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Easy Sudoku for 16/February/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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catherine From France,Th:
Good maEn to you.
No, my daughter and my nephew have conceded to my beggings/nagging and let me have the computer for some time today. One or the other,sometimes with their friends ,are using it all the time when I am free.
Good morning from the Windy City, which isn't so windy lately and was 50 degrees yesterday. I've been enjoying everyone's comments on here. I MUST be doing something terribly wrong. How is it possible to finish these puzzles in under 3 minutes. Today I worked 'fast' and - are you ready for this? - More...
Same here medium seems to be easier that easy lol
Good Maen to all. I don't generally post my time because it's so slow, but I'm improving all the time! I agree that lately the mediums seem easier than the easy!
Welcome back sweta!
Good Maen to all. Waiting for the snow to come visit. I would rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotomy!!
Ok....is it my imagination? Is Gaff making this easy and bit harder these days? G'Maen all! We are actually getting some cool weather.
7:55 - I do believe that the easy puzzles have become much harder this week! I like that!

Cute puppy!
sweta, Good Maen, how wonderful to have you back, we missed you.
Good Maen, all!
Sweta--happy to see you! We missed you!

Rain in today's forecast (I know, I know, 'It Never Rains in Southern California'...), but my daffodils are starting to bloom!!!

And I made Lemon Bars from my very own lemons off the tree and shared with family and coworkers.

Good Maen Sweta, we've missed you too, and a-one, I haven't left. Diane from Sydney, uncheck the 'Allow Incorrect Moves' button under the puzzle, and you won't get the red flashing if you make an error. Julie and Col, thanks for the info re Tasmania. I'll google those places, but they all sound great. Bike riding down Mt Wellington sounds like fun, as long as I don't have to ride up it again!!!!!
New to this puzzle-- so what are the ground rules on times? I mean, are y'all using the 'allow incorrect moves' and 'automatically remove possibilities' buttons or what?
Either way, my beginner times are so slow, I'm just in it for the fun....
4:36 still slower than usual.
Col, you said that it was cold when you went there in winter, well it's going to be cold for us there in summer. I checked out the temperatures, 16-21/60-70, and coming from a North Queensland summer, that will be a real shock to us! We set our airconditioners to 25/77, but if it gets down to 16 on a winter morning, we get the heater out!!
Good Maen all, especially Sweta! Welcome back sweetie Sweta!
Do u think Dick Cheney could help solve this puzzle?
Everything would have been ok if he had a gun licence!!
Good Maen to one and all. Cute puppy.

Kathleen, welcome to sudokuland. You can play anyway you would like. I am in it for the fun too. Have a good day!
Please don't leave us for the chatroom! There's a whole new set of regulars here, and given the time you'll get to know them every bit as well as you knew the exes. They're lots of fun but you've got to watch out for Baz who's very handy with a spoon.
1:57 - Good Maen to all. Cute husky! I wish my dog were so quiet and patient.
Morning suzanne, stay late last night? I checked back later but everyone was gone, just as well, needed to get my beauty sleep anyway, are you getting lots of snow today?
hi sweta hope your daughter's project is completed.what is she doing?is she a professional student?
looked like i was the only soul from this part of the world who frequented here,apart from one mimi.good to have you back.cheers .
Mart from Ketucky
I think yall are right, the 'easy' are harder this week, I know it takes me longer.
Good mAen everyone!
One thing I don't understand: every time I think about entering the chatroom (I've never been in one before), I always get:
'there are currently 0 users in the chatroom'.
Seems no one is ever using it...
Sweta, so nice to hear your voice return.
Good Maen to everyone.
4:49 - Was moving along nicely putting in the numbers and then hit those pesky center boxes and had to start counting on my toes again.
Another glorious day in the great Southwest USA. It should be 75 F or so today.
Love the sleeping dog. Dreaming of the next big adventure.
I like this 'community' of people who post comments -- all so kind and from so many places around the world. Lets me travel without paying the airfare!
Hope Valentines's Day was good for all.
Now, gotta work :-(
Kathleen, Welcome, I agree just enjoy, and comment all you want. We can always use another nice person. Or an other Baz.

Olympic update- Ted Ligety
Travis Mayer
5:20 Having a 'lost the plot moment' Hi to all and to Sweta. And Ted it is great to see your wit here again and i have so many taps for you all saved up in a box :)

Thought for the Day:

I am lost. I have gone to find myself, if I should return before I get back, please ask me to wait!
5:58. Good Maen...I finally know what that means. I thought I was really out of the loop on the newest international greeting. Anybody else nursing a chocolate hangover. I think my kids are still on a sugar high-should be a fun day!
Another thought of the day.....Keep your eyes, ears, heart, and mind wide open for the endless opportunities to express gratitude.

Now I must go off and find myself and be more productive...See you all later in the day. When I return, please ask me to wait, for I am not lost.

Good Maen everyone. WOW! hard one today. 7:21. yuck. waiting for the snow to fly. 10+ inches in my neck of the woods ready to start tonight. Keep the jokes coming...I enjoy them.
Q: Why should blondes not be given coffee breaks?
A: It takes too long to retrain them.

Q1 How can you tell if a blonde's been using the computer?
A: There's white-out on the screen.
Q2: How can you tell if another blonde's been using the computer?
A: There's writing on the white-out.
Q: Do you know why the blonde got fired from the M&M factory?
A: For throwing out the W's.

Q: What do you call a blonde in a tree with a brief case?
A: Branch Manager.
Angie, where are you in WI? Our forcast is for 10+ inches also, so you must be in the same band I am. I am in Winona, MN
I'm about an hour outside of Green Bay. Can imagine school will be called off tomorrow. That means my 3 kids and also half the neighborhood. Us stay at home moms always get suckered into snow days! Any good ideas on how to keep 10 kids, ages ranging 2-8, busy on a cold snowy day. Looks like I'll be baking some cupcakes!
Good luck tomorrow Angie! Better you than me, I only have one left in school and she is 17 so she will sleep till noon if no school!

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