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Easy Sudoku for 13/February/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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13/Feb/12 4:47 AM
Whoopie! Cheap thrill for the day.
13/Feb/12 4:49 AM
Morning all.
13/Feb/12 5:10 AM
Thank you for that PERFECT candy heart, Kathy. I would have been a wee bit crueler, and given this surprise heart instead. The sentiment is a bit more direct.
13/Feb/12 5:56 AM
2:07, with a couple of errors along the way. Good morning all.
13/Feb/12 5:58 AM
13/Feb/12 5:59 AM
Whoa! Heidi, remind me never to cross you!!!
13/Feb/12 6:00 AM
Got in a good run this morning. Only four miles, I'll never make the marathon but for me, that's pretty good at my putsy speed.
13/Feb/12 6:01 AM
13/Feb/12 6:06 AM
Answer today's, Heidi. You'll appreciate tomorrow's prize.
13/Feb/12 6:37 AM
loved the picture - thought it was just of the lake - but then faintly - the mountain appears
13/Feb/12 6:39 AM
I'm stuck on #4. I keep thinking of words that fit with 2 of the 3 only.
13/Feb/12 6:39 AM
a 8 week healthy challenge starts tomorrow - so trying to remain on the healthy walk I already attempt to do - okay, I do slip off the path every once an while --- okay, maybe daily - but I'm trying to work it for this work challenge
13/Feb/12 6:41 AM
Is it someboy that we know having a Birthday? BTW Anne!
13/Feb/12 7:06 AM
To all Melbournites

We are being graced by the visit of not one, but TWO wonderful interstate Sudokuists, CynB/Qld and Tricia/Canberra.

In honour of their visit, we are having a gathering on
Sunday 11th March at
The Rose Hotel
309 Bay Street, Port Melbourne
(venue to be confirmed)

If you are interested in joining the throng, drop a line to my page by Feb 26th
13/Feb/12 7:23 AM
13/Feb/12 7:39 AM
2.00 Happy birthday, Anne
13/Feb/12 8:22 AM
2.22 Anne hope you have a great day
13/Feb/12 8:38 AM
Anne, I hope you have a wonderful day.
13/Feb/12 10:09 AM
Anne. Have a great day.
13/Feb/12 10:30 AM
13/Feb/12 11:39 AM
Been up and busy since early.
13/Feb/12 11:40 AM
Not at work, but part of my busy-ness had to do with a chore that needed to be done and dropped into work early.
13/Feb/12 11:41 AM
Thought I was then going to meet up with some workmates for coffee.
13/Feb/12 11:41 AM
Doh!!! That date was for last Monday.
13/Feb/12 11:42 AM
Never mind, I stayed and had a nice coffee, with toasted banana and date bread as a treat to myself.
13/Feb/12 11:43 AM
Good morning one and all! It's been a very busy morning so far, getting woken by a 'phone call from my son at 7:00am after a sleepless night, but it was worth it, and many more 'phone calls since then. Plus a visit from my daughter and Bailey who is staying with me for the day.
13/Feb/12 1:03 PM
Thank you to Vici, Greg, Hal, Karen, Kathy, Captain J, Jane, Jack, Mads, Kath (Vic), Victoria and Keith for your good wishes on this easy page.
13/Feb/12 1:04 PM
and Thank you to Eugene. I'm sorry, I hope I didn't miss anyone else.
13/Feb/12 1:47 PM
Hope you are having a wonderful day Anne
13/Feb/12 2:15 PM
Anne - I just took a quick look at your gallery. I've been there before but didn't see all of them. Expect more comments over the next week as I get a chance to look at each picture.
13/Feb/12 2:53 PM
Now I must bid all ado, adow, adew, adeew, adiue, adeiu... ah, he11, good night.
13/Feb/12 2:58 PM
Anne, hope your day is filled with those who love you.
13/Feb/12 3:02 PM
Gail, Port Melbourne is one of my old stomping grounds, wish I could join you all.
13/Feb/12 3:05 PM
Goodnight HalT
13/Feb/12 3:06 PM
Thanks, Hal! Good night and sweet dreams.
13/Feb/12 3:14 PM
Phew! Grandson and I have just been outside raking up Norfolk Pine leaves/needles and now I'm all hot and bothered.
13/Feb/12 3:15 PM
Well, I came in here to say good night.
13/Feb/12 3:34 PM
But that would be silly of me to do that now.
13/Feb/12 3:34 PM
Good bye page 2.
13/Feb/12 3:35 PM
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