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Easy Sudoku for 15/December/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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And speaking of desserts, we've been invited to attend a Christmas concert at the church of some friends at 6 pm, with dessert afterwards at our friends' house. So it looks like dessert will be dinner tonight since we had a big brunch at one pm and will not be hungry enough to eat an early dinner!!
15/Dec/08 8:25 AM
Jane, your uncle and husband show extraordinary finesse and discernment.....and your final comment proves that you too are worthy of them
15/Dec/08 8:39 AM
I have heard that there is an hotel somewhere in UK that holds Chocoholics Weekends. Three meals a day containing chocolate, chocolate based liquers, chocolate cooking lessons etc etc. Maybe we should hold a sudoku meeting there?
15/Dec/08 9:10 AM
OOohhh, GannieMo, when???
15/Dec/08 9:11 AM
Great idea, Mo! Sign me up!
Daplap - meant to tell you how much I enjoyed your wisdom re: beer drinking!
Been snowing here for hours now - it's just heavenly...and especially nice to be doing Christmas baking while watching it come down outside.
15/Dec/08 9:20 AM
Good morning my Sudoku friends,

I dont get much time to be on here anymore as the kids keep me very busy...

Taylah is off to school next year and Ethan is almost one and almost walking!!!

Paul and I announced our engagement on Friday, I was elected to our local council 2 More...
15/Dec/08 9:23 AM
Good morning all -
GMo and Mary - loved the discussion on desserts. Went out yesterday for a Christmas gathering with my sister, cousin and Aunt. All being chocoholics, we pored over the cake and dessert display and made our decisions before we sat down to order. Then we all ordered entree More...
15/Dec/08 9:23 AM
OK Worldly People--what have you done with my hubby and can I keep this one?

Took a refreshing two hour nap--woke up found hubby and girl gone, dishwasher empty, laundry started with an attempt on seperating the clothes, living room picked up and dinner in the preparation stage.
I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone
15/Dec/08 9:26 AM
I'm up for a chocoholics weekend! Bring it on!
15/Dec/08 9:27 AM
Wow Lauren - congrats on your election result and your engagement!!
And Ethan is walking and he's not yet a year old is he? If I remember correctly he was born in early January. All good news.
15/Dec/08 9:27 AM
GMo - count me in for the chocoholics weekend as well. Diet can start afterwards.
15/Dec/08 9:28 AM
He said no more, but expressed his resignation to cruel fate by a gesture. Anna Pavlovna meditated.
15/Dec/08 9:30 AM
Glinda - this story is disturbing me more and more. I've got to tell you my sympathies are with his children.
15/Dec/08 9:31 AM
I also have a tragic chocolate story. I have been gone for a while and during that while I had an oral proceedure done. I think the quack messed with chocolate bud. I have tried to get it back over and over and over again but atlas chocolate has not tasted good to me for some time now. I do eat More...
15/Dec/08 9:32 AM
It's complicated.
15/Dec/08 9:33 AM
Hey GannieMo, I'll be there CynB, is there any other way to order?
15/Dec/08 9:34 AM
Sorry - I forgot to add my chocolate smileys -
15/Dec/08 9:34 AM
Karen...sue him
15/Dec/08 9:35 AM
Okay Glinda - I'll persevere.
15/Dec/08 9:36 AM
Much as this may disturb Karen, I 'm off to that "food preparation room"!

Hi Lauren! Good to hear from you!

Have a good everyone!
15/Dec/08 9:37 AM
Oh! Maybe?
15/Dec/08 9:38 AM
Kathy and CynB, your avatars are against the Geneva Conventions...
15/Dec/08 9:38 AM
That will teach me! lol!
15/Dec/08 9:38 AM
Glinda, I'll preserve
15/Dec/08 9:39 AM
15/Dec/08 9:39 AM
Oh dear Kathy--is that room really supposed to be used? Please becareful there is lots of dangers in there. Grandma always told me not to play with hot things and never mess with sharp objects.

I listened to my Grandma.
15/Dec/08 9:42 AM
Lauren I am so glad you stopped by, when I left--which I still semi kept up with some of the goings on for a while Baby Ethan was having a little problem. So glad to hear is on his way of taking off. The girl took one step one day and has been running ever since--litterally.
15/Dec/08 9:45 AM
Mary exactly what are you going to preserve? A chocolate War and Peace?
15/Dec/08 9:45 AM
Lauren, lovely to hear all your news. My greetings for a lovely Christmas to you and Mum and families.
15/Dec/08 9:46 AM
Good morning all....lucky one who has snow....miss it very much at this tme of the year! it is already hot and hot in Brissie. I have to prepare a dish for party at work.... hope I can catch with you later.
15/Dec/08 10:43 AM

Count me in for the 'hocolates weekend' !!!
15/Dec/08 10:50 AM
I hope you get a good belly laugh from what I am about to tell you. I on the other hand have not recovered from the grossness of the situation.

You have heard me mention a time or two the girl. Well, said girl is growing tall and nothing is out of reach. If she cannot reach something More...
15/Dec/08 11:39 AM
Having trouble with the site posting - so hope this posts. Attempt #10

Congrats Lauren.
15/Dec/08 11:39 AM
all - U-tube still Dean Martin - "Let it Snow"

VV & Keith - sing along with Dean & enjoy the white stuff.

After the Friday/Saturday overnight & morning snowfall, it melted by late afternoon. Last night a light coating - so figured I could make More...
15/Dec/08 11:39 AM
It took over 2 hours to get that post to go through. Time to cut cranberies to bake the Orange, Cranberry, Nut Bread (8 loafs to bake).
15/Dec/08 11:46 AM
"Have you never thought of marrying your prodigal son Anatole?" she asked?
15/Dec/08 11:47 AM
. not ?
15/Dec/08 11:48 AM
Karen, at least she enjoyed them
15/Dec/08 11:51 AM
15/Dec/08 12:05 PM
Over the page we go.
15/Dec/08 12:14 PM
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