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Easy Sudoku for 15/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Those are adorable puppies! But I can't seem to get under 4 minutes ~ oh well.
My time was pathetic, I'm super tired and the dog pic was probably cute if the resolution was better...
4:18 not bad for me. The 9's were a good place to start today. I think a lot of solving these is the ability to quickly visually scan the possibilities. Particularly at the easy level the solution is right there, it doesn't require much thought or logic. I frequently overlook an obvious solution.
terrible dogs....
Arrg! Matey! A 4:04
3:29 WOOT!
Those are calendar dogs! My mother had a calendar with those dogs in it... I am almost positive. But I love dogs so who cares? Have a great weekend everyone!
4:34. Slow, worth the wait for the pic. Arrrrr!
Actually saw the sun again today, or something that resembled it. It has been so long. Sun for Lisa's baby.
4:24...I got the picture! I keep getting the congrats box on all of them today, but no pics, so I dedided to come back, work them again in between laundry and see if I see the pics, and I did...cute pups. V from Oklahoma, nice to see a fellow Okie on the site! Cheers!
VERY bored @ work! We will see sunshine after 8 days of clouds and rain. Have a great weekend
1:58, waiting for my husband to get back from getting his hair cut so we can leave for camping. Thought I would try again starting with the 9's. Time now was better then before.
geez, my suduko grid is completely blank.
how does one do this when there are no starting #'s. hope this is a temporary glich. Will try again later
31:26 -- sidetracked, but better technique
Susan (Ingham), check out 'international date line' in wikipedia. Looks like Kiribati is first.
3.15,but it's 4.00 in the morning.What can I say?I'm a vampire who needs to get a life.Enjoy this site though,and feel like you guys are all in my lounge room.Clearer resolution on pictures would improve things,I think.Off to bed now.Oh,by the way,seven continents,I think.Ciao.
3:05--would have been faster, but i forgot a 3--left the square blank, and it took me a bit to figure out why i wasn't finished!
3:39...everyone loves golden retrievers! Susan, the 1st place to see sunlight in the US is near Quoddy Head State Park in eastern Maine...good luck Lisa
Lisa, I don't know who you are, but I didn't want to be the only one not wishing you lot of luck with your baby!!!
2.57 better than yesterday. Nice dogs. Lisa, a bouncy castle did it for me - perhaps a bouncy bed? Hope the baby pops out as quick and easy as possible when it does decide to 'pop'. Billy from Perth you are definately and worryingly strange.
4:12 I dont know who Lisa is either, but Good Luck!! Fuzzy Dogs! Yah!, its the weekend in 3 1/2 hours!!
I just love this puzzle 'SUDOKU' rocks!!!!
Forgot to time myself tho' Im going to print some up.
Thank you so very much!!
Btw congrats on infant :)
5:32 - I thought not bad for my first! By the way Susan from Ingham - the sun rises here first - Gisborne to be precise is the first place to see the sun!
Dogs, dogs amd more dogs. Bring back the 7/6 fee.
Postings from eight nations! I am counting all UK as one nation (please Scots, Welsh, and Irish don't freak out)and all USA as one nation (you Texans don't freak out), etc. Lots of states and provinces like WA, Scotland,Illinois, Alberta, etc; around 40 or so.
Here in Sunny Florida
My time 5:15
Temperature 86F (30C)
1945 GMT 14Oct2005
Just a beginner: 20:00; but pleased to see from you champs how far I can get!
3:46 hi all...it is 4:00pm on Friday and the sun just appeared for the 1st time all week...yeah!! have a great weekend
' '
5:08..getting better. btw, cute pic!
-i don't know Lisa either...but good luck!
Pirate Dogs...COOL!
2:23 with all the best wishes today for Lisa it has to inspire the baby to be born! good luck Lisa maybe this is it!
The front dog looks like he's laughing!
5:27 on sunny Fri
Billy from perth: self-flag.....sounds a little pervy...
I can't believe I found you.
Thank you for letting us all
join you.
4:17 Lovely dogs! have a good weekend!
Hi Everyone, 7:00 in the morning. I started at the 1's it took me 5:56, I have been down to 3:00 on others, how do you decide what number to start on?? Lisa is this your 1st pregnancy???
What time does the puzzle change?
Hi Susan Ingham. Where ever you are on the planet I guess, provided you are up early enough to witness it and on a clear morning. The exceptions of course are the Arctic Circle and Antarctica depending on the time of year.
Been doing the puzzles since the beginning, but this is the first time I've posted a comment. I feel like I'm getting to know you all. My times are not as good as some, but I did break the 5 minutes yesterday. It's 7.15am in a cloudy Sydney. Have a good day everyone, especially Lisa. Billy, now you just stop that...
inproving on time
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