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Easy Sudoku for 17/January/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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🌧💦Good Maen 🌅
17/Jan/17 12:07 AM
We had a real storm last night. A small tornado in a neighboring county even.
17/Jan/17 12:23 AM
Good morning, have a fine day!
17/Jan/17 1:15 AM
A rejoinder for Peter's Scottish cow.
There was an old bull on a small hill sitting under the shade of a spreading oak when a fresh-to-the-farm young bull comes striding up the hill. By and by the young bull notices below the hill and beyond the fence there was a small heard of cows. Says the More...
17/Jan/17 2:00 AM
Everyone! Hope you have a great day!
17/Jan/17 2:23 AM
17/Jan/17 2:38 AM
A couple of more young bulls just showed up.
17/Jan/17 3:07 AM
What a load of bull ...
17/Jan/17 3:24 AM
Judy, I have missed your comments!
17/Jan/17 3:40 AM
This puzzle was easier when I played it 9 - 1 than the other way around.
17/Jan/17 3:54 AM
With all the bulldust that has been flying around here the last couple of days, it would be remiss of me not to mention Dana Lyons. Enjoy!
17/Jan/17 3:57 AM
Cute little dog with his teddy [monkey]
17/Jan/17 4:16 AM
1:55, done early in the morning when barely awake and without coffee - big mistake! Good morning everyone.
17/Jan/17 4:34 AM

Puzzles are for much later in the day!!! Going to be a scorcher here 35C, air con will be put to good use! Have a good one all.
17/Jan/17 4:39 AM
17/Jan/17 4:47 AM
Golly, Judy, needn't have a cow over it!
I dairy you to face Jeb or Peter with a better story!
17/Jan/17 4:48 AM
Maybe that should have been 'a butter story!'.
17/Jan/17 5:22 AM
Happy Monday!
'Where's the beef?' Here in Sudokuland, apparently!
17/Jan/17 6:11 AM
''You can't have your cake and eat it, too'' comes to mind.
17/Jan/17 6:20 AM
Anybody want to run along?
17/Jan/17 6:21 AM
17/Jan/17 6:21 AM
17/Jan/17 6:21 AM
Guess not.
17/Jan/17 6:21 AM
Morning all, I would have run with you Keith but couldn't see you for the bulldust.
17/Jan/17 7:09 AM
Cute little dog with his monkey !
17/Jan/17 7:18 AM
I went to yesterday's page to see the results of Wombat's puzzle and found another. Very funny prize Wombat and Peters joke was the icing on the cake.😂😂😂😂
17/Jan/17 8:13 AM
OMGJeb, still laughing over you dog joke !😂😂😂😂
17/Jan/17 8:20 AM
Oops space needed before Jeb and your not you.
17/Jan/17 8:22 AM
RIP - Eugene Cernan. Last man to walk on the moon, dead at 82.

He was of an era where our hero's were worthy of hero worship.

Unlike today's overpaid athletes and entertainers who will do or say anything to stay in the ''limelight''. The majority of which should make good on their promise to leave (if they can find a country that will accept them).
17/Jan/17 8:58 AM
Good afternoon to all! What a great photo for dog lovers!
17/Jan/17 9:10 AM
Well dung it. I missed cow talk, but the cows and chickens reigned anyway. Pie power!
17/Jan/17 9:11 AM
might be an anole instead of a gecko
17/Jan/17 9:34 AM
I'm quite amused at how often and how easily these bovines change gender!
17/Jan/17 11:10 AM
2:06 Bit slow this morning.
17/Jan/17 12:04 PM

The farmers wife went to the doctor one day and told him that her husband wasn't performing in the bedroom anymore because he couldn't 'rise to the occasion'.

The doctor goes through his case of sample drugs and hands her a bottle of pills. He tells her to More...
17/Jan/17 1:34 PM
OK, enough about the ruminary ungulates. And now, for something completely different.
A horse walks into a bar, the bartender looks up and asks: 'Hey, pal, why the long face?'
17/Jan/17 2:07 PM
I guess it's a good thing she didn't give the pills to her husband. He would have probably been shot by one of the local farmers for servicing his heifers.
17/Jan/17 2:22 PM
OK ... off the subject ... an oldie but goodie ... but one of my favorites ...
Q: What does it mean when a man is lying next to you in bed moaning and gasping?





A: You are not holding the pillow down tightly enough!
17/Jan/17 2:22 PM
For our Kiwi friends: substitute 'ewes' for 'heifers'.
17/Jan/17 2:25 PM
Mr. Judy, I've got just the pill for you.
17/Jan/17 2:29 PM
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