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Easy Sudoku for 17/January/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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23F=-5C isn't too bad for this morning.
No snow or ice here so that's really good.
17/Jan/18 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people.
17/Jan/18 12:00 AM
1:59 Good night one and all!
17/Jan/18 12:06 AM
17/Jan/18 2:32 AM
17/Jan/18 3:17 AM
Nice weather today! Sunny and dry!
17/Jan/18 3:18 AM
so close . . .
17/Jan/18 3:18 AM
17/Jan/18 3:18 AM
A lightly snowy day around here.

17/Jan/18 3:37 AM
Everybody!! Slept late again!
17/Jan/18 3:39 AM
Today we have a friend helping hubby make storage shelves in our basement. Yippee!
(You may need to see the sign at our doorway to this dungeon-like place beneath our house to understand how excited I am! It says, 'Marriage is just another word for two people collecting junk.')
17/Jan/18 3:42 AM
My hubby & I both have pack rat tendencies. We have always relied on moving to keep this area of our previous homes in control because moving has a way of weeding out unused things. But... if you haven't moved in almost 30 years, it gets away from you.
17/Jan/18 3:47 AM
We (well, mostly hubby) has spent last month getting things back under control. Now we'll have shelves to organize what remains!
17/Jan/18 3:49 AM
Happy Tuesday day off!
17/Jan/18 3:54 AM
Places to go, things to do, people to see. Got today more snow, not much by others standards but too much for all the hill here in the Boston Mountains. No school today, that bad.
17/Jan/18 4:51 AM
Got= Nott
17/Jan/18 4:53 AM
Sun shining on our fresh snow making it pretty for now. It will be dirty and ugly from cars, etc. soon enough.
17/Jan/18 5:58 AM
1:31. Good morning everyone.
17/Jan/18 6:12 AM
17/Jan/18 6:22 AM
Patience is a virtue.
17/Jan/18 6:38 AM
17/Jan/18 6:39 AM
17/Jan/18 6:39 AM
Morning all ,great picture ,Kate.
Keith ,you were lucky , I also slept in this morning !
17/Jan/18 6:53 AM
Nice photo, Kate. Direct West wind too!
17/Jan/18 7:03 AM
This week's ECCO....

Is all about common phrases.

Remember the last letter of an answer is the first letter of the next answer. The bonus starts with the last letter of the previous answer and it’s last letter is the start letter of the first answer.

A---- ----- (5 5) - More...
17/Jan/18 7:25 AM
Good morning.
17/Jan/18 7:40 AM
17/Jan/18 8:47 AM
Good late afternoon friends!

The Boston Mountains, Sue? - that sent me scurrying to discover where in Arkansas they might be! ...and that map & photo explained it all! Nice to have you visiting lately - you've been missed!
17/Jan/18 9:13 AM
Hall - hope your pick-up is ready for that snow you were expecting.... it a'comin!

17/Jan/18 9:17 AM
I had a delightful gift of spring today despite it being zero F and -11 windchill this morning with snow forecast.

A friend in Orlando sent me a get well bouquet of purple and white tulips! 🌷 It definitely took the chill off the day.

Inflammation in my back is keeping that one More...
17/Jan/18 9:28 AM
I'm breaking down and taking ibuprofen as an anti inflammatory the next few days. I try not to take them unless I absolutely must, but I can't complain then not do what they tell me to do. Maybe I'll stew a turmeric and ginger tea tonight.
17/Jan/18 9:33 AM
Sent the ECCO answers in. Now I must go figure what's for supper.
17/Jan/18 9:35 AM
No one took beer:33? Since I still have work to do this evening I will choose an All Day IPA brewed in Grand Rapids, Michigan by Founders Brewery. Full flavored American-style IPA, yet it doesn't make you feel as if you've been chewing on a Christmas tree. Very refreshing. One of the few beers I can almost drink a whole bottle of.
17/Jan/18 10:44 AM
For my cp, drumroll please ..... I decided to make chili tonight. A warming winter comfort food. It's maybe just spicy enough that I wish I really did have that beer to go with it! Salad on the side.
17/Jan/18 10:48 AM
Chris, I hope that solving today's puzzle under two minutes means that your world has turned the right way again.
Glad to hear that your polyps are non-malignant. Does this mean you will be celebrating with another all singing all dancing tour?
17/Jan/18 11:38 AM
BTW, best wishes to all who are feeling well, and good luck to all the world. I guess that is one wish wasted, but there are still two left.
17/Jan/18 11:41 AM
I left out Hal in reference to the polyps above. Sorry Chris.
17/Jan/18 11:43 AM
Howdy do, Wombat! Speaking of health, hope you're still on the mend.
17/Jan/18 12:02 PM
Peter - what a poozle!

17/Jan/18 1:29 PM
Surely love that weather-c0ck, Kate - might it be on your boat?
17/Jan/18 1:31 PM
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