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Easy Sudoku for 13/March/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I'll go there!

Welcome to page 2.
13/Mar/14 5:27 AM
Okay it's safe for me to come back . . .
13/Mar/14 5:34 AM
Sure, Tom, blame me for getting on Keith's number!!!
I stopped and kept a way for Keith!
13/Mar/14 5:37 AM
Now, Kathy/Valrico is saying that vegemite taste good on potato chips!!!
13/Mar/14 5:38 AM
Wonder how Jane's doing while they snack away on vegemite? Does she just grin and bear it? OR is she breaking down and trying some?
13/Mar/14 5:39 AM

Rant: My ISP is changing its email 'platform' to ''GoogleAps''. Oh, it's so neat, 'they' all say. BS! If I wanted cutsie, I'd already have it.

Is it too much to ask, to have a simple email with spam filter?

And no, I don't want 3rd More...
13/Mar/14 6:26 AM
13/Mar/14 7:08 AM
Greg, I have already hiked to the top of Blarney Castle, took one look at the way you have to hang over backwards to kiss the stone, and hiked back down again. Hubby stayed in line to do it, I hit the gift shop. We were both happy.
13/Mar/14 7:09 AM
Morning all,lovely needle work of the stained window.
Kathy,the reason they have you kissing the Blarney stone like that in to keep the lines short.lol
13/Mar/14 7:19 AM
I wonder if I can copy and paste Jane's new blog on here?

Anybody want to see if that works?
13/Mar/14 7:20 AM
It worked for me, Amelia! I went down at warp speed.
13/Mar/14 7:22 AM
Both of the times I have been at Blarney Castle ... yes, I smooched the stone! ... there were some young local boys hanging around. After you have been in line for an hour, and are just about to squeeze into that narrow passage, they speak: 'You gonna kiss the stone? Ya know, we climb up there every night and p!ss on it.' Bleech!!
13/Mar/14 7:24 AM
Works beautifully Kathy! Thanks for the link. For some reason I don't get the pictures on the FB page and I haven't had time to solve it!
13/Mar/14 7:28 AM
Great, mariane! I hope she doesn't mind, I tried to message her on FB, but it wouldn't go through. The photos have been on her page, so I assumed it would be okay. So many of you have PM'd me that I thought the blog might be the answer.
13/Mar/14 7:38 AM
HI all! Sue are you really going to Scotland today?? Have a great time!
13/Mar/14 8:02 AM
Good morning. Judy kissing the Blarney Stone twice? Figures. And if she did it after the boys'washed' it - that's another 'figures'. Jealous of Sue's trip, I so much want to go to Ireland.
13/Mar/14 8:13 AM
Very funny, CP! Actually, the locals caught me on the way up the steps the first time ... and on the way down the second. I was ready for them the second trip ... and made their day! I gave them the reaction they wanted, really hamming it up! What fun!
13/Mar/14 9:00 AM
Breaking News: Duck arrested for selling quack.
13/Mar/14 9:18 AM
Morning everyone.
The ladies arrive in my neck of the woods in just over hrs time
13/Mar/14 9:58 AM
13/Mar/14 10:00 AM
My husband and I spent our honeymoon wandering around County Cork in a horse-drawn caravan. Neither of us kissed the Blarney Stone!
13/Mar/14 10:08 AM
everyone! Jane & I have arrived back in Melbourne & will now have about a 2 1/2 hour wait for our connecting flight to Perth. Luckily, Qantas offers free wifi connection in the boarding areas, but only for 30 min. Jane is hoping to spend some more time working on her blog while we are here. Kathy, thanks for passing on the new blog address.
13/Mar/14 10:36 AM
Sue, I hope you will enjoy your trip as much as we are enjoying ours!
13/Mar/14 10:38 AM
Jane and Kathy - I'm green with envy.
13/Mar/14 11:00 AM
Another oops
It is 6 hrs till plane lands
13/Mar/14 11:17 AM
Soo much to do this morning before heading to airport..
Apart from getting ready for VIPs. (Just about ready )
Will be taking MIL to hospital for her L Eye Cataract Op she is having this afternoon.
13/Mar/14 11:19 AM
I would like to publicly thank Peter & Rose for their warm hospitality & MANY kindnesses during our extended stay. Peter & my Rob are like two peas from the same pod with their similar backgrounds in the Navy & similar personalities & sense of humor!! I also discovered that Rose & I have many similarities, too. Someday I hope that we will be together again with Rob included.
13/Mar/14 11:20 AM
May I point out Kathy, that Rob was a top sider (mostly on the surface type) and Peter was a down under (mostly under the surface)?

While I was above it all.
13/Mar/14 11:56 AM
Sorry, Peter. I couldn't resist the straight line.
13/Mar/14 12:01 PM
1:38 Good morning one and all!
13/Mar/14 2:19 PM
Thanks Kathy (MD), the link worked great. Great blog also!
13/Mar/14 2:31 PM
''Holier than thou'', are we Hal?
13/Mar/14 2:40 PM
What has happened to Grasshopper?
13/Mar/14 2:42 PM
I don't recall 'seeing' Mr Cee, recently, either.
13/Mar/14 2:43 PM
Hmmmm, Did I broke it?
13/Mar/14 5:52 PM
The Ladies have arrived, and are sitting at my Kitchen Bench playing with their laptops
13/Mar/14 8:16 PM
Well this is too good an opportunity to miss!
13/Mar/14 8:42 PM
Just popped in for a lurk to see what you lot had been up to today.
13/Mar/14 8:43 PM
Too good to resist!
13/Mar/14 8:43 PM
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!
13/Mar/14 8:43 PM
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