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Easy Sudoku for 16/March/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good mAen all.
My leprechaun name is Fluffernutter O'Neil!
16/Mar/10 1:36 PM
And top of the page to y'all!
16/Mar/10 1:37 PM
My Leprechaun name is:- Five Finger Discount O'Reilly! Not quite sure what that all means. Must be something to do with my Irish grandmother.
16/Mar/10 1:46 PM
Mine : Bonzi O'Donnell
16/Mar/10 1:47 PM
That name has a better ring to it than mine.
16/Mar/10 1:56 PM
I was just trying something new but I don't think I've done it right.
16/Mar/10 2:00 PM
16/Mar/10 2:01 PM
Five Fingers hmmmm.. so what criminal activities was your Irish Grandmother into then!!

Bonzi : Sounds very aussie.. good thing too as not a drop of Irish Blood in my veins.
Now my children they do have Irish/ Scottish, as well as the Dutch...
16/Mar/10 2:02 PM
It wasn't me! It wasn't me!
16/Mar/10 2:02 PM
I think the Leprechaun are playing games with us.. our names have disappeared again !!
16/Mar/10 2:03 PM
I didn't do it, promise I didn't!
16/Mar/10 2:05 PM
Oh! Cool! I bet we know most of us anyway without our names!
I didn't want to type in my real name on that site and my Leprechaun name starts with "Bad"!!!!! It KNEW!!!
16/Mar/10 2:12 PM
--- --- --- ---
I just finished a painting (Yippee!!!) and off to bed I go or I won't be able to get up in time to give my cat his insulin on time!
16/Mar/10 2:15 PM
Good night Sheila!
16/Mar/10 2:21 PM
I'm sure I typed Shiela. Getting senile!!
16/Mar/10 2:21 PM
So, even pages are anonymous..?
16/Mar/10 2:38 PM
Hehe - who am I??
16/Mar/10 3:04 PM
OoooH - now we've got avatars, but no names or froms, and no words either. The leprechauns are definitely making mischief.
16/Mar/10 3:05 PM
But only on even pages!
16/Mar/10 3:06 PM
What Jim, as in the same as the members, you mean?
16/Mar/10 3:10 PM
Just hopping in to see how things are going!
16/Mar/10 3:12 PM
16/Mar/10 3:16 PM
Oh, we have now got our comments back! Thanks Gath.
16/Mar/10 3:18 PM
OK, So I take an extended vacation from the site and when I come back someone has broken it.
16/Mar/10 3:38 PM
Hmmm, Guess who said what.
16/Mar/10 3:39 PM
I missed the page being broke before
16/Mar/10 4:07 PM
Have to go see what my Leprechaun name is.
16/Mar/10 4:08 PM
I am Moneybags O'Grady
16/Mar/10 4:11 PM
Back again. Hi CP thanks for the message. My own little page is still there. Just went back to it and noted last usage 2007. My oh my, where did the time go to? I could have sworn it was only a year ago. Lots of names have changed but judging by the comments, still my type of regular whackos, lol. Thanks Gath for not obliterating me from the site in my absence!
16/Mar/10 4:38 PM
Gremlins in the works I see.
16/Mar/10 6:11 PM
I wonder anyone will recognize me!!
16/Mar/10 7:14 PM
That's indeed fun...
16/Mar/10 7:15 PM
So it's officially a 'from's' day here in sudokuland I guess.
16/Mar/10 7:18 PM
.....and the 'from's are back!

Sorry it took so long, busy day .

Thanks also to the people that emailed me to let me know of the problem.

16/Mar/10 7:27 PM
16/Mar/10 8:01 PM
Found out my leprechaun name....Five Finger Discount O'Brannigan. I see that you have had some more fun with things missing while I've been away. LOL
16/Mar/10 8:01 PM
And it seems that I'm married to Fluffernutter O'Brannigan .LOL My favorite shows are coming on TV. Bye
16/Mar/10 8:09 PM
I agree with Judy's earlier comment - it was funner before!
16/Mar/10 8:25 PM
At least while there were only avatars visible, nobody could make rude comments, get upset - you just had to smile at the silliness of it!
16/Mar/10 8:27 PM
Mr P is watching his favourite program - Top Gear. I can't stand it, it's too silly for words!!!
16/Mar/10 8:28 PM
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