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Easy Sudoku for 13/December/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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2:09 A bit slow tonight.

Good night all!
13/Dec/17 12:03 AM
Good Maen, good people. 😊
13/Dec/17 12:38 AM
Funny names.
13/Dec/17 12:51 AM

Evening everyone, well, Plum and Anne anyway.
13/Dec/17 1:17 AM
Sunny today!
But a bit c-c-chilly!
Hope your day is sunny, but warm!
Off to the dentist!
13/Dec/17 2:25 AM
13/Dec/17 2:34 AM
13/Dec/17 2:43 AM

13/Dec/17 3:21 AM
Hello, 'ASCII Art.' I didn't notice you becoming a member recently and it doesn't appear that you are a Supporting Member playing 'hide and seek,' or are you? Have you been lurking long? What would you like us to call you?
13/Dec/17 4:18 AM
13/Dec/17 4:45 AM
Love the photo today! Prego and Ramen are really enjoying a good splash on a hot day.
13/Dec/17 5:18 AM
13/Dec/17 6:14 AM
Morning all, will have to put some water out for our feathered friends today. Expecting a heatwave of 40C today !
13/Dec/17 6:26 AM
Lindy, Suzy,Johnno and Chemmie !
13/Dec/17 6:28 AM
Good afternoon to all! A slow day on the site, and a snow day here in Ottawa.
13/Dec/17 7:10 AM
Ah. There is no registered member from Two Rocks coming up in the member search so you must be a member playing hide and seek. And I know of one member in particular who likes to show off posting in clever ways that leave the rest of us wondering ... So, I ask again: What do you want us to call you?
13/Dec/17 7:30 AM
Not me, Plum. I'm not that computer savvy.
13/Dec/17 7:48 AM
Wonder if Keith's awake yet or still?
13/Dec/17 7:48 AM
Maybe I'll just post this weels ECCO...

(The answer is always in the singular).

T-------- ----- (9 5) – This fellow used to have a bounty of Β£1 on his head but now he’s extinct.
------ (6) – Eh... What's up, doc?
-------- (8) – Raced the hare and More...
13/Dec/17 7:49 AM
Not so far now so I'll just amble along....
13/Dec/17 7:51 AM
I can see it, I can see it......
13/Dec/17 7:51 AM
13/Dec/17 7:52 AM
1:21 on a beautiful clear Canberra morning. Hi everyone.
13/Dec/17 8:00 AM
Good morning.
13/Dec/17 8:50 AM
Busy the last few days since we got back from Melbourne.
13/Dec/17 8:51 AM
Medical appt plus dentist on Monday.
13/Dec/17 8:52 AM
Lunch with friends yesterday.
13/Dec/17 8:53 AM
Lunch with friends today plus appt with diabetes educator this afternoon.
13/Dec/17 8:54 AM
Car in for service tomorrow.
13/Dec/17 8:55 AM
CP, it sounds like you are busy. You sure you're retired?
13/Dec/17 9:16 AM
Prego and Ramen, where's their buddy Noodles?
13/Dec/17 11:15 AM
all! Ha Ha Jen. Nice photo.
13/Dec/17 1:10 PM
That should have been Jeb! Darn auto correct. 😑
13/Dec/17 1:11 PM
Good night everybody.

Wishing June and Wombat positive thoughts and hoping they feel better for the upcoming holidays.
13/Dec/17 5:14 PM
13/Dec/17 10:21 PM
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