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Easy Sudoku for 13/April/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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And my favorite site to shrink them is:
13/Apr/09 4:32 AM
I cannot believe that I feel I can eat no more chocolate today - watching The Masters doesn't help. I'm not sure my waist would turn like that any more when I swing a driver!
13/Apr/09 4:32 AM
Heidi how did you creep in there and do that pole vault over the bar?
13/Apr/09 4:33 AM
Pure talent. What else?
13/Apr/09 4:41 AM
Finally did the puzzle. How did they get the cat into that get-up?
13/Apr/09 4:41 AM
Are you feeling better today, GannieMo? I was worried about you yesterday.
13/Apr/09 4:42 AM
Good Afternoon All.
Happy Easter....This is a Day the Good Lord Has Made....Rejoice!
13/Apr/09 4:42 AM
Shosho.... I can just imagine all the bloodshed involved. ( It's probably CGI )
13/Apr/09 4:43 AM
Yeah, if I tried that on I would have had scratches all over me!
13/Apr/09 5:14 AM
Heidi, yes thanks feeling better but not 100%. I'll put it down to the aging process. I have to remind myself that I am no longer 23...or 33... or 43............
13/Apr/09 5:23 AM
Happy Easter, everyone! He is risen!
13/Apr/09 5:55 AM
Thanks for the tips, Heidi!
13/Apr/09 6:07 AM
Happy Easter.
13/Apr/09 6:07 AM
Where does the phrase "cut the mustard" come from?
13/Apr/09 6:33 AM
Mo, who are you wanting to win the Masters? We don't watch golf too much any more but I do know Tiger of course and Mickleson.
13/Apr/09 6:41 AM
Hallelujah, He is risen! Happy Easter to all who are celebrating--I hope you are spending this special day with someone you love.
13/Apr/09 6:44 AM
Thank you, Mr. Google!

It may come from a cowboy expression, "the proper mustard",
meaning "the genuine thing", and a resulting use of "mustard" to
denote the best of anything. O. Henry in _Cabbages and Kings_
(1894) called mustard "the main More...
13/Apr/09 7:01 AM
The kitchen awaits.
I am making Keith's recipe for short ribs (actually, his Mom's recipe) I've had it before and it is
13/Apr/09 7:08 AM
For those of you interested in this story, the U.S. Captain of the Maersk Alabama has been rescued.
13/Apr/09 7:44 AM
Colonel Mustard, with the knife in the pantry.
13/Apr/09 7:45 AM
Great news, Glinda. Somali pirates are NOT cool.
13/Apr/09 8:31 AM

Agreed on the pirates, Somali or any kind. But something's wrong with the story they're giving out. Supposedly, navy snipers opened fire. But look at the kind of "lifeboat" the pirates were in.


How do snipers deal with that?
13/Apr/09 8:50 AM
Morning. I'm having troubles with this little netbook. It connects to sudoku.com.au okay, but often becomes non-responsive after that. So if i seem non-responsive that's why!
13/Apr/09 8:54 AM
The article I read said that the pirates' heads and shoulders were exposed. Is it possible to open a portion of the top part of the lifeboat?
13/Apr/09 8:57 AM

Yes, it is possible, there are hatches. Maybe Somali pirates just aren't too bloody bright. They should have watched "Dog Day Afternoon."

13/Apr/09 9:09 AM
Ok, back from my morning run, showered and ready to start the day with a couple of sudoku puzzles...
13/Apr/09 9:19 AM
Enjoy your day Topsiders.
13/Apr/09 9:21 AM
I loved that game Canuk Greg. to you BeccaBoo.
13/Apr/09 9:23 AM
2:35, that's got to be photshopped. Hi and welcome BeccaBoo.
13/Apr/09 9:27 AM
Thanks Viv and Chris!
13/Apr/09 9:52 AM

Everybody's cheering, swaggering, puffing their chests out.

What will they do when the next group of Somali pirates simply murder everyone aboard?

13/Apr/09 12:07 PM
It's kinda hard to collect ransoms if they kill their prisoners. The word gets out that their captives will die anyways, and the ransoms won't be paid. Pirates are in it for the money.
13/Apr/09 12:29 PM
Happy Easter, Everyone I have finally found time to post pics of my Florida trips on my page. There are a few on there that you may find amusing!
13/Apr/09 1:00 PM
Hi, Jaz.
13/Apr/09 1:07 PM
Hey! Glinda What are you doing on the Moon, or is that a silly question?
13/Apr/09 1:16 PM
It's complicated....
13/Apr/09 1:18 PM
But spacious.
13/Apr/09 1:19 PM
, everyone! Hope everyone celebrating had a blessed Easter!
(All of the rescued chocolate Easter bunnies sent to me are now tucked in for the night.)
13/Apr/09 1:19 PM
Had our second Easter family gathering today. After a stormy morning, it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon.
13/Apr/09 2:28 PM
I will flip the page, so I can say...
13/Apr/09 2:31 PM
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