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Easy Sudoku for 14/April/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I think I will.
14/Apr/08 4:12 AM
14/Apr/08 4:13 AM
Now for the trifecta.
14/Apr/08 4:13 AM
First pager, totp, and cp!
14/Apr/08 4:13 AM
I was up early (for me) and went to church. Now sitting here enjoying a cup of hot choccie and Sudoku before I have to go to work.
Youngest was in the school musical this weekend. A small part, but as it is said, there are no small parts, only small players. Bergen came to see Uncle James and More...
14/Apr/08 4:17 AM
14/Apr/08 4:30 AM
Whooooey! Was it hot outside! Did my usual 4 miles and am I red as a cooked lobster! Feel like one too! Today's forecast is 85 bet it'll go even higher than that! Yes, Aileen it's a sunny day!
14/Apr/08 5:08 AM
GannieMo, hope you feel better and that you'll be able to catch up with Mamacita! Would love to see pics of both of you with the romantic French background! One of these days . . .
14/Apr/08 5:09 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Stephanie
to you!
May your day be wonderful with a and lots of !
14/Apr/08 5:10 AM
For all of you in education, with sons, grandsons, or who just love the things little kids say ~ a reminder that adult words are often taken  literally.....
 'Circumcised' (this is priceless!)
  A teacher noticed that a little boy at the back of the class was squirming More...
14/Apr/08 5:11 AM
And one more for a cp then back to the three piles of papers to grade (one math test and two science papers). It's too nice of a day to spend indoors, yuck. One good thing, my fushia espadrilles arrived and are they pretty and comfy!
14/Apr/08 5:13 AM
Happy Birthday (tomorrow) Stephanie, from your fellow Aggie!!! Gig 'em.
14/Apr/08 5:37 AM
Hi/Bye shosho - I, too am off to grade papers - just one BIIIIIIIIG stack - I have to sort it into about nine stacks before I can grade. Ugh. Grades due tomorrow afternoon at 4 - after a day full of meetings.
14/Apr/08 5:56 AM
Jamie and Shosho summer's coming! Hang in there!
14/Apr/08 6:00 AM
Morning all. Up and dressed, now to have brekky and it's off to work I go!!
14/Apr/08 6:09 AM
Shosho chuckle at the joke and also would like to see your fushia espadrilles, at first at thought you were talking about a plant and understood only after reading it over.MDR (morte de rire)
14/Apr/08 6:09 AM
BTW, Saturday's paper had the official Birth Announcement for the Blue Ant - his name is Beau Nicholas.
14/Apr/08 6:11 AM
Good mAen, everyone! Late arriving here! Went to church, then an orchid show, & then to an afternoon tea.
Hubby took lots of photos at the orchid show so I have more orchids to paint and then maybe I can enter my paintings in next year's orchid show art competition... I can't grow them, but More...
14/Apr/08 6:13 AM
That will be lovely Shiela, I am anxious to admire your paintings of all the beautiful orchids.
14/Apr/08 6:22 AM
Orianne, I bet you could do a great orchid, too! Have you ever painted one?
14/Apr/08 6:28 AM
Not an orchid but something veru similar that you can see on my page...I will try one soon because I just love orchids and many types of flowers. I also would love to paint birds.
14/Apr/08 6:32 AM

Thinking of you Jamie and Shoshu.. Maybe you'll have time to collect funny answers for us???
14/Apr/08 6:34 AM
Shiela, when my mother moved to the middle of nowhere, she left my grandfather's orchids here with me. I begged her not to as I was sure they would not survive! It has been a year and they are not dead yet, but I live in fear...
14/Apr/08 6:40 AM
Shiela, try a phalaenopsis orchid plant. Famous for the ease of having one, look at http://www.floralartmall.com/Phaleanopsis.html and at http://www.dbc.uci.edu/arboretum/moth.htm. My two have started blooming in February and is still in bloom. Same flowers still looking beautiful. I have one More...
14/Apr/08 6:45 AM
to Beau Nicholas (aka, Baby Blue Ant)
14/Apr/08 6:48 AM
Suzy, orchid plants are not as fragile as most people think. My plants have forgiven me many times! I have forgotten to feed them with the special orchid food you're suppose to every month. I have let them go dry at times though not for a long period. I have hectic times but still manage to have three different types of orchids.
14/Apr/08 7:04 AM
Oh welcome, welcome, welcome little Beau Nicholas (Baby Blue Ant) You are so special!
14/Apr/08 7:06 AM
My very favorite orchid is the Paphiopedilum or 'slipper' orchid. I have painted five different Paphs so far. I have also painted a white w/ lime Cattleya & a Dendrobium called 'Oriental Paradise'.
Shosho... Nope! I killed one of those, too! I think I keep my house too cold at night for orchids.
14/Apr/08 7:13 AM
Shosho, I am so glad that there are some people who don't kill them! They are SOOoooo beautiful!
Good luck, Suzy!
14/Apr/08 7:15 AM
Thanks for the cake Kathy, and now the marathon's finished I can even eat it!
14/Apr/08 7:54 AM
1:45, a nice one to ease into the day. all.
14/Apr/08 7:59 AM
1.51 who does the smiling face belong to?
Beau Nicholas ... wongerful name, hope all is going well and everyone is getting some sleep at home
14/Apr/08 8:51 AM
thank you to all those that wished my dad a happy birthday yesterday.
we had a lovely family lunch with mum and dad, lauren, paul and the chidlets yesterday
wishing you a very happy birthday
14/Apr/08 9:03 AM
At work - busyish, but not frantic. That's good, cos I've got a paperwork job to do that I may get done while it's not busy>
14/Apr/08 9:21 AM
Happy Birthday Stephanie. Have a wonderful day.
14/Apr/08 9:33 AM
Saw a wonderful doco called War Dance about children in a music festival in the War Zone of northern Uganda. Have posted the trailer on my page.Well worth seeing...
14/Apr/08 9:43 AM
Where is everybody gone? Watching the Montreal Canadians against the Bruins (Boston)???
Good game so far!
14/Apr/08 10:40 AM
I hope you have a wonderful day!
14/Apr/08 11:56 AM
Sara Beth you done well!
14/Apr/08 11:58 AM
14/Apr/08 11:58 AM
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