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Easy Sudoku for 16/August/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Will need today! Sunny & mild.
My kind of weather!
16/Aug/13 12:01 AM
Well, doc said I had a 'posterior tibial tendon dysfunction' - not to be confused with a sprain, because this one can't 'get better'. Once it's gone, it's gone. If it's bad enough it can be replaced using another foot tendon to take it's place with an expected 4-6 month recovery frame. So, I get to More...
16/Aug/13 12:05 AM
Good morning people of the world.
16/Aug/13 12:06 AM
National Relaxation Day
16/Aug/13 12:07 AM
Too bad they didn't all fit.
16/Aug/13 12:09 AM
Shiela, sorry your news isn't better but at least now you know what you are dealing with.
16/Aug/13 12:10 AM
Shiela, is this one of those things, that as time goes on, you forget about it, till it acts up? Or will your lifestyle be altered to cater to your leg?
I forget about my leg and then one incident, and bam, I remember. Really, hate remembering.
16/Aug/13 12:10 AM
I have put off transferring K all week. Really, need to go do that today.
She wants to ride the bus. I am not ready for this part of life, my horrible nightmares confirm, I am not ready for my baby to ride the bus.
16/Aug/13 12:13 AM
You know I will be one of those mothers.

Yep, put her child on the bus, then follow behind my car.
16/Aug/13 12:15 AM
Here are the answer to yesterday’s puzzle:

1. Sour- Tart
2. Trip – Stumble
3. Cause - Ideal
4. Crash - Boom
5. Light - Lamp

In the today we have HalT, Shiela, Canuk Greg, Kathy, Aileen , Heidi, Keith, Sarah Beth, More...
16/Aug/13 12:16 AM
Karen, the first time Elijah road a school bus was when he was 8. He was wrestling at the time and they wanted the team to travel together. I was 'that' mom. I talked to the coach about how he had never been on the bus before and stuff like that. And I did follow the bus to the meet. How else was I suppose to be at the meet with them?
16/Aug/13 12:21 AM
Karen, since it's been two months after the injury and it's still swelling, he'll have me wear the brace to take pressure off the tendon for a couple of months before they can say if it'll be a lifestyle change. (Maybe it's just been re-injuring all this time...Wishful thinking from what he said.) More...
16/Aug/13 12:24 AM
To quote Kathy, ‘’Let’s get logical’’.

Just as Mrs. Brainkle was going to print the grades, her computer crashed! She hurriedly tried to remember who has received what grade and who had what last name.

1. Her four students are Bob, Lindsey, Ron and Sue.

2. The grades More...
16/Aug/13 12:29 AM
My first thought was, '' Are these folks we should know?''
16/Aug/13 12:48 AM
Shiela, from Lynne's experience, foot surgery involved an amazingly long recovery for little benefit. Just sayin' ...
16/Aug/13 12:51 AM
16/Aug/13 12:53 AM
Stayed up very late just to say Hi.
16/Aug/13 12:53 AM
Oh, alright, I am really at work.
16/Aug/13 12:54 AM
Shiela, hopefully the boot will put things to right.
16/Aug/13 12:54 AM
The night started off very chaotic, but it has settled a lot now.
16/Aug/13 12:54 AM
Shiela, that is indeed a bummer.
16/Aug/13 12:55 AM
16/Aug/13 12:55 AM
I'm not sure where he went when he was so close.
16/Aug/13 12:56 AM
CP, we didn't really think you had stayed up just to say hi.
16/Aug/13 12:56 AM
Sheila, so sorry about your ankle. Hopefully, it will surprise you (and the doc) and heal more than expected with the brace.
16/Aug/13 12:56 AM
Serena, K has been on a bus before, with me following, of course, for field trips.
This is an everyday thing, twice a day.

Tell me why a life time prescription of valium is not handed out to parents?
I am understanding, now, why my mother kept me in a bubble. No, not literally, I was just not allowed to do anything. Well, anything, I wanted to do.
16/Aug/13 12:58 AM
Serena, usually I am hesitant to attempt logic grids because they are too involved and drive me crazy, but this one looks rather straight forward. I'll give it a try!
16/Aug/13 1:00 AM
Thanks for the insight, Keith.
No boot, Karen, too late for that. Just a brace.
16/Aug/13 1:01 AM
I picked a less detailed one for that reason. Hopefully, more people will try it. That and I usually have the whole week of puzzles arranged over the week but I was doing Elijah's school work paperwork this weekend. I know, I'll have to work on getting my priorities straight.
16/Aug/13 1:02 AM
Meanwhile, I've had long-time plans to be on vacation in Wales for two weeks before the follow-up appointment. How can one try to 'recover' while on vacation? (Too bad I just didn't get in sooner.) I have three weeks 'recovery time' before I go.
16/Aug/13 1:10 AM
Is your doctor aware of that, Shiela? Maybe a ''super brace'' is in order.
16/Aug/13 1:18 AM
Well, off to do a little cleaning around here, then try and get logical for Serena.

See ya!
16/Aug/13 1:22 AM
Yes, he knows I'm going.
Encouragingly, (is that a word?) my ankle already feels a bit better even though it's pressing on the sore tendon.
Appointment should be interesting. It's the day after I return from Wales! Jet laaaaaaag!
16/Aug/13 1:25 AM
I tried to access Janes blog but no luck on this note book. I will have to wait till I get back home. It was lovely on the Bosphorus today. Quite breeze as the boat moved along. I am finding the going hard when we have lots of walking up and down hills in the heat. We are enjoying Istanbul.
16/Aug/13 1:40 AM
Shiela, Good luck with your foot/ankle. I have a bone on my right heel, I was told the 3 to 6 months recovery, even mentioned a wheel chair. I decided no, especially when I was told the spur could come back. My achilles tendon rests on the bone spur at times, bad pain, so I have learned to move the tendon over some, less pain.
16/Aug/13 1:45 AM
June, glad you are enjoying your trip. Please do take it easy and drink plenty of water.
16/Aug/13 1:47 AM
for relaxation day this is one way and tomorrow will be
16/Aug/13 1:50 AM
HAve a doctors appointment this afternoon, I don't like afternoon appointments they just ruin the whole day.
16/Aug/13 1:52 AM
getting close
16/Aug/13 1:52 AM
Where is Karen, out chasing school busses????
16/Aug/13 1:52 AM
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