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Easy Sudoku for 15/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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howdy again yall,,,

i'm reading along and laughin, yall are fun,,, lol


oh did anyone see the post i put in about the dog picture that's a must see ?
Topaz, its such a shame that for drought to break we have to say goodbye to this blissfully warm weather for a bit longer. However, I'm with you, let it rain.
Don't pick on us, KEITH! Once we are fully assembled, trained, and armed (and had pedicures and a good night's beauty sleep), we are coming after you guys!

Hm-m ... I thought ''/'' was an ''and/or'' situation ...
Judy, yep you're right, it is an ''and / or '' thing for the ''SAW''

been years since I checked in to see that the same old saddos are still waffling on about the weather n thinkin they are interesting. Does everyone go on the vino at this hour or are you all being normal. Baz do you actually move from you computer- like ever
CANUK GREG - what's this, off to play bowls. Are you having a 'sickie' from work or do you play in the evening. I believe that it's still played here in Albany but I've only ever played about twice in my life and enjoyed it.
ok I know that I am just a pathetic old crank....but hey...look at the people I am talking to. Why are there so few supporting members???
KEITH: Yesterday you asked if anybody was aware of similar sets of statues (cows) in other cities. Well, not similar sets of statues but certainly a unique cow statue. This statue is at the Docklands precinct in Melbourne, Australia http://www.docklands.com/docklands/visit/urbanart/cowupatree .shtml

Looked like you all had fun last night
ok people. Just ignore. Marie always gets bored and goes away. The thing is I just don't understand why she gets bored.....she always gets everyone to run away to private chat rooms and have even more FUN. Do you think she is right and we are the saddos. Lets have an open debate on this...well we have nothing better to do. Have we? OOPS a senior moment.
Good Maen all. Personally, I haven't had a bath for years - bubble or otherwise!!
Marie from Mars. You obviously didn't look too far or hard. Go away again.
i usually take showers, but baths are good sometimes to soak in hot water and relax the body,

and to those who are feeling grouchy, maybe you need to go soak in a hot tub of water and relax,,,,

Do your families know that THIS is your idea of fun.... if so ...you deserve better. Even though you do my head in, I would dis-inherit the selfidh yobs. Remember my poor ankle...it was the only reason I was here..Boy! get whatever is wrong with you, get it fixed. You all need to get out more....seriously.

I dunno, Baz, I think Marie has a point. So does Michael. Did you know that the reason Hitler delayed marrying Eva was that she spent too much time in chatrooms, talking about animal rights?
just thinking about it!!!! WOW no bath in years...do we need to share this kind of information. What about inner cleansing. A lot of people around here could do with that. To the others, I would say.....ask the nurse to give you a wee treat...or should that be threat. Depends on where your AR.. is.
To HazelNutCoffee, you are so right about baths but I never seem to have the time to lounge about relaxing in a bath. Which begs the question, how is it that as I've got older, my life seems to have got busier and busier? And time goes faster and faster? I've never been able to work this one out.
Would rather have the anime....Guess that is what I get when I miss a couple of days.....
I have no I dea what that last post from Marie is about. I don't know whether to be miffed, amused or bored! I would like to ignore her, but I just can't.
Jaz, I went and looked at the cow in the tree. Quite something, as is the story behind it. It got me to looking for a site with the pictures of statues in Santa Rosa, Charles Schultz home town. He was the creator of the Peanuts cartoon series. This summer the statues are all of Woodstock, and you More...
That last post under my name was NOT from me!!! I guess imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery! At least my alter ego is a decent speller!
I know why there are so few supporting members. There are 2 main reasons.
1. Too lazy to sign in
2. Too tight to cough up the AUD15 to become a supporting member.
i want to know who used my name and location to say this ????????

'''HazelNutCoffee From Texas
just thinking about it!!!! WOW no bath in years...do we need to share this kind of information. What about inner cleansing. A lot of people around here could do with that. To the others, I More...
One last time, thanks to everybody that commented about the statues. I think they are so much fun.
Baz, it looks like you are Billy no Mates. Well, nothing has changed there i guess. I see that this is still as good as it gets...so I think I'll hit the sack - and dream on baby. So now. No need to go whingin to the wizard of Oz. Poor old Gath has enough to do getting the support in and maintaining his lifestyle on the few bob he earns from your support!!!!
Judy, i see that i wasn't the only one it was done to now, but still that ain't right, and hopefully the person doing it will stop !

Judy and Aleia, I'm sorry it has happened to you, but you've just got to let it go, since there isn't much you can do about it anyway. It is pretty easy to tell it isn't you anyway, since you are not mean.

Now this is more like it.

Keith, ty, and you are right, it's just that i'm so new to here i didn't think anyone would stoop to doing such childish stuff,

If you don't want to be aped or used and abused just become a supporting member...No i am not on commission from Gath...he does not do commission. He wants it all to go to the poor...did you not know thar! Just as we are beginning to have fun...some holy Joe will report this and Gath will not More...
Ah hah! The plot sickens! They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. At least our alter ego is a somewhat good speller! And from the expressions used, it is definitely an Aussie ... No worries, ALEIA ...
Good Maen everyone
Beautiful Spring Day here in Perth today expected temp of 27C.

Very good, Ian, but you've got to study the styles of the individuals here a bit more to be credible. Besides, you're a great deal more entertaining than most of the pests, excuse me, posts today.
And I doubt that last comment was from Ian ... too many spelling and grammatical errors!
Rola go away with the bl..dy weather report...we are havin a bit of craic here fro a change from Holy Joes
To those that are interested, as a mother my previlage to brag!!!!
My boy, Robert is on the Vice Chancellor's List at Uni for the 4th time. He received the certificate in the mail this week.
To check what this means go to http://vclist.curtin.edu.au/about_vclist.html
You mentioned moving from Boston a while back, Ian. Is it to Maine? When is that happening?
Aleia. How are you. Welcome to Sudokuland. I've enjoyed your comments over the last few days.

Cool, now we have people chastising themselves, there is soooo much impersonation going on. Is that me I am talking to?
Rola, congratulate him for me. Well done.
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