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Easy Sudoku for 14/October/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Nan - to you also a very . I hope you stuff yourself with and don't worry about it one little bit!

Owe know! Awl yew guise art ooze trains form eee!
Happy Birthday Paul!!! I wondered if you were the Paul from Tassie and Rosemary confirmed it with the tuna fishing comment. Have a great day!

Happy Birthday Nal as well!!!

I remember when I was little and thinking of the year 2000 and how I would be turning 40 then. 2000 was so sci More...
Deb: I remember when I was little, thinking that I would be turning 38 in 2000; it was so far away then, and it seemed so OLD! We thought we would be whizzing around in jet-cars; little did we think we'd be sitting around in traffic jams most of the time, moving even slower than we did back then...
Love this site and everyones comments.
Hello everyone... I haven't done any sudoku puzzles for a while...so still not fast enough.. I don't know how some can do them in just a few minutes.. I'm impressed
Welcome Bonnie:

My bonnie lies over the ocean
My bonnie lies over the sea
My bonnie lies over the ocean
Oh, bring back my bonnie to me

Bring back, oh bring back, oh, bring back my bonnie to me, to me

Sorry bonnie, I just couldn't resist it.
Hello, I am a first timer. Such fun!
Welcome Dianne

Do I have to sing to you as well. Oh, well, here goes.

Whoops, I've gone a little hoarse. Must be all that singing along with the Bachelors at their concert last night when they sang, 'My Dianne'.
Sorry about that.
Dear paul,

wishing you a wonderful birthday today, hope there is lots of love and presents ( a huge tuna fish) for you to enjoy today.

Lauren and taylah
Deb and Nurn, your comments reminded me of when I was in high school and the book ''1984'' was all the rage. We feared the time when big brother would be watching. It too came and went and life went on. Funny how many ways history repeats itself.
a Nanna???? is that an Italian female goat?
The Top 5 Songs Sung by a P i s s e d-Off Barbra Streisand

5. It's My Concert and I'll Rant If I Want To

4. People Who Better D@mn Well Learn to Listen to More Important People

3. Everpeeved

2. On a Clear Day I Can Rip Your F#!*#n' Colon Out

Glenn, Glenn, so Barbara Streisand is a Democrat and had the nerve to talk out against the powers that be. Lighten up, or have you forgotten that we still have the right to free speech, even though King George is still in power?
1.58 - best ever! - way easy
Wow Col I'm impressed ...see now that your the BIG 4-0 numbers come faster to ya!
shout out to Nan & Paul
hello all
hello all..good morning and a real quick fix here
well heres the title of a book got misprinted..
'How to Su*kseed in america'...
who could be the author??
keep guessing..(i know u guys will get it fast)ans from me in the noon perhaps..
After last night's concert, I decided to play some of my old 45's while eating lunch. Stupid me, my digestive system will never be the same again after jumping up to change records every few minutes. And the stereo was so loud a photo fell off onto the floor, thank goodness it had a soft landing. More...
Hello everyone.
2:29 good maeN
Anne: How smart of you to keep your old 45's when so many of us copied them on to cassettes years ago and have lived to regret it. Smart too to have the means of playing them!
Hello Judy - just playing an EP of Elvis' from Jailhouse Rock at the moment. I'll soon have my neighbours complaining about the volume and the 'singing' to go with it.
My son wanted me to get rid of my stereo years ago and just have a CD player. Thank goodness I don't always listen to my kids. And why should I, I don't think they always listened to me.
I've just found out that it's not a good idea to be on a ladder cleaning light fittings while Elvis is singing rock n'roll. I nearly fell off the ladder.
Shake those bits, Anne!!
To AP.....My answer is Monica Lewinsky!!! Sorry but it's the only answer I could think of :/
Oh boy.....am I going to pay for today's activities. Weeded the gardens and they hadn't been done for I don't know how long. Obviously the tenant before me didn't ever do them. I have another inspection on Wednesday so thought I had better make an effort. The yard looks good but I don't ....lol....
Deb, I'm sure you look good even with a bit of dirt on you. Just do what my current song says and 'Twist & Shout'
It's now getting out of control and far more modern. The Birdie Dance. Sh*t. I must be mad.
But the spring cleaning is coming along nicely.
Anne what are you and what have you been on the last few days?
Actually 'from' from etc. I'm limboing and twisting with Chubby Checker right now and cleaning out my cupboards. Isn't life wonderful.
'I walk along and sing a song,
Twenty miles is a long long way
beehive/Anne -OK fair enough I can twist with the best of them.The twist was made for people like me with two left feet.Is this called Life be in it? a natural high, you don't need alcohol to have a good time etc?? What IS a pecker doctor?
had to come back, just remembered a 'dance' better than the twist - the stomp.Do you remember it? you basically just stomped your feet.Very popular at Surf Club pi..sups.
I've never heard of a pecker doctor. Actually, I haven't heard anything for the past few hours other than LOUD music. Good old Duane Eddie, he knew how to strum that guitar. (not that I know anything about guitars, but I'm sure that's what they called it). I even played 'My boomerang won't come back' and enjoyed listening to it!!!!
Yes, I used to go to the stomps here in Albany. Good they were too.
You could probably dance though Anne unlike me but a good time was had by all and I don't remember anybody ending up in hospital with brain damage or being stabbed, but I remember a few split lips, a broken nose and one momentous evening, some teeth knocked out.Oh the good old days eh?
Is anyone watching the Tri-nations Rugby League? I just woke up to hear the New Zealand national anthem being sung by somebody who shouldn't have been singing it.....on TV anyway! Geez!!!!
Must have woken up a bit grumpy.
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