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Easy Sudoku for 14/February/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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14/Feb/14 7:34 AM
Happy Thursday day off!
14/Feb/14 7:57 AM
The weather has certainly been quite strange lately. As we all know, there has been too much snow in the eastern USA region and not enough in the west. Meanwhile, humble Adelaide has been setting records of it's own. So far, we have set a new record of 10 days above 42 degrees (107.6 F). Yesterday More...
14/Feb/14 8:27 AM
all, and HALELUJAH, we have power. It came back on about 15 minutes ago. It was off for about 20 hours.
14/Feb/14 8:47 AM
We had planned on going out for dinner tonight and because the house is still as cold as a witches t1t, we still are. But I need too do a ''disemboweled'' for tomorrow so I'll be busy this evening.
My fingers are stiff from the cold, so I'll be back when it's warmer here.
14/Feb/14 8:54 AM

Fiona, your friends should feel right at home in the rain........As they say in Scotland, if you can't see the hills, it's raining and if you can see them, it's going to rain.
14/Feb/14 8:59 AM

And here in sunny Hobart it is mizzling.

Hobart, by the way, is the second driest capital in Australia, after Adelaide.
14/Feb/14 9:07 AM
Happy Valentines day. I am about to go shopping so must find something exciting for dinner (Hubby has a kidney stone at the moment so prawns are out!)
Peter, our friends in Swanage UK say that about the Isle of Wight.
14/Feb/14 9:07 AM

Must've copied it from the Scots, June.
14/Feb/14 9:49 AM
Just finished reading the comments I missed yesterday, and today's. Can't seem to get the picture of Keith in a mud bath out of my mind.
14/Feb/14 12:57 PM
And I've finished the ''disemboweler'' for tomorrow. So you don't have to scramble for a puzzle, Greg.
14/Feb/14 12:59 PM
HalT - I'm glad you got your power back. I'm guessing there's been enough time for your house to warm up. Now you don't have an excuse to cuddle with Barbara tonight!
14/Feb/14 1:23 PM
Peter - I had to look up mizzling. It ends up I was right in my guess, but you saying sunny Hobart threw me off track. Did you see a rainbow? Is that a common term in Oz or were you creative again?
14/Feb/14 1:25 PM
Uh... I don't need an excuse, Dottie.
14/Feb/14 1:41 PM
MIzzling is quite common, Dottie - its not quite rain or drizzle. Sunn up the top end of the state, but quite humid.
14/Feb/14 1:50 PM
Kate, where ever you may be.
14/Feb/14 1:50 PM
Off to pick tomatoes and mulberries before it mizzles here - an event very much on the cards later.
14/Feb/14 1:52 PM
I've just popped a couple of pics, on my page, of a green rosella parrot taking his daily ablutions!
14/Feb/14 1:53 PM
Serena - I hope you get the low end of the snow totals. But NYC sure didn't get the low end. What part of Vermont are you located in?
14/Feb/14 2:14 PM
The last two days have been a mess,
Now it's time to get some rest.
14/Feb/14 2:49 PM
Oh quiet in here. On to the MEDIUM V.V.
14/Feb/14 8:39 PM
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