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Easy Sudoku for 13/March/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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13/Mar/18 12:00 AM
Haven't seen one of dino's pix in a while.
13/Mar/18 12:01 AM
REPOST OF ST. PATRICK'S DAY PUZZLE, with additional clues! Answers will not be posted until Wednesday, site time, so take your time and try as many as you can! Incomplete or alternate answers accepted and encouraged!


13/Mar/18 12:05 AM
Hal, Judy and everybody who follows
13/Mar/18 12:11 AM
Leaving today for a three week cruise from Santiago, Chile to California. I miss two weeks of class but left videos of my lectures for the students to work from while I'm gone. Best wishes to all!
13/Mar/18 2:06 AM
everyone! (Long time, no see!)
Not sunny.
Snowing on our second day back from sunny, warm Florida.
Good to be back 'here', though!
13/Mar/18 2:14 AM
Ohhhhh, Judy! My mind must still on vacation!
13/Mar/18 2:17 AM
Since hubby retired we have been traveling quite a bit. But... it's different when we go to Florida. We totally 'veg out'! We stretch out on the beach with a good book and maybe pull ourselves up off the lounge in the afternoon to go to the Tiki bar. On our other travels we are always so busy we have to recover after we get home!
13/Mar/18 2:25 AM
Welcome back, Shiela - you were missed! DoA shared a note of where you were 'vegging' out so we stopped being worried! You're back and now we're off to Mexico for a while! Best to all!
13/Mar/18 2:30 AM
Hi Shiela, bye Joyce.
13/Mar/18 2:41 AM
13/Mar/18 2:45 AM
13/Mar/18 2:46 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
13/Mar/18 2:46 AM
This flower looks exactly like its name!
13/Mar/18 4:31 AM
Happy Monday!
Lovely photo of a bird of paradise bloom
13/Mar/18 4:33 AM
2:07 very pretty flower
13/Mar/18 5:18 AM
13/Mar/18 6:19 AM
13/Mar/18 6:20 AM
13/Mar/18 6:20 AM
Good Afternoon
13/Mar/18 7:04 AM
I a sick and tired of being sick. I went to the clinic last Wednesday I knew I had a sinus infection. Usually get then twice a year. Sunday morning I woke with my right hand swollen twice it's size. Went to the clinic again, either I got bit or touched something I am allergic to. This complicates my having hand surgery on Friday since steroids are a no no. Just wish someone would call me back.
13/Mar/18 7:13 AM
This is for Keith 22
13/Mar/18 7:14 AM
Shiela, where in Florida did you go???
13/Mar/18 7:15 AM
Tired of talking so will see if I can find something constructive to do
13/Mar/18 7:16 AM
Morning all, great photo, Dino .
Welcome back Shiela, sounds like my type of holiday.
Enjoy your trip ,Joyce.
13/Mar/18 7:43 AM
Sorry to hear of your troubles, Sue, hopefully it will settle down before Friday.
13/Mar/18 7:47 AM
Jean and Kate .
13/Mar/18 7:48 AM
1:30. Good morning everyone.
13/Mar/18 8:12 AM
Good afternoon to all!
13/Mar/18 8:20 AM
Good mAen to all - what gorgeous botanical images these past two days!

But where oh where is the rest of the (very large) bird of paradise plant?
13/Mar/18 8:35 AM
1:57 I have one growing in my garden.

Good morning all! Thank you, Shosho.
13/Mar/18 11:34 AM
Good maeN, good people. I think I am finally ready for my early morning tomorrow. So I can go to sleep now.
13/Mar/18 4:11 PM
Yeah. Right.
13/Mar/18 4:13 PM
Hoping a challenging puzzle will be too much for me and I'll fall asleep trying to solve it. Wish me luck.
13/Mar/18 4:14 PM
I hope the puzzle sends you to sleep. It is so long since your post that you are probably up again by now. With so few people around I will try for last post of the day
13/Mar/18 7:30 PM
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