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Easy Sudoku for 15/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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The male retirement age is 65 in Australia now. And the Government HAS reformed the system. That is why employers have to pay into super schemes for all employees. The theory is that eventually everyone will be a self funded retiree. That is the theroy. The practicallity of it is vastly different. More...
welcome, cat. Anyone can comment here. And please visit the chatroom, too!
average time: 3:27
nice photo of fellow player.
Welcome Cat!!
Very many happys to both Lindas and to Nurn's son Johnny, and hope all the Mums out there had a lovely day!
We had a goodly drop of rain overnight, and it is still grey out so hope we get some more!!

Good Maen to all!
But if you are a low income worker whose just started work like me the money the superannuation companies charge in fees is higher than the interest so my super is going nowhere. Just as well they have to discount the difference or it would be going backwards.
My father in law was in hospital (aged 81) and suffering from multiple organ failure. They said they wouldn't put him in IC due to dementia. I had to insist that under normal circumstances he had all his faculties. They did put him in IC to discover he was bleeding internally. He received More...
2.01 - Happy Mothers Day for yesterday (& today). My 2 boys gave me some lovely tacky presents from the Mothers Day stall at their school & creche & my hubbie gave me breakfast in bed, then we had lunch @ his mum's & tea @ my mum's. Great day overall.

Welcome Cat.
Does any-one know how Sophie Delizio got hit on the crossing while she was in a pram? Did the brakes fail on a car,or was the driver drunk,or did whoever was pushing her just go straight on to the crossing without checking traffic. I heard it was a dangerous crossing but never heard anymore. At least she is recovering.
The presents I get from my kids mean so much to me, whether it is some beautiful piece of art they have made them self or some tacky gift they have bought from a mothers day stall. My 9 year old boy took the $8 he had saved up and bought me some sun tanning lotion (he thought it was hand cream) and More...
Verdi-I believe it was an elderly man who hit her, not sure if the brakes failed or he just lost control.
After every flight, Qantas pilots fill out a form, called a 'gripe sheet,' which tells mechanics about problems with the aircraft. The mechanics correct the problems; document their repairs on the form, and then pilots review the gripe sheets before the next flight. Never let it be said that More...
The sun was in his eyes and hadnt seen any one on the crossing so as a result didnt stop. The poor girl. To have been hurt by two different cars, to different people in two different spots and only just turned 5 or 6. The annoying thing is that they were both ederly
No offence to all u oldies. lol.
oh Lisa Lisa, button down the hatches !!
that should read batten !!!
That should have read to Lisa - old age is a bugger !! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
You are right also Mark. The Insurance Companies (Super) have managed to turn this into an incredibly big industry with little payoffs for the investor (us), but massive payouts for the managers. Before the Governments made the changes, Superannuation was a good investment with big tax advantages. But it ain't anymore!
Oh, unless you happen to be a politician, serviceman, Insurance Company employee or a bank manager. Then super is a good'n
Jeez, Lisa, I am glad YOU said that
4:05 Happy Mother's Day to all it applies to- including those dads who are raising their kids alone.
I think all you people who don't agree with me should get over themselves. I get very hurt when this happens.
wouldn't that be covered by Father's Day ?
Sorry, but I couldn't agree with you MORE Debs.
SOME people just don't seem to understand how hurt and angry I get when I read something they post that I don't agree with. Those people should GET A LIFE.
3:16 Maen to all

Are you familiar with our very own Aussie Princess Mary ?? I mean familiar in the 'nicest' possible way.
Nah, wrong Debmark
Life is here. Wish you were beautiful
Raise driving licence, drinking and voting age back to 21.

Mandatory medicals for MDL at 60 and mandatory disqualification of MDL at 65.
This would keep most of the young idiots in high-powered cars and most of the old farts in caravans off the road where they have been and are creating More...
Thank you Jo and Lisa. There is something to be said for checking that the traffic has stopped before crossing though. I learned the hard way and it was also by an elderly man that I got hit. Lucky for me he wasn't going fast.
Forgot to note my time. mAen all and Happy Mother's Day to the mums on the other side of the world. I had a lovely day. Hubby cooked breakfast, my daughter and her boyfriend took me and his mum for coffee and we were able to pick free Lavender flowers at the Lavender Farm where we haqd coffe. My More...
Buzz - can't agree with the mandatory disqualification at 65. Mum's 64 - how would she get to my place to babysit !!!!!!!! But she doesn't have to BYO her own caravan to do it - I provide tea and coffee making facilities
What is MDL? Agree with you about voting and drinking age but maybe keep driving age down that way they will have a couple of years driving under their belt before drinking starts. Don't drink myself saw too much of it's effects as a kid. No V8s til 21 maybe? What about the old guys who drive 80 in a 100 zone,60 in the 80 and 40 in the 60. As bad as caravans.
Gawd Beehive, talk about taking the fun out of life. Shouldn't ther be something in there about no fun until you are 40 or after you are 45???
It has never failed to amaze me the way mothers push their infants, often two of them, onto a crosswalk.It doesn't seem to occur to them that the pram will get hit first, and it might be a good idea to check that the vehicle is going to stop.They also do this behind cars that are backing into a More...
A very slow 4:24 today. Must be because my brain is frozen solid - like the weather here in New Zealand..!
worked out MDL, but 65 is a bit young definately before 80 for sure
Mandatory Disqualification at 65. How the hell do you think I would get to work ? I'm certainly too old to sit in all weathers waiting for a bus. I don't have the time either. You can certainly see who doesn't work anymore with a comment like that !!
Mark - I agree with your sentiments about slow drivers, (mostly oldies). Nah, when the oldies retire at 65, then a lot of them get vans and go touring causing lots of problems and near misses and frustration on the roads.
Col - wots wrong with pulic transport?
Baz - I didnt say no merlot!
Forget the oldies and youngies...it's the mothers who are the hazardous ones with their distracting yabbering, moaning, squabbling cargo.
I should know, I'm a mother of 4!!
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