go...........
13/Nov/17 8:48 AM
splat as Peter would pronounce upon arriving..........
13/Nov/17 8:48 AM
Depends upon the day how vital this # becomes - today was not one of those days.....
13/Nov/17 8:49 AM
Spulaat! Joyce, Spulaat!

Gott have a bit of artistic flair.
13/Nov/17 10:39 AM
Gott = Gotta.

But you all kew that, Didn't you?
13/Nov/17 10:41 AM
Happy Sunday!
Slow day, as I'm only the 26th post at 5:09pm PST
Fun pic of fake apples: orig thought they were made of yarn, until I saw the wood details on closer inspection...
13/Nov/17 12:11 PM
all! Love the picture for today!
13/Nov/17 12:56 PM
Spulaat! Peter, Spulaat! Now I'll remember it if there ever is a next time!
13/Nov/17 1:28 PM
Gallump, then spulaat, I should think. Virtually anybody should know what just happened.
13/Nov/17 1:43 PM
Good afternoon folks, here are the results from Saturday's poozle. Eight erudite people submitted answers. They were Judy, Sarah, Joyce, Peter, Arachnid, Hal, Amelia and Plum.
Here are the answers we reached a consensus on. More about that later.
13/Nov/17 4:27 PM
Why consensus? Several people chose BROKE for B - - K when I had intended it to be BANKRUPT, by they all worked it out.
More interestingly some people suggested that GROPER was spelt GROUPER. Fair enough in North America, but here in down under we spell it GROPER. What is interesting is that More...
13/Nov/17 4:37 PM
Just in time for a
13/Nov/17 5:54 PM
13/Nov/17 5:54 PM
Now it sleepy-nite-nite...
13/Nov/17 5:54 PM
Re Wombat's consensus, the answer is Bankrupt and nothing else fits. Given AN in Column B and RUPT in Column D.

Broke is incorrect. The RO belongs to Groper and the E belongs to Mauve.

So Bankrupts are right and the Brokes are wrong.-
neneyaneneyney pffftttt!
13/Nov/17 6:24 PM
Well put Peter, and if I may so, maturely as well
13/Nov/17 6:54 PM
BROKE worked just fine until the E and RO were needed elsewhere and AN and RUPT had to go somewhere. It was not incorrect, just that the puzzle could not be solved with that particular correct answer.
13/Nov/17 6:58 PM
The Wikipedia article specifically states that some grouper in Australia are known as groper.
13/Nov/17 11:04 PM
Second paragraph in the Name Origin section.

13/Nov/17 11:09 PM
It may neither sneaky nor clever. It may be simply because groper has other more common definitions in North American usage.
13/Nov/17 11:16 PM
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