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Easy Sudoku for 14/October/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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all. Off to the state fair this morning.
14/Oct/16 12:04 AM
What happened to everyone Hal?
14/Oct/16 1:52 AM
a beautiful mostly sunny but cooler day here in OK
14/Oct/16 1:55 AM
It looks like not many like the time change. Maybe when ours changes things will be better.
14/Oct/16 1:57 AM
Spellmaster & Mardi D. Two names from the past.
14/Oct/16 1:58 AM
I have to go hunting for some long pants, I need to go shopping and the temp. has fallen below what I like for shorts when I am outside.
14/Oct/16 2:00 AM
14/Oct/16 2:02 AM
I'm thinking this is Prom night from the late 50's or early 60's.
14/Oct/16 2:11 AM
Cooler here today, too, with a slight drizzle that cut my morning walk short. Outside my window now, it's sunny. Figures.
14/Oct/16 2:11 AM
Morning. It was supposed to start raining here by 6 AM (changeover), but it still hasn't started.
14/Oct/16 2:13 AM
Happy Thursday 1st day of vacation!
14/Oct/16 2:18 AM
Everyone, be careful today! Friday the 13th is on Thursday this month.
14/Oct/16 2:41 AM
Noted, lonewolf!
14/Oct/16 4:30 AM
Speaking of Friday the 13th's... My poor nephew turned 13 years old on a Friday the 13th!
14/Oct/16 4:33 AM
14/Oct/16 4:59 AM
Well, finally my poor granddaughter made it home yesterday! Maybe this weekend I'll get to see her!
14/Oct/16 4:59 AM
Just paid property tax, ugh, feeling poor at the moment!
14/Oct/16 5:00 AM
1:51. Good morning everyone. I fly out this morning to run the Melbourne marathon on Sunday - this time in two days I'll be getting ready to head to the start line for a 7:00 start - all that training is about to pay off (I hope!)
14/Oct/16 6:01 AM
Run well Chris !!
14/Oct/16 6:07 AM
I don't run but like to walk/ hike. I can go about 2 miles - did 2.5 yesterday but to sit to rest for a bit
14/Oct/16 6:09 AM
I walked a mile this morning and then got a memo that the fit bit walking challenge started this afternoon- well since I had lunch with my sister and a dinner with friends tonight - I guess I can walk the neighborhood now!
14/Oct/16 6:12 AM
Good Luck, Chris!
14/Oct/16 6:14 AM
Just missed it again.
14/Oct/16 6:26 AM
I never had any injuries during the 12 years I ran 10K & 25K's, but hiking was a different matter. I permanently messed up tendons on both ankles - 5 years apart & same tendon on each inside ankle due to overuse, not sprain. Go figure!
14/Oct/16 6:29 AM
Actually, it was on the same trail in the Smoky Mountains! You'd think I'd learn!
14/Oct/16 6:31 AM
Nope! I'm going hiking in there in a couple of weeks - but you better believe I'll stay off the Rainbow Falls trail!
14/Oct/16 6:36 AM
14/Oct/16 6:40 AM
I'm going to take a little puzzle posting break. I'm having a hard time getting here early enough to give everyone enough time, interest seems to be waning, I probably need to spend more time selecting puzzles or find a new source, and my in-laws are coming up next week.
14/Oct/16 6:42 AM
Today's Parents Page is a tribute to CP.
14/Oct/16 6:45 AM
Good morning all.
14/Oct/16 6:48 AM
It seems visiting the site in general is waning, Serena, so don't take it personally.
14/Oct/16 6:48 AM
Morning all, hoping for some sunshine today.
I took the doona off the bed last month only to have the temperature drop last night . Brrrr !
14/Oct/16 6:59 AM
Keith, I think they visit but don't comment anymore, I had three friends on the site a few days ago and not one of them commented. They have become lurkers ! lol
14/Oct/16 7:04 AM
I still enjoy checking in with the good people here ... hope the flagging interest rallies.
14/Oct/16 7:56 AM
Good evening to all! I echo Denny's comment, but despite Keith's the site isn't waning for me. I'll come as long as Gath supports it!
14/Oct/16 9:54 AM
Cold and rainy here today. We only reached a high of 12 C. degrees. It's too soon for cold weather!
14/Oct/16 9:55 AM
For those who asked, my sister is doing well, but still undergoing tests to determine the source of her issues. It appears she might be a unique case.
14/Oct/16 9:57 AM
I say Ditto to what Greg said!
14/Oct/16 12:49 PM
Great to hear good news re. your sister, Greg - bet she'd prefer to not be so 'special'.
14/Oct/16 12:50 PM
I'm packing for a weekend away to celebrate my brother's 80th b-day - should stick around to get top, but I'll just do the page turn. Have a grand few days while I'm gone..........
14/Oct/16 12:52 PM
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