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Easy Sudoku for 16/November/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Turn it over?!
16/Nov/07 4:45 AM
Now I can work the puzzle and then get back to PAPERS!
16/Nov/07 4:46 AM
I must have run everybody off!
16/Nov/07 4:49 AM
One last post - we just had a program at school that lasted about 1.5 hours. A program to promote not drinking and driving. We had several speakers that had been directly impacted by drunk drivers - one of our math teachers whose father was killed while on duty as a policeman 32 years ago, a More...
16/Nov/07 4:52 AM
Nancy - thanks for info. Also if you have a National Guard Armory neary you. You can stop and ask if they have anyone of their units serving in Afganistan, Iraq or elsewhere. They will be glad to take gift donations for their local guys or point you to where they are packaging them up. Last More...
16/Nov/07 4:58 AM
I hope they remember and act responsibly, Jamie.
I have a friend whose son was killed by a drunk driver. It's a nightmare from which you never recover. Easily avoided if these kids (and adults)would think of the impact their actions could have on others! Glad to see your school stepping up!
16/Nov/07 5:00 AM
Shelley, I tend to agree with you that this is a needlepoint.
Appy, thanks for the grin, this afternoon.
Nancy, thanks for posting that info, I've gone there directed from other sites, and it only takes a minute, and means a lot.
Everybody, hope your day is going well for you and as you had planned.
16/Nov/07 5:04 AM
Kathy - that is all we can hope - is that they act responsibly. No hope they won't be places things are going on - I would LOVE to have a student call me and ask for a ride home. We have had several losses over the years of our students.
This is the third time we have run this program, every More...
16/Nov/07 5:05 AM
Kathy - The Lego Church is amazing. A lot of work went into it. I wonder how large it is.
16/Nov/07 5:14 AM
Off to meetings for the rest of the day.
16/Nov/07 5:14 AM
Ha Ha Ha everyone!
How do they do that? I could NEVER make something like that out of Legos. Probably not even if I had step-by-step instructions...
16/Nov/07 5:33 AM
I know this leggo guy. He is standing in Downtown Disney in Orlando Florida.
16/Nov/07 5:33 AM
Ho! Ho! Ho!...can you believe it Mildred?... Dave has actually changed his
Take a look, it is a video of the Perito Moreno Glacier breaking apart which it does every four years and people come from all over to witness it. Then Google it to learn more...Enjoy
16/Nov/07 5:53 AM
That's awesome, Dave! I would love to see it in person. It's interesting that it advances at the same rate the ice breaks off.
16/Nov/07 6:11 AM
Today is really a gray day, weather-wise, but G'Day anyway....May a smile brighten your world!
Ap, you help bring brightness with you comments...yesterday and today's comments certainly gave me a chuckle or two. Keep em coming!
Cathy, Have a blast with your hubby tonight!
16/Nov/07 7:00 AM
To all of the recent newbies, and I echo Eve's hope that more of you join in the fun...Would love to get to know you
Nancy, Thanks for the post, I'll certainly use it.
Jamie, good to see you more often now that you have the new hook-up. Cheers to your school More...
16/Nov/07 7:06 AM
Dave, When you make a change in U-Tubes, you do it well....The glacier breaking apart is photography capturing Mother-Nature doing her thing is spectacular fashion....and speaking of great pics, your sunset is also fabulous....wildfires do so much damage, but certainly add to the beauty of a sunset! Thanks
16/Nov/07 7:11 AM
and.... belatedly to Jim, Taylah and Emily....hope it was a memoriable day for all. Sure sounds like it was for Taylah, and I can only assume Emilyand Jim's was celebrated with love and fun.
16/Nov/07 7:16 AM
Now for my cp status I will correct the typo in my last comment, memorible=memorable,if there are any other typos, so be it!
16/Nov/07 7:20 AM
2:17, a little slow this morning.
16/Nov/07 7:53 AM
16/Nov/07 8:06 AM
Good afternoon to all! We had this "photo" over a year ago. I believe we determined it was a photo image of a Leggo man.
16/Nov/07 8:14 AM

I know that there is no one on this site who clearly remembers 1968, as we are all too young! Give a listen to The Seekers performing "I Know I'll Never Find Another You."
The sad thing about todays song is that it's from the groups final concert in London, England.
16/Nov/07 8:17 AM
Looks like I missed Tayla's and Emily's birthday yesterday. I'm so sorry young ladies, but my warmest BELATED happy birthday wishes to both of you!
16/Nov/07 8:22 AM
2.23 Lego Man is very clever work
16/Nov/07 8:43 AM
The Missosukee tribe here in Florida have a unique ally guarding their property. One of those properties is a casino, located deep within the Everglades ecosystem, although on reservation land and not in the National Park. It seems a man had come from nearby Miami to steal from the parked cars of More...
16/Nov/07 9:02 AM
16/Nov/07 9:22 AM
Does anybody know where to find codes for music videos on youtube????
16/Nov/07 9:42 AM
Good Maen to all, thanks for all the comments and pressies.
16/Nov/07 10:16 AM
CG - thanks for the youtube (even though I can't listen to it here at work - the sound on my computer has gone dead!). And your memory is obviously as good as the rest of us that "can't" remember 1968. ha ha
16/Nov/07 10:17 AM
Hello to you Broni, and good to see you on the chat page. Hope you enjoy your self here, and again, welcome.
16/Nov/07 10:32 AM
cheezemonkeylover01 From Sydney: Sent you instructions. Check your inbox on your page.
16/Nov/07 10:55 AM
16/Nov/07 10:58 AM
2:36 Good morning everyone. Now back to the cleaning. Ho hum.
16/Nov/07 11:07 AM
Too bad they killed the alligator, Jim. The guy had invaded his territory, and the gator was doing what comes naturally. What, this sterling character couldn't read?

Hi Broni! Glad to see you posting!
16/Nov/07 11:15 AM
Bit quiet today. I'm just goofing off waiting for a load of washing to finish so I can go and hang it out before I head to work for an extra shift.
16/Nov/07 12:05 PM
Does anyone know where the Lego Land, or Lego World (or whatever it is called) is? It is my understanding that they have a place you can visit (maybe their headquarters) and see all their "sculptures"
16/Nov/07 12:10 PM
Haven't looked at the youtube yet, CG - but if it was recorded at the huge concert at the Sidney Nyer Music Bowl in Melbourne - I was there. A mere baby-in-arms of course (well, I was 13!). I still absolutely love The Seekers' music, and drive the family nuts by singing along to it whenever I hear it (and wherever, which can be embarassing for them!).
16/Nov/07 12:13 PM
Kristen - we visited a Legoland (a theme park?) near San Diego back in 1999 when it had just opened. Also went to a place in Holland, but think there are some other places in Europe.
16/Nov/07 12:15 PM
16/Nov/07 12:24 PM
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