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Easy Sudoku for 13/June/2013


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13/Jun/13 8:39 AM
Good morning.
13/Jun/13 8:45 AM
& a Good Morning from me too.
13/Jun/13 9:00 AM
Out came the Sun
& dried up all the Rain

Well it is going to have to work hard before Intsy can resume climbing.
13/Jun/13 9:02 AM
We have puddles in our front garden which need depth warnings.
13/Jun/13 9:03 AM
At least I have an excuse not to mow.
13/Jun/13 9:05 AM
CP I got a CP.
13/Jun/13 9:06 AM

7:37 EDT Would sure appreciate any weather reports, from the mid-west members, about the big storm that is racing across the US from your area.
13/Jun/13 9:36 AM
It is happening! I am so excited. Really, really excited.

Our first pizza delivery is due any moment.

At first, I was bawling, because, the Internet lied. Can you believe, the Internet has something on it, that is not true? I know, shocker.
Well, anyway, according to the More...
13/Jun/13 10:21 AM
I am sitting here, watching for the pizza man, so I don't miss the doorbell, this time.
13/Jun/13 10:22 AM
Wonder if it would be strange of me, to go wait out by the curb?

Oh, any minute now.
13/Jun/13 10:23 AM
8:25 pm EDT. Clear and hot in Kentucky. No sign of any storm. Yet.
13/Jun/13 10:25 AM
Has it arrived yet, Karen?
13/Jun/13 10:27 AM
Karen, that is what children are for. They make great doorbells/window gazers/alarm bells. Have I missed something, are they not there?
13/Jun/13 10:29 AM
Did not have to worry about me running over the the delivery guy. The girls and Shelby did it.
13/Jun/13 10:32 AM
Oh, yes, dogs do that too!
13/Jun/13 10:54 AM
Our 'out-door' cat has decided that it has had enough & from now on will tolerate being an 'indoor' cat. She scared the ##### out of me when I started to make my bed. Black cats with their eyes closed are very hard to see on a dark surface. (I think I scared her too!)
13/Jun/13 10:59 AM
So far we're only hearing thunder in SW Michigan. A few sprinkles are starting. We're supposed to have almost 3' of rain in the next few hours. Still have power. It's still calm.
13/Jun/13 11:02 AM
This is no 99 I think - let's see if I can be 100!
13/Jun/13 11:19 AM
Well, looks like I'm 100 for the first time - got a few years to go yet !
13/Jun/13 11:21 AM
Hi CP, There was a bit on the ABC last night where they had a Craft Show in Sydney. You would have enjoyed it I'm sure. There was one particular quilt which was, to my mind, quite spectacular - don't know whether I'd like it on my bed - it might be hard to get to sleep under all those bright colours!
13/Jun/13 11:26 AM
Have spent weeks, ykm, trying to work out how I can get to the show. Unfortunately it's not possible this year. We will have the Canberra Quilt and Craft Show in August, and it is likey the featured quilt will be shown there.
13/Jun/13 11:51 AM

Here's a new link about Chloe McCardel's swim attempt from Havana, Cuba to the Florida Keys.
http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/more/news/20130612/chloe-mccardel-cuba-to-florida-swim.ap/?e ref=si_more
13/Jun/13 11:54 AM
Ah, me, youkidme. You sound like my wife. Exactly how do bright colors affect your ability to get to sleep after you have closed your eyes?????
13/Jun/13 11:57 AM
That makes perfect sense, HalT.
I will not purchase striped or busy sheets and blankets. Just solid colors.

It does effect your sleep. I know.
13/Jun/13 12:17 PM
You were kidding, youkidme. I knew that.
13/Jun/13 12:18 PM
But, on the other hand, Karen's response makes perfect sense.
13/Jun/13 12:21 PM
I think it's time for me to go to bed. Our sheets are a bright gold. But when the lights go out, and my eyes are shut...
13/Jun/13 12:31 PM
Hey, Daplap - Where in PA are you located? It's 10:45 pm and the wind is starting to pick-up in greater Cleveland, OH. Severe storm warnings and flash flood warnings are in effect. So far, it's only windy and humid. But there were reports of a tornado earlier this evening around an hour south of here. I think it was a small town in Crawford County. No reports of injuries, but a barn ruined.
13/Jun/13 12:46 PM
Be safe, Daplap. The storm has been fairly null here. Rain on and off, no derecho as there was in Chicago area etc., lightning ... nothing other than a typical summer rain, not even very stormy by storm standards. In contrast, there have been many heavy storms west and south of us and nearly constant tornado warnings in Ohio and Pennsylvania for hours. Hoping you're safe.
13/Jun/13 12:47 PM
Karen - Congratulations on your first pizza delivery. Talk with your neighbors and you might find they know of multiple places that will deliver so you can avoid the FPA. Personally, I love to cook. I think my last pizza delivery was about 6 years ago when friends came in for the night, unexpectedly, from PA at about 10 pm.
13/Jun/13 12:48 PM
I think I'm dozing on the couch tonight next to the computer ... from mlive.com: 'There is still the chance of an isolated tornado overnight in the southern third of the Lower Peninsula.

Usually the storms weaken overnight. But there is enough dynamics and energy with this storm system More...
13/Jun/13 12:52 PM
Dottie - there's a bad storm cell over Lake Erie headed for Cleveland right now. You might want to keep an eye on it. Worst part to hit in between an hour and an hour and a half from now says my map.
13/Jun/13 12:57 PM
I hope and pray that you will be safe.
13/Jun/13 1:10 PM
I may be shaken but the last time was almost ten years ago with no property damage. I don't think I would do well with living in fear of tornadoes year after year. Even now I worry for my friends and relatives back east. Please be safe and come out of this unscathed.
13/Jun/13 1:13 PM
Plum - I can see that storm on the radar. It looks like it will come ashore about 20 minutes from now. I'm another 17 miles south. I have a flashlight next to my computer so I can grab it if needed to get to lanterns, etc. I guess there were some other tornadoes that touched down south of me, More...
13/Jun/13 1:15 PM
News here just had that Chloe McArdle has abandoned her swim after 11 plus hours as she has been severely stung by jellyfish.
13/Jun/13 1:17 PM
Shosho - We're more used to these storms than your earthquakes! I was in Long Beach, CA when a 5.7 hit in Oct. 88 or 89. Part of my hotel was damaged. Not fun at all with a room on the 11th floor!

As far as a stent for your hubby, maybe it's purpose is to catch the aneurysm if part of it detaches from the spleen area. I believe a stent has a screen in it.
13/Jun/13 1:18 PM
She made a fantastic effort and should be proud of it.
13/Jun/13 1:18 PM
Tornado warning just issued for Cuyahoga (my) county! My safe room is less than 10 feet away. It's a windowless bathroom. My house is on a concrete slab with no basement.
13/Jun/13 1:19 PM
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