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Easy Sudoku for 16/June/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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A good way to start the day one might say!
16/Jun/18 12:00 AM
16/Jun/18 12:01 AM
'The calla lilies are in bloom again.'
16/Jun/18 12:14 AM
Everybody!! Leaving Newport, OR this morning. Back to home! Enjoying trip, but as usual miss my bed!
16/Jun/18 12:31 AM
DotCom - Wow! I can almost hear Katherine Hepburn voice!
16/Jun/18 12:36 AM
Good morning all - can that be a photo? It looks to be an exquisite painting!
16/Jun/18 12:46 AM
16/Jun/18 2:16 AM
16/Jun/18 2:17 AM

Such a delicate violet.
16/Jun/18 2:35 AM
We have gorgeous weather here today. High will barely make 80 F. But add another 10 to 20 degrees starting tomorrow for a few day - ugh!

16/Jun/18 3:14 AM
Happy Fathers Day this Sunday to those celebrating.
I'm grilling a turkey and pineapple to have a special meal for my brother whose kids don't live in the area.
16/Jun/18 3:15 AM
Beautiful Calla lily photo.
16/Jun/18 3:15 AM
Good afternoon to all! Not to many folks visiting the site today.
16/Jun/18 7:19 AM
Morning all, beautiful calla lily.
Greg, I'm a bit later today but I am here .lol
16/Jun/18 7:34 AM
Good Morning! Greg, it is Saturday morning & we are experiencing a very cold blast from the Gods of Winter! Sensible people are still in bed!
16/Jun/18 7:35 AM
I think Chris must be out on a run.
16/Jun/18 7:37 AM
Grass-hopper, does that you and I are not sensible !😂
16/Jun/18 7:39 AM
What happened to the m'mean' .
16/Jun/18 7:40 AM
Sure have a case of FFS today.🤗
16/Jun/18 7:41 AM
I got back at the right time today.
16/Jun/18 8:36 AM
16/Jun/18 8:36 AM
16/Jun/18 8:36 AM
Yes, Amelia, I'm not one of the sensible ones. I got up hours ago after a coughing fit. This flu is hard to shake.
16/Jun/18 9:25 AM
We'll have to try to get these pages moving again!
16/Jun/18 9:25 AM
As Grasshopper said we are getting a cold blast from the Gods this morning. I know 7c is laughable to most of you but to we Queenslanders it is freezing. Remember our houses are built for long hot summers. We like our winter temps between 12 and 21c.
16/Jun/18 9:28 AM
Well, Keith got his number today so alls well in the world. But for those who are feeling too cold or for those feeling to hot, here is a poozle that will take you to your ideal temperature. Try it and see. There is a full money back guarantee.


This week's Saturday poozle More...
16/Jun/18 9:29 AM
My daughter and her husband are back from their Hawaiian holiday both feeling very relaxed. They has a fabulous time and loved the laid back atmosphere of the place!
16/Jun/18 9:31 AM
1:40 Good morning one and all!
16/Jun/18 10:34 AM
Glad to hear they had a good time, CynB.
16/Jun/18 10:36 AM
1:24. Good morning everyone.

You almost had it right Amelia, I was walking. I'm injured at the moment and probably shouldn't even be walking 6km, which is what I did, but it was very flat and I pulled up fine.
16/Jun/18 10:37 AM
6:31pm PDT over here
16/Jun/18 11:31 AM
The 3&4 puzzle is more of a challenge today due to typos, noted and sent to Wombat. Fun as always and today learned something of great interest to a linguistics major.
16/Jun/18 12:57 PM
Oh look, beer-o-clock.

I think I'll just have a another Guinness.
16/Jun/18 1:05 PM
After reading about Norwegian on Wikipedia, I am glad it is Skye who is going to Norway, and not me! Despite my college major, my head is spinning.
16/Jun/18 1:30 PM
Sarah is correct and so is Judy. Three in column E are incorrect. Two are incorrect spelllings ER should be OR, ON for OW (more a typo) and I just left IA out. Naughty me.
16/Jun/18 1:36 PM
Into the naughty corner for you, Wombat.
16/Jun/18 1:41 PM
A wonderful shorter explanation of Norwegian on YouTube:

16/Jun/18 1:41 PM
Norway is a beautiful country. I visited there in 2003 with English friends who used to go there every year. Certainly worth a visit.
16/Jun/18 3:01 PM
Yet another 3&4 response. !00% correct. My daughter and her colleagues at ANL. That is 10 responses.
16/Jun/18 5:29 PM
That's a ghost post and doesn't refer to the current poozle.
16/Jun/18 5:32 PM
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