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Easy Sudoku for 17/September/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Or will we just whee over to the next page, TOPP, and pretend that everything here is just peachy and no introspection is needed or wanted?

17/Sep/09 9:18 AM
For me to rush through and Topp Page 3
17/Sep/09 9:18 AM
Well done, Ian - now I will go back to Page 2 and try to work out what your knickers are in a knot about.
17/Sep/09 9:19 AM

Well done? Was that an accomplishment?

17/Sep/09 9:20 AM
Some would se it as such.
17/Sep/09 9:24 AM
As to your other topic - I do believe we will occasionally see the members you mentioned. They are all in close touch, and will surface every now and then, I think.
17/Sep/09 9:26 AM

Yes, I'm sure they are all in close touch.

But they've chosen not to be in close touch with this site.

In fact, they've abandoned it.

17/Sep/09 9:36 AM
Good evening.
17/Sep/09 10:36 AM

I can see that there's a great deal of interest in the kind of introspection that might revive this site...

17/Sep/09 10:36 AM

Perhaps I should post something about weiners...

17/Sep/09 10:37 AM

Or whine and cry about 'fat cats' while regaling everyone with narratives about my extended vacation in Australia, my Alaska cruise, my upcoming trip to Ireland, my Colorado train excursion, and the conflict that prevented me from jetting off to the East Coast for an afternoon Sudoku gathering...

17/Sep/09 10:39 AM

Maybe I'll just talk about how we should be nice to each other, while calling someone a Pain in the Ass.

17/Sep/09 10:40 AM

Or just high-five myself for posting five times in a row...

17/Sep/09 10:41 AM
As an elephant entering the room, it seems as if I can hear a lot of thunder but I wonder why...I don't see any mice around!!!!
Hello World..may your day/night sparkle and remain bright!
For those who wish to find joy may it be there for them, and if one chooses misery...may he/she find More...
17/Sep/09 11:30 AM
Thank you Mamacita. Wishing you well, too.
17/Sep/09 12:07 PM

Right on cue...

17/Sep/09 12:25 PM
Ian, I'll just continue to post about the weather up here and once in awhile add something about my kids. Did you seriously just mention weiners?
17/Sep/09 12:27 PM
Good Afternoon All, where have all the aussies gone?
17/Sep/09 12:29 PM

and in the expected sequence...

17/Sep/09 12:35 PM

My question exactly, Broni.

17/Sep/09 12:35 PM

"As an elephant....?"

17/Sep/09 12:38 PM

I'm always serious about weiners, Angie.

17/Sep/09 12:40 PM

And why not?

17/Sep/09 12:43 PM
to you,
to you,
dear Keith!!!
to you!
May your special day be wongerful with a and lots of !

17/Sep/09 12:51 PM

Ah yes, a unique and heartfelt expression, just for you...

17/Sep/09 12:53 PM
Personally prefer my weiner in a long roll with tomato sauce(know as ketchup to most of the world).
17/Sep/09 12:56 PM

Broni, ketchup is a vegetable, you know...Ronald Reagan told me so.

So it must be true.

17/Sep/09 1:03 PM
Yeah must be, but is a tomato a vegetable or fruit?
17/Sep/09 1:17 PM
soory for being away for so long...been back since Tuesday Sept.8th with a broken baby toe that is putting me in a lot of pain. Special hello to Win and Gail who droped a note on my page...and hello also Broni, Ian, CP, Shosho,Angie and all those who are present right now...Lots of love...
17/Sep/09 1:26 PM

A more important question, Broni, is whether some of the people who post here are vegetables or fruits?

17/Sep/09 1:26 PM

Hello there, Orianne, long time no see.

17/Sep/09 1:27 PM
Or are they just becoming PMBH's?
17/Sep/09 1:36 PM

What's a PMBH?

17/Sep/09 1:39 PM
As if you didn't know that.
17/Sep/09 1:44 PM


17/Sep/09 1:50 PM
Good to see you back Orianne. A broken little toe, bummer. Sounds like a good excuse for a little bottled in bond anesthetic. If it doesn't make the ouchie hurt less, at least you won't care as much. Hope you had a great summer on the lake.
17/Sep/09 1:51 PM
Hello Jebbles. Its been a long time.
17/Sep/09 1:53 PM
1.59 Looks beautiful.

My first online sudoku for a week, had to resort to the 'olden day' style, with a pen, while I was away.
17/Sep/09 1:55 PM
to you Orianne, sorry to hear about your ouchy :-(
17/Sep/09 1:56 PM

I think we've gotten a good idea of just how many dedicated lurkers there are out there. It only takes a few minutes after a controversial post and they jump in, god bless them.

Please, please...check in and liven things up here.

17/Sep/09 1:57 PM
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