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Easy Sudoku for 15/August/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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15/Aug/16 12:05 AM
Attention all. If you haven't seen Anne's pictures of her African holiday, you are missing some fantastic scenes.
15/Aug/16 12:08 AM
Been arranging my medicines for next week. It takes hours there are so many!
15/Aug/16 12:15 AM
1:50 Good night one and all!

Thank you, Hal!
15/Aug/16 12:44 AM
15/Aug/16 1:14 AM
I survived the Obon street dances with my dignity intact!! And I get to do it again tonight!
15/Aug/16 1:14 AM
This time my family will be able to come and enjoy the festival with me!
15/Aug/16 1:15 AM
15/Aug/16 1:15 AM
don't know I could possibly touch the icon for the umbrella! Didn't mean to. Oh well, CP!!
15/Aug/16 1:16 AM
It was hot last night but more people came than last year. At the start of the dances we barely moved! I kept apologizing to all the dancers next to me for accidentally hitting them with my out stretched hands trying to do the movements! We had people all over southern California and even some as far as Sacramento 400 miles (approximately 644 kilometers) away!
15/Aug/16 1:20 AM
🌞 movie day for me - and a trip to the library!
15/Aug/16 1:34 AM
Happy Sunday!
15/Aug/16 2:13 AM
I must add my name to the list of folks who find Anne's photos, fantastic. Captions are good, too!
15/Aug/16 2:14 AM
Good morning.
15/Aug/16 2:54 AM
I haven't had a look at Anne's photos yet but will do next.
15/Aug/16 2:55 AM
It's a bit chilly here.
15/Aug/16 2:56 AM
14C (57F) inside and -2C (28F) outside
15/Aug/16 2:59 AM
I could turn the heating on, but I am well rugged up so I'll leave it a while.
15/Aug/16 3:00 AM
I've been to see Anne's photos - they're stunning.
15/Aug/16 3:13 AM

Anne's photos certainly make me want to take that trip. Gorgeous!
15/Aug/16 3:18 AM
Our thermometer on the porch was reading 108° when I last looked. Am I going outside today? That would be a ''NO!''. Although, I did put some water out for the birds. I find myself changing it every hour or so to keep it relatively cool.
15/Aug/16 3:25 AM
I've always been amazed that a small insect like a spider, could make these beautiful, and intricate webs.
15/Aug/16 3:59 AM
Good afternoon to all! Spider webs are nice to look at in their place, but not inside my home.
15/Aug/16 4:11 AM
Two Canadians in a row. Cool!
15/Aug/16 4:11 AM
Morning all, I agree Greg they are best in the bush.
Watching the golf in Rio .
15/Aug/16 4:39 AM
15/Aug/16 4:49 AM
Anne, your pictures are wonderful. Makes me want to take a trip there.
15/Aug/16 4:49 AM
Congratulations Justin Rose ,gold for Britain.
15/Aug/16 4:50 AM
Sunny today.
Rained a lot yesterday, but we really needed the rain. We've been pulling weeds all afternoon since it's much easier to pull them after a rain.
Weeds seem to grow so much better in dry conditions than flowers or grass.
15/Aug/16 5:32 AM
It was Summerfest this weekend... Of course, this was the only rain we've had for weeks!
15/Aug/16 5:34 AM

Great photos of your South African trip Anne Thankyou for sharing your amazing adventure
15/Aug/16 6:29 AM
1:25. Good morning everyone.
15/Aug/16 7:24 AM
How did your run go Chris?
15/Aug/16 7:45 AM
Greta photos Anne.
15/Aug/16 9:25 AM
Great, I meant great!
15/Aug/16 9:26 AM
We no wat yu maent Peter.
15/Aug/16 10:03 AM
I'm still amazed at Anne's picture of the bridge/waterfall. I keep going back to it.
15/Aug/16 10:08 AM
Hmmm. Nearing the bottom of the page.
15/Aug/16 10:09 AM
This close...
15/Aug/16 10:10 AM
Might as well...
15/Aug/16 10:11 AM
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