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Easy Sudoku for 14/April/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning
14/Apr/08 12:03 AM
Good Morning André and what a wongerful day it is!

14/Apr/08 12:06 AM
2:18 Hi to all and good morning Broni.

Thought for the Day:

Friendship without self-interest is one of the rare and beautiful things of life.
14/Apr/08 12:07 AM
Good morning to you André and Broni and to all a great day.
14/Apr/08 12:07 AM
André and all who eventually show up.

updated my u-tube: JOHN DENVER - "COUNTRY ROADS"
14/Apr/08 12:08 AM
Happy birthday Stephanie, have a wonderful day.
14/Apr/08 12:08 AM
hi all! How was the party André?
14/Apr/08 12:09 AM
André: re TFTD - oh, that politicians thought that way!
14/Apr/08 12:10 AM
Hope that everyone has a great - night/day - time to get ready for Church. Catch you all later.
14/Apr/08 12:11 AM
My... fastest time for me ever and what a cute hair cut!
14/Apr/08 12:13 AM
Another photo of an unnamed grandkid.
Another nice warm day in sunny South Florida- My pool water is now at 82, so I think the swimming season is here. woohoo!
What no TFTD from Bertie? Or will it be there when I click "Submit comment?"
14/Apr/08 12:15 AM
Yup! There is the TFTD!
14/Apr/08 12:16 AM
hope you all have an amazing day/night where ever you are in this wonderful world of ours.
14/Apr/08 12:18 AM
Cancelled Fiona sadly, did you get in touch with Maureen? I tried Mamacita's phone again but to no avail. I have to go guests arriving soon. Have a good day xx
14/Apr/08 12:18 AM
Hmmm Bertie I have a couple of those friends (the Doc aka Rarebit) ROTFL what about you?
14/Apr/08 12:22 AM
no word from Mo, André; enjoy your sunday.
14/Apr/08 12:25 AM
1:38. Good maEn to all.

14/Apr/08 12:32 AM
Hello every one
14/Apr/08 12:34 AM
Hey Jaz,
Rare bit what?
14/Apr/08 12:46 AM
Hi Young Man,Welcome .

to You .
14/Apr/08 1:00 AM
to everyone! Am trying to type without my reading glasses. But I am planning to run this morning so hopefully I've typed some English phrases that are understandable. Will come back later to assesss the damage and do the puzzle.
14/Apr/08 1:01 AM
Sunday here!

Having a little fun online before going to work.

André is now Bertie?! As in Jeeves and Wooster? I must have missed something...
14/Apr/08 1:04 AM

Chris (amd son)! Stephanie! Here comes the cake!
14/Apr/08 1:05 AM
Shosho: Good morning! Hasn't it been a glorious weekend? Feels like summer already!
14/Apr/08 1:06 AM
that's (and son)
14/Apr/08 1:06 AM
I don't usually get here before the first page is flipped. Either I'm here early or no one is feeling particularly chatty today.
Have a great day, everyone!
14/Apr/08 1:07 AM
Are you related to or a neighbor of Jamie from Aggieland? I know Texas is HUGE, but thought I'd ask anyway...
14/Apr/08 1:08 AM
2:02 to you all.
14/Apr/08 1:12 AM
14/Apr/08 1:16 AM
everyone from sunny So. Oregon ...

Stephanie for Aggieland TX
14/Apr/08 1:24 AM
14/Apr/08 1:51 AM
Good Maen all- looks like the sun is trying to peak through--for those in the US-- did any of you watch Primetime with Diane Sawyer last wed-- the show was about Randy Pausch a prof at Carnegie Mellon Institute who is dying of cancer--he has given what is title the "Last Lecture"-- it is More...
14/Apr/08 1:54 AM
Sue .. yes, it was a wonderful story.
14/Apr/08 2:04 AM
Sue, I saw him on Oprah's and it is a touching presentation.
Have a great Sunday for those who are a day behind like me.
14/Apr/08 2:07 AM
Still no meet with Mamacita. We have been in contact by email and voice mail but are having problems colliding. I will be calling her again this evening. So watch this space.
I am still coughing and spluttering but survived a family lunch even refusing alcohol..........
14/Apr/08 2:22 AM
World, just under the wire almost noon here
14/Apr/08 2:55 AM
Finally sat down to work the puzzles. Grocery shopping awaits
14/Apr/08 3:34 AM
Afternoon here in Alabama, and I am still a first pager? Members must be enjoying a fine, busy weekend.
14/Apr/08 3:35 AM
I think I saw a touch of snow in the brief mist we just had - I think it's a little late in the month to be having april fool's jokes played on us enjoy your day,
14/Apr/08 4:05 AM
Can I do it?
14/Apr/08 4:12 AM
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