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Easy Sudoku for 15/April/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Rather than only blog puzzles from this site, I have decided to have a go at some other puzzles from elsewhere.

A series of 3 blog pages have been created for you perusal. A puzzle with the intimidating label, 'unsolvable', is the topic of these pages.

Hopefully, my attack of this More...
14/Apr/07 11:48 PM
2:25 I think this was last night's first photo.
Good evening everyone - I hope you are having a lovely weekend.
15/Apr/07 12:03 AM
a Hairy hill?
15/Apr/07 12:07 AM
Looks like someone left their wig on the beach.
15/Apr/07 12:08 AM
Good morning all. Back to grey skies. Hope it stays dry as I have things to do and places to go.
15/Apr/07 12:09 AM
Good morning world! Nature brings life where ever it can.
15/Apr/07 12:12 AM
Same picture I saw yesterday when there were all the snafus. 2:50 today.
15/Apr/07 12:13 AM
2.22 - Yesterday I was seeing friday's shots so these are new for me! Great pics showing nature's beauty.
15/Apr/07 12:21 AM
Quite bizarre really! Good change to see something of the drier parts of the U.S.
15/Apr/07 12:21 AM
There was a lot of nuclear testing around White Sands. Maybe it's a mushroom.
15/Apr/07 12:22 AM
15/Apr/07 12:23 AM
Funky hair-do!
15/Apr/07 12:25 AM
Wow a hairy pinnancle!
15/Apr/07 12:49 AM
New YouTube inspired by todays medium jigsaw...
If I Had A Million Dollars, Bare naked Ladies singing to a homemade video someone produced.
15/Apr/07 12:52 AM
New Youtube at my place, for my generation - the one and only..... both singer and song. I dare you not to tap your feet and sing along.
15/Apr/07 12:56 AM
Mo: I heard Buddy Holly but I couldn't hear ant crickets!
15/Apr/07 1:10 AM
ant = any.
15/Apr/07 1:21 AM
Just wanted to thank you for this site. I can only guess how much work you have put into it.

My husband had written a stock simulation game that had over a thousand players at one time. He had to take it down due to his work schedule.

Again, thanks. All of your work and effort is appreciated.
15/Apr/07 1:23 AM
2:25 Rainy and ugly down here, but I like that!!
15/Apr/07 1:32 AM
I hope you also emailed that to him as I don't think he reads many comments on site.
Nice sentiments.
15/Apr/07 1:36 AM
to all. Looks like it could be an Air-Fern?
15/Apr/07 1:41 AM
Good Morning all. May you have a great day/night where ever you may be. Just touching base to see if things are in working order today and all seems well. Thanks Gath.
15/Apr/07 1:47 AM
Debby: Think you may be right. I've seen air ferns happily growing on telephone wires in that area. They just need someting to cling to..
15/Apr/07 1:49 AM
This is my second comment today, the first being one to check and see if things were in working order and to thank Gath for all of his hard work....then it dissappeared on me...lol. Thats okay Gath, I know you worked hard anyway. Sully and I will be out celebrating our 51st today, so I changed the More...
15/Apr/07 1:54 AM
Hello, I've seen nothing like it that size.
15/Apr/07 2:02 AM
Happy Anniversary Mamacita and Sully! What a wonderful day for you both!
15/Apr/07 2:03 AM
Have a GREAT day, MAMA and SULLY!! He must be quite man to hold onto a hot and sultry chick like you for all of these years! What's on your agenda? XOXO
15/Apr/07 2:08 AM
Happy 51st Wedding Anniversary Mamacita and Sully.
Have a great day
15/Apr/07 2:12 AM
Strange picture.

Have a wonderful Anniversary, Mamacita.
15/Apr/07 2:13 AM

Way past my Bedtime
15/Apr/07 2:16 AM
G'night, ROLA! Sleep tight! XO
15/Apr/07 2:21 AM
Happy 51st Mamacita and Sully! Here's to many more!
15/Apr/07 2:49 AM
2:45 Hi to all. Interesting photo. Anne/v my page later.. just for you.

Thought for the Day:

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.
15/Apr/07 2:56 AM
Have a wonderful day Mamacita and Sully, that is a long, long time.. xxx
15/Apr/07 2:57 AM
Happy Anniversary to Mamacita and Sully!
About the picture -- 'Bad Hair Day'
15/Apr/07 3:04 AM
Is anyone else having problems with the comments again on medium etc?
15/Apr/07 3:28 AM
Just a test. Has it disappeared again?
15/Apr/07 3:36 AM
Which one of you yankees blew the site up this time?
15/Apr/07 3:41 AM
Am I the only one who didn't go out and party last night?
15/Apr/07 3:49 AM
Lived in White Sands in the 50s. Still kicking thru all the radiation my baby body absorbed. So far, anyway.

B in Dallas
15/Apr/07 3:55 AM
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