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Easy Sudoku for 14/January/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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14/Jan/09 12:00 AM
Good Maen Sudokuland!
14/Jan/09 12:00 AM
2:22, just enough time for the medium puzzle before I head off to bed.
14/Jan/09 12:03 AM
14/Jan/09 12:06 AM
Have to scramble out of jammies early today, because I have a Doctors appointment. Today's shouldn't be so bad, but I go again in 2 days. Given the weather forcast, I suspect school will be canceled later this week. So I could possibly drag 3 kids to my appointment, UGH! Good Day to All!
14/Jan/09 12:12 AM
Jill - I'm sorry you reminded me to make an appointment. Good morning.
14/Jan/09 12:15 AM
Good morning Chris, Jill, Jano, and Dorthea!

14/Jan/09 12:20 AM
One more for my favorite number!
See you later!
14/Jan/09 12:21 AM
Good morning and good night Shosho - I'm off to the land of nod now.
14/Jan/09 12:22 AM
WOW! Mt. Rushmore's grounds have changed a lot since I was there in '74...but then what hasn't changed since then!
Good Maen all!
14/Jan/09 12:31 AM
Sweet dreams, Chris. Shosho - hope you have a good day at school today. Jill - hope you make it back later to visit here...and Dorthea - a bit early to get hold of the doctor, but at least you can make a note!
14/Jan/09 12:33 AM
2:11 Good evening all.
14/Jan/09 12:35 AM
Good Maen, everyone!
14/Jan/09 12:42 AM
Mmmmmmmmmm...first today
14/Jan/09 12:50 AM
First climb to the top of the cupboard, GMo?
14/Jan/09 12:53 AM
Yes Shiela I have had no other food today. Been to the doctor, which is 45 minutes away called into a grocery store and had a quick look at the sales. I deserve to have a few moments of melting pleasure.
14/Jan/09 12:57 AM
Now hubby is wandering around the house with the architect tweeking the plans here and there. Making 'man type. decisions.
14/Jan/09 12:58 AM
Maybe I coulld sneak another while they are upstairs?!!!!!
14/Jan/09 12:59 AM
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....that's better!
14/Jan/09 1:00 AM
It is making me devilish should I try for a cp?
14/Jan/09 1:01 AM
Share one?
14/Jan/09 1:01 AM
14/Jan/09 1:02 AM
I can hear them upstairs
14/Jan/09 1:02 AM
On it's way to congratulate you Shiela
14/Jan/09 1:02 AM
I did it!!!!
Console yourself with a "climb", GMo!!!
14/Jan/09 1:02 AM
I'm going to climb the stairs as the men need my imput in the bedroom!!!! (re electric plugs!!!)
14/Jan/09 1:07 AM
(sigh!) I guess I -ed #22!
14/Jan/09 1:08 AM
(Whew! She's just busy... not upset!)
GMo, make sure they put them in right side up! (They actually put all ours in upside down!...something about the ground staying in better, but that means any nightlights, hair dryer 'boxes' are upside down. Ugh!)
14/Jan/09 1:11 AM
1:55 Maen, all! Mt. Rushmore is an awesome sight, and the nearby Wind Caves are really cool, too...
14/Jan/09 1:13 AM
Good morning Worldly people--2 layer day. Looks like this week we will not have our 3 days of warm weather.

Now is a good time to take stock out in kleenex' the girl and I seem to making that market go up today.
14/Jan/09 1:57 AM
jUST TIME TO SAY...mmmmmmmmmmmm.
14/Jan/09 2:20 AM
14/Jan/09 2:23 AM
GannieMo, isn't that just like you, having two men in your bedroom ... input indeed!
14/Jan/09 2:32 AM
Good Morning, Sudokuland! I'm glad to see you! Have a great day!
14/Jan/09 2:41 AM
Hello, world! Just had to pass this video along. It will make your day (if you're a dog and/or elephant lover, that is)!!!

14/Jan/09 2:47 AM
GMo - As if chocolate weren't enough!!! Hmmmph!
14/Jan/09 2:48 AM
That is some place I definitely plan to visit some day.
14/Jan/09 2:51 AM
Yes, Jane, I agree. Some people just have to have it all!
14/Jan/09 3:08 AM
I had an electrician install plugs "up side down" on purpose, with the ground on top. He said that way if the plug is out a bit from the wall, something metal can't drop in there and short across the live prongs.
14/Jan/09 3:14 AM

I've never been to Mt. Rushmore, It's on my list too, Jamie.
Off to look at Jane's YouTube....
14/Jan/09 3:14 AM
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