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Easy Sudoku for 18/November/2016


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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1:43 Lovely photo!

Good night one and all!
18/Nov/16 12:06 AM
And a happy morning to all of us way up here. Let's all have a good day.
18/Nov/16 12:18 AM
18/Nov/16 1:31 AM
Hello all - welcome to another day in Sudoku-land!
18/Nov/16 1:36 AM
a beautiful day here in OK
18/Nov/16 1:37 AM
Have to take care of some business today I have been putting this off long enough. Too bad it is over 100 miles away, drive over and back not bad.
18/Nov/16 1:41 AM
Nice photo, Terri!
18/Nov/16 1:41 AM
Hope to be back later,
18/Nov/16 1:41 AM
Good morning Anne (who's likely gone to slumberland), Wolf, Hal, and Sue -safe travel
18/Nov/16 1:43 AM
Love water and the falls - wish I could get up there and see the source
18/Nov/16 1:54 AM
Got errands to run and a craft faire to attend - sun is out and nice day - but yet here I sit - sometimes don't you wish you could just go out as is - but then I guess I would make one of those 'lists' if I go in my pjs and no face on
18/Nov/16 1:57 AM
I finished one of my books this morning and have 3 favorite ones waiting - I could just become cabin bound and read the season away
18/Nov/16 1:59 AM
There WAS one clue missing yesterday! No problem. My poozlers got together and ''managed'' to figure it out. They are brilliant.

The ''I More...
18/Nov/16 2:40 AM
Greetings to all in SudokuWorld. Just finished reading Joe Navarro's 'Dangerous Personalities.' It should be required reading.
18/Nov/16 2:44 AM
After yesterday's fiasco, you may not be sorry to hear I won't be posting poozles next week. I will have munchkins in my computer room, and, as always, my computer gets turned off, keyboard removed, and mouse hidden away.
I believe I mentioned before that I learned this is the best approach the hard way. Little fingers can really screw up a computer.
18/Nov/16 2:47 AM
I had not heard of it, Cathy. I did a little googling...essentially, psychological self-defense. It sounds fascinating. I'll look into getting a copy. Thanks for the suggestion!
18/Nov/16 2:59 AM
1:28. Good morning everyone.
18/Nov/16 5:36 AM
Good morning.
18/Nov/16 6:13 AM
I spent the night on the lounge again.
18/Nov/16 6:15 AM
No, not in trouble, just have a really sore hip which doesn't like sleeping in my nice comfortable bed.
18/Nov/16 6:18 AM
I'm very tired of my aches and pains
18/Nov/16 6:20 AM
18/Nov/16 6:21 AM
Good afternoon to all! Super photo! That's one site I've never had the chance to see in person.
18/Nov/16 6:52 AM
Morning all, great photo Terri.
Watching golf at Jane's old stamping ground St Simons Island.
18/Nov/16 7:28 AM
all. Just waiting for the lawn to dry then it will be outside to mow before it gets to the forcast 34C.........
Have a good day everyone whatever you are up to.
18/Nov/16 8:37 AM
Good meAn to everyone, long time since I've been on site. Hope all is well in whatever part of the world you live in.
18/Nov/16 1:49 PM
Hello Maureen, it is a long time. Nice to see you here.
18/Nov/16 2:19 PM
Nice pix of Bridal Veil falls. It was dry the last time I was there.
Fortunately, I have seen it looked like the picture.

And got wet.
18/Nov/16 2:20 PM
But now I must bid you all a good night.
18/Nov/16 2:22 PM
Another beautiful fall day here with a forecast of 71F/21C for us tomorrow...BUT -> by Sunday the seasons will have drastically changed! Stay tuned for what actually happens - you know those weather guessers aren't always accurate!!
18/Nov/16 2:46 PM
thought I would try again and maybe someone would be around tonight.
18/Nov/16 3:04 PM
I'm here, Linda, but it's early afternoon here.

Aaaand we have a warm sunny day for a change.
18/Nov/16 3:48 PM
I'm around Linda. I'm not sure what that is you are drinking, but I'll have one too. I'm about to type in tomorrow's poozle, but I won't send it until tomorrow.
18/Nov/16 3:51 PM
Hi Linda. Still producing fine potables?
18/Nov/16 3:51 PM
Hello Peter! It is about bedtime for me but decided to check in it is almost 11 pm here and work early in the morning. It was warm and sunny here today also but tomorrow we are expecting a rain/snow mix so a big change from one day to the other!
18/Nov/16 3:53 PM
Yup, we drove thru Yosemite just a year ago last spring.
18/Nov/16 3:54 PM
Hey there Jeb! Most certainly we continue to process the fine potables! I am enjoying a very nice and smooth Australian Shiraz at the moment!
18/Nov/16 3:55 PM
Well Wombat, they didn't have a smiley holding a glass of wine so this was the closest I could find. How are you doing?
18/Nov/16 3:56 PM
just a couple more comments and I believe we roll the page to the next one!
18/Nov/16 4:03 PM
one more time than maybe over the top?
18/Nov/16 4:06 PM
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