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Easy Sudoku for 13/July/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Am I there yet ???
13/Jul/08 10:53 AM
Yep !! Made it.
Okay now to do the medium, will print it off and go and sit outside with a coffee.

Not as cold early this morning and we have some sunshine. Loverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrly.!!
13/Jul/08 10:54 AM
I should think so too Elise!
No cooking night tomorrow night for ALL of us!
13/Jul/08 11:32 AM
1.43 That photo made me take a cleansing breath.
Wouldn't it be wongerful to be there right now?
13/Jul/08 11:35 AM
Elise... you're entitled to both a wheeee and a whoosh today. tomorrow!
13/Jul/08 11:35 AM
Well I'm finally on site. Got up very early this morning and read yesterdays pages, went back to bed and then went swimming. My computer has a heat problem. The fan is off balance and so when it comes on I have to turn off the whining baby. My son's girlfriend and her kid were here More...
13/Jul/08 11:37 AM
her = she
13/Jul/08 11:39 AM
Hello to all in the wonderful world of Sudokuland....Just a quick hello since I'm on my way to bed after a couple of big glasses of wine. Everyone has now returned to their homes safely, and its just Jazz and I. I have cleaned two bathrooms, the kitchen,and washed clothes as well as starting to More...
13/Jul/08 11:46 AM
Congratulations on your blue ribbon Sandy!
13/Jul/08 11:54 AM
mamacita - You do't have to thank me for my rears. I understand how you fell. Love you!
13/Jul/08 11:55 AM
Love you Mama
13/Jul/08 11:57 AM
Take care Mama
13/Jul/08 11:58 AM
What a gorgeous photograph today, such a beautiful spot.

Happy Birthday Judy

Happy extended Birthday Benny
13/Jul/08 11:58 AM
Good to see you Mamacita, take good care of yourself.
13/Jul/08 12:00 PM
Um... Dorthea??? Isn't your computer private property? Even if it was on, they wouldn't have the right to play with it. I thought they came to visit you? Just implying that there was anything else they wanted to do instead was RUDE beyond belief!!
Sorry... I became enraged on your More...
13/Jul/08 12:01 PM
This has been such a crazy year for me with many family obligation so needless to say I've been away for a while but I'm glad to be back!
13/Jul/08 12:02 PM
I've been stopping in occassionally for the last couple of weeks and see many of the old familiar faces along with many new.
13/Jul/08 12:08 PM
HI MAMACIETA! So glad to see you back on the site. Come back again when you can, we all miss you very much!

thoughts and prayers continue for you my dear.
13/Jul/08 12:09 PM
Hi Shelley! I'm one of the Newbies, the one with the tendency to put her foot in her mouth regularly.

I like your GSD's. How many? Just the 2?
13/Jul/08 12:15 PM
Good to have you back Shelley.
13/Jul/08 12:15 PM
Just the one now Heidi, unfortunately the older girl, Kala, died a couple of weeks ago
13/Jul/08 12:17 PM
Thanks Gail
13/Jul/08 12:18 PM
I'm VERY sorry to hear that Shelley. My condolences.
13/Jul/08 12:20 PM
All.... hope you have a nice day!
and just for the fun of it....


Tonight, I thought my husband was acting weird.

We had made plans to meet at a bar to have a drink. I was shopping with
my friends all day long, so I thought he was More...
13/Jul/08 12:22 PM
Thanks Heidi, I'll admit that it's been a difficult adjustment but we're getting there
13/Jul/08 12:24 PM
Time to go, I'm getting sleepy as it's nearing 10:30 here. Have a great day / night everyone
13/Jul/08 12:29 PM
13/Jul/08 1:23 PM
All in chat Heidi.
Come join us.
13/Jul/08 1:32 PM
I finally posted some pics of when I was back East from North Carolina to Florida. Pics of Kathy/Valrico and her family and Jane/St Simons Island and my darling Brandon.
13/Jul/08 2:10 PM
2 minutes and ... what-the-heck. I'm still on Fiji time so what's a few minutes between friends?

Good Afternoon everyone. Time for a nap.
13/Jul/08 2:18 PM
Thinking of you Mamacita.
13/Jul/08 2:35 PM
Rose welcome back from the wedding and honeymoon.
Hope everything went as planned.
13/Jul/08 2:37 PM
Welcome back, Rose!
shosho - thanks for the pics.
13/Jul/08 2:38 PM
Great to hear from you Mamacita.
Yes a BIG WELCOME back to you Rose.
Looking forward to viewing some pics sometime.
13/Jul/08 2:41 PM
Hey Rose you're back! Good to "see" you again
And Mamacita, soooo good to see your post! Hang in there.
13/Jul/08 2:55 PM
I love you, Ouima!!
13/Jul/08 3:34 PM
Judy, I think you just spoke for us all.

It's now after 2 am, so I should go to bed. I've just been having so much fun painting that I lost track of time.

and Good Night, everybody!
13/Jul/08 4:06 PM
Nice to see you back on site, Ouima. Go to church and have a lovely walk with Jazz. Talking to Jazz will be very therapeutic, I think you will find.
13/Jul/08 4:17 PM
to Judy (OK) and Benny
back to Rose - waiting for pics od the wedding now - hope all went well.

Mamacita - we have all missed you and you have been in our thoughts.
13/Jul/08 4:34 PM
Shosho - great photos - have left a few comments.
13/Jul/08 4:34 PM
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