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Easy Sudoku for 17/August/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Ding, Ding, Ding

It's downhill from here.
17/Aug/08 6:39 AM
Come on Australia...wake up.Its nearly 7am but they must be sleeping in because it is Sunday!
17/Aug/08 6:45 AM
Blond Mortician.

A man who just died is delivered to a local mortuary wearing an expensive, expertly tailored black suit.

The female blonde mortician asks the deceased's wife how she would like the body dressed. She points out that the man does look good in the black suit he is More...
17/Aug/08 6:50 AM
OMG, Jim...Borat loved that one!
17/Aug/08 6:54 AM
My Dinner Party:
1 Me
2 Jesus
3 Thomas Jefferson
4 Next US President
5 Chief Justice Roberts
6 Vladimir Putin
7 Queen Elizabeth
8 Benjamin Netanyahu
17/Aug/08 7:04 AM
what a beautiful picture!! such a pretty flower!!
17/Aug/08 7:19 AM
Tsk, tsk! If this is a formal dinner party, which I assume it is, you must have equal numbers of men and women!!!

My dream team list would be:

HEAD OF THE TABLE: Jaime, my husband

TO JAIME'S IMMEDIATE LEFT: Anna Kournakova (hey, he deserves a little eye candy for putting More...
17/Aug/08 7:25 AM
Oops! That's Catherine "the" Great!
17/Aug/08 7:26 AM
By the way, I can only seat 6 at my table comfortably. So I had to rescind a couple of invitations.
17/Aug/08 7:28 AM
nice dinne list, Jane...but I think your husband might want Anna muted! Did Rayray Fedex that sushi to you????
17/Aug/08 7:30 AM
Just saw the news. It looks like Tropical Storm Fay is headed toward Tampa and is likely to make landfall on Tuesday. Hope Kathy and Rob and others in the vicinity stay safe.
17/Aug/08 7:36 AM
Vici - he e-mailed the sushi to me. It arrived just fine. A little flat, but fewer calories that way!
17/Aug/08 7:38 AM
Happy eating, Jane - I saw it in his gallery and drooled!
17/Aug/08 7:39 AM
I have met a prime minister and so have my girls - that's a funny story. My mother is a bit of a stirrer. She knew it would cause some people to shake their heads so she made up a sign on an old bedsheet - 'We love you Johnny' and hung it between a power pole and the fence. d1 was at the airport More...
17/Aug/08 7:45 AM
thats a story for the journals suzy.
good one colo jim.
mr. mariana is home and jumping on the tramp with the kids. the house is clean and dinner is ready to go into the oven at 5. it's a great day here.
17/Aug/08 7:52 AM
cg i know you can't see the smile on my face and hear the laughter in my voice, but it's all there. i only tease those i love. hope i didn't offend.
17/Aug/08 7:55 AM
Grannie Mo, how about Jesus, Mohammad and Moses for dinner? Could be exciting. Seriously, I'd like to dine with Teddy Roosevelt, Indira Gandhi and Golda Maier.
I once saw Richard Nixon (first-term run), but I don't admit it.

About the 600 square meter house you mentioned yesterday....It must be a real gym.
17/Aug/08 7:55 AM
Ruby is that "gym" or "gem"?
17/Aug/08 8:00 AM
I am finding the choices of dinner guests very interesting. Imagining the possible topics of conversations. There are so many unanswered questions too with many of them.
17/Aug/08 8:02 AM
It was a pun,
All in fun.
Don't be angry,
My tongue was tangry.
And now I have to run.
17/Aug/08 8:03 AM
Oh wait! What was I thinking? I can add a card table to the end of my dining room table and add two more people: My beloved mother (may she rest in peace) and HER favorite author, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
17/Aug/08 8:07 AM
I can't trim my list enough! Maybe by the end of the day... I'll work on it while watching d1s baseball training.
17/Aug/08 8:11 AM
OK I will join in with my dinner list. I want a fun dinner which is exciting and interesting, hopfully turning into quite a party.
My list is :
Elvis and Patsy cline for the music,
Richard Pryor for the humour (elvis was quite a joker too i hear)
Marilyn Munroe because i think her More...
17/Aug/08 8:19 AM
Madby3 what a lively dinner party yours would be, a great selection.
17/Aug/08 8:23 AM
I only have one that I'm sure of right now, Marie Curie. I'm showing my bias here because Einstein is also on my short list.
17/Aug/08 8:29 AM
Mariana, as to personally offending me, it takes an awful lot. If Judy (SD) can't do it, and Linda (LK) can't do it, you will have to practice my dear. I was only offended by one person on this site, because of comments that were made to other people, even though I was also targeted. But by all means, keep trying. That's what we're missing on the site.
17/Aug/08 8:30 AM
The most interesting dinner I ever attended was called a 'Knights Dinner'. It was held at Government House Melbourne and every guest had been knighted. It was a glittering evening with silver candleabra and silver sculptures down the centre of the table. The conversation was sparkling from this unique collection of intelligent, successful people. It was an evening I will never forget.
17/Aug/08 8:31 AM
Sorry Ghandi, you didnt rsvp quick enough. I have now invited Woody Allen instead... He would be fun.
17/Aug/08 8:32 AM
Does this mean you are amongst the shining armour brigade Ian? Do you have a white horse and rescue damsels?
17/Aug/08 8:34 AM
It is funny how different we are and I would never invite Woody Allen as my experience of "funny" people is that in real life they are quite the opposite.
17/Aug/08 8:35 AM
A Frenchman, an Englishman, and a Canadian were captured by a fierce tribe. The chief comes to them and says, "The bad news is that now that we've caught you, we're going to kill you, and then use your skins to build a canoe. The good news is that you get to choose how you die."
The More...
17/Aug/08 8:37 AM
Ian, since you were a guest, does that mean you have also been knighted? Are you to be called Sir Ian of Sydney?
17/Aug/08 8:40 AM
Good Joke
17/Aug/08 8:41 AM
Greg and GannieMo, nope. I was an ADC to the Governor General at the time, we were on a State Visit to Melbourne and the dinner was put on in his honour. The system of knighthoods was abandoned in Australia years ago in the move towards republicanism. All the Imperial awards were replaced by The More...
17/Aug/08 9:09 AM
I seem to have stopped the conversation about dinner parties. Sorry.
17/Aug/08 9:31 AM
A dinner party for anyone in history? This was tough! I had to eliminate so many, I've exhausted my typeing finger with so many changes and I need to go eat! So...
1. Thomas Jefferson - an artistic statesman
2. Martin Luther King Jr. - what would he say to Tom about his slaves?
3. More...
17/Aug/08 9:34 AM

as it so happens today I will be throwing a dinner party (at lunch time), for 10 to celebrate #1 son's birthday, Robert will turn 22 tomorrow.
so at the lunch will be:
Me Hubby, #1 son, #2 son, Grandma (MIL), Oma (mum), #1 son girlfriend, #1 Friend, #1 Friend, #1 Friend.
17/Aug/08 9:45 AM
so no room for anybody from history at my table today !!
17/Aug/08 9:47 AM
my 15 yr old son recently went to world youth week in sydney and took photos of the pope from about 2 metres away.
my 8 guests
8 of my family/friends cos I live for today not in history
17/Aug/08 9:51 AM
Ian, am I interpreting your response correctly. Are you a recipient of the Order of Australia? If so, wonderful. If not, I still think given what I know of you that you should be a member.
17/Aug/08 9:56 AM
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