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Easy Sudoku for 13/February/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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New page!!!!
13/Feb/11 4:28 AM
13/Feb/11 4:28 AM
Got to go. Working on taxes today.
13/Feb/11 4:30 AM
A first hand look at Ottawa in the winter. Wilbur Sargunaraj, billed as India’s first YouTube star, came to Ottawa last Sunday, gamely donned ice skates for the first time and sunk his teeth into his first Beavertail. The 33-year-old India Internet sensation left something memorable behind, a More...
13/Feb/11 4:33 AM
Sally was seen going into the woods with a small package and a large bird cage. She was gone several days before she returned. Her friend, Liz, had never seen Sally looking so sad.
Liz said, "Heard you went off in the woods for a couple of days. Glad you got back okay, but you look so sad. More...
13/Feb/11 4:44 AM
Hal, do you you know the old Tom Lehrer song that has the line "plagiarize, let no one else's work evade your eyes." I think the Batman creators took full advantage of that philosophy!
13/Feb/11 4:48 AM
Blue boobies? I think I saw some of those recently!

Oh wait - I saw them in a movie! Avatar!

13/Feb/11 5:16 AM
Leah is blogging about her adventures in Oz! It is really interesting to see how she is handling the cultural and linguistic differences...
13/Feb/11 5:17 AM
Fun video, Greg. Brought back good memories, and interesting to see what Ottawa looks like in Winter.
13/Feb/11 6:23 AM
That would be an interesting statue to pose with.
13/Feb/11 6:24 AM
A sloooooow 2:35 Morning All.
13/Feb/11 9:06 AM
2:01. everyone.
13/Feb/11 9:13 AM
Morning all,
I'm sitting here listening to the recordings of Ali (D2) performing yesterday. She rocked! Wish my camera did a better job on the sound...
13/Feb/11 9:13 AM
Morning everyone,well, that is a big lizard.
We are still getting the lovely steady rain,the plants are loving it.
A fun read as usual re; Kathy, Fiona and Judy.LOL
13/Feb/11 10:01 AM
And I got dragged into it!
13/Feb/11 11:14 AM
I was talking about halving - or stopping - The Phantom's pay for going on unauthorized leave.
13/Feb/11 11:15 AM
I didn't authorize it, did anyone else?
13/Feb/11 11:15 AM
Glenn, can we have the link to Leah's blog?
13/Feb/11 11:16 AM
It will be fun to see Australia through her eyes.
13/Feb/11 11:16 AM
13/Feb/11 11:22 AM
Wow. Slow day. I came back thinking it would take me a while to catch up. Not so. Been a slow day here, too. I've just been aimlessly wandering around, working on chores. I'm finding it harder to stick with one until it's done. I can't really tell you how many I have part way finished.
13/Feb/11 1:12 PM
Childbirth at 60

With all the new technology regarding fertility, recently a 60-year-old friend of mine was able to give birth. After she had been discharged from the hospital and had returned home, I went to visit.

“May I see your new baby?” I asked.

“Not yet,' she said, More...
13/Feb/11 2:19 PM
I love that joke, Ray.
13/Feb/11 2:29 PM
Good morning one and all!
I don't think I've been off the 'phone for more than five minutes so far this morning and I'm off to a winery for lunch very soon.
Thank you to all my friends. I'll be in touch later.
Anne x
13/Feb/11 2:35 PM
Finished the taxes.(whew) Good night all.
13/Feb/11 3:18 PM
We (Lynne) got our taxes done early, because we (Lynne) already knew where the rebate was going. I really should get my act together about posting the pictures from where the rebate went.
13/Feb/11 3:57 PM
...sounds intriguing Keith...
13/Feb/11 7:20 PM
Had to go to my daughter's place today (10 acres/8 horses etc) so we took Leah with us. She got to ride a horse, saw wombat holes (but too early in the day for them to come out) and wild kangaroos by the roadside coming home. A taste of the bush just outside the city. Other overseas students are starting to arrive so she will soon have some more companions her own age.
13/Feb/11 8:48 PM
You are a great ambassador. June.
13/Feb/11 9:19 PM
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