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Easy Sudoku for 13/August/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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13/Aug/09 1:29 AM
I'll not embarrass myself by wheeing all over the place.
13/Aug/09 1:31 AM
1:54 Maen! Let the music begin!!!
13/Aug/09 1:32 AM
Now to accomplish some chores...
13/Aug/09 1:33 AM
In honor of Karen's (who now HAS a lap to put her hands in to twiddle her thumbs!) 2 girly girls, I have changed my avatar. The ever lovable 'Thing One' and 'Thing 2"

13/Aug/09 1:49 AM
Jerry I do not know if I remember how to twiddle.
Kathy you are great and using characters from Thing 1 (aka Girl 1) favorite story.

Went an checked on my darling daughter. She has gone from the sidelines to riding in the cab of the tractor. The mother part of me, wanted her to come in More...
13/Aug/09 1:59 AM
Feel free to use the avatar if you want to, Karen.
13/Aug/09 2:02 AM
Autumn Signs

First dry leaves fallen,
Berries ready, ripe, heavy.
Football in the grass.

13/Aug/09 2:06 AM
What a GREAT place for her to be, Karen!
13/Aug/09 2:07 AM
Looks like I'm a bit late for the dance! Mind if I dance anyway???
(Embarrased hubby one time when a favorite song was playing over a store intercom... Couldn't make him understand that you can 'stop and smell the roses' by dancing when you feel like it!!! Something about that decency clause he signed at work, I guess!)
13/Aug/09 2:15 AM
Thank you Kathy.

Welcome back Jamie. How was your trip?
13/Aug/09 2:20 AM
Karen - the whole time gone was WONDERFUL! It is good to sleep in my own bed again, though.
13/Aug/09 2:23 AM
That is great Jamie and I need to hear all about with pictures.
But atlas, my free hand time has come to an end. One needs a bottle and fresh diaper and the other needs breakfast and pony tails. I should say lunch now.
13/Aug/09 2:30 AM
Pictures will probably be posted over the weekend.
13/Aug/09 2:37 AM
looks like I am too late for the dance, will listen to some music anyway just better not sing,
13/Aug/09 2:40 AM
Karen, nice to see you posting,
Jamie, welcome back

Now time to turn on the music & start doing some house work
13/Aug/09 2:43 AM
Good afternoon to all! With today's photo, we should all be singing "Going to the chapel and I'm going to married...."
13/Aug/09 2:46 AM
A police officer came upon a terrible wreck where the driver and passenger had been killed. As he looked upon the wreckage a little monkey came out of the brush and hopped around the crashed car. The officer looked down at the monkey and said "I wish you could talk."
The monkey looked More...
13/Aug/09 2:49 AM
I was sent a soooo true thought for today!!

"Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the hell happened."
13/Aug/09 2:53 AM
Speaking of driving, this happened a week ago last Saturday:
One of our Ontario Provincial Police officers pulled over a car on the 401 highway for speeding, going 155 km/h in a 100 km/h zone. A hefty fine and several demerit points on the license. After receiving the ticket, as the driver More...
13/Aug/09 2:55 AM
CG - that is great!
13/Aug/09 3:04 AM
Most people can twiddle forward ... most people can twiddle backward ... few people can twiddle both ways at the same time.
13/Aug/09 3:29 AM
Is that the coat hanger behind the wedding couple?
13/Aug/09 3:34 AM
Shosho, the saying I have always heard is.
"A young person in an old persons body"
13/Aug/09 4:09 AM
2:21 Hi to all. Lovely photograph. I adore black and white.

Thought for the Day:

I have learned, that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavours to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.
13/Aug/09 4:20 AM
The Autumn passage Anne...
13/Aug/09 4:21 AM
I like the word twaddling...and tarradidling or taradidling if you prefer one ah!
13/Aug/09 4:49 AM
I also like candles but I won't wax on about that...
13/Aug/09 4:51 AM
It all depends on your position in life I guess...
13/Aug/09 4:52 AM
I love it when André twaddles.....
13/Aug/09 5:28 AM
Thing 1 and Thing 2 seem to still be running around!
Be Gone!
13/Aug/09 5:30 AM
Whew! That's better.....
13/Aug/09 5:32 AM
Greg, are you telling me that there's a SPEED limit on 401! Last time I drove it everyone else was driving like there was no tomorrow - and the big trucks were the worst.
13/Aug/09 5:40 AM
Ian, there are probably ten to fifteen more cars on that corridor since that last time you drove it. as it is the major route between Montreal and Toronto and Windsor. The trucks are still bad, but Ontario registered trucks now must have a speed inhibitor installed that prevents them from going More...
13/Aug/09 6:16 AM
That's okay, Greg. You folks send us your quarters. I have 3. Want them?
13/Aug/09 6:17 AM
Okay, where's Fiona?? No excuse like "she's in Florida." Where is the riddle of the day? Don't you realize that you can't have a life outside of Sudoku??
13/Aug/09 6:19 AM
No thanks Anne. You can send me US greenbacks if you want to.
13/Aug/09 6:20 AM
Some people are just more dependable, Greg.
13/Aug/09 6:52 AM
Sorry Ian. That comment about the 401 was supposed to read "ten or fifteen times more cars on that corridor."
13/Aug/09 7:01 AM
oh clap trap from the bat! Give me a minute...
13/Aug/09 7:02 AM
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