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Easy Sudoku for 18/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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What are you doing Rosemary!
18/Jul/07 9:14 AM
ok I get it ...... this is a joke on moi ......
think I will just go off to the naughty room and sleep on the couch till everyone returns
18/Jul/07 9:14 AM
oh my
there is life, I thought the site had flat lined
18/Jul/07 9:15 AM
Rosemary, Rosemary, Rpsemary. You are banished to the naughty corner, BUT, you can take some chocolate and wine with you for your efforts!
18/Jul/07 9:17 AM
Who is Rpsemary???
18/Jul/07 9:18 AM
On the topic of things electrical, we have several wonderful electricians in our town but the thing that cracks me up is that one of them is Mr Watt, and another is Mr Short.
18/Jul/07 9:19 AM
Maybe Rpsemary is the cousin of Risemary and second cousin, third removed from Rosemary
18/Jul/07 9:20 AM
off to the naughty corner with
18/Jul/07 9:22 AM
Tree Shelia: Watt's up Shorty?
18/Jul/07 9:23 AM
Sue - to you! I hope it has been a great day.

Martha - to you! I hope you have had a great day also!
18/Jul/07 9:25 AM
Greg - you are very sparky this evening!
18/Jul/07 9:27 AM
Very funny Greg - a real thigh-slapper!
18/Jul/07 9:33 AM
Happy Birthday to Sue and Martha, and hopefully Ashley's bump.
18/Jul/07 9:35 AM
I think someone should venture into the naughty corner room and grab the chocolate and wine from Rosemary. She is on a diet after all!
18/Jul/07 9:42 AM

Goodness me, Rosemary, can I butt in for a wee second.
Yes, I have finally, after four months, finished the painting and everything is now, almost anyway, back in place with lovely new More...
18/Jul/07 9:44 AM
Oh thats not fair .............
who is going to be naughty to come in here and get them .....
18/Jul/07 9:47 AM


Hope you both have a wonderful day
18/Jul/07 9:47 AM
We brought Rocko's ashes home today. It's a very sad day....If you are thinking of getting a pet- rescue, please.

Prayer of a Stray

Dear God please send me somebody who'll care!
I'm tired of running, I'm sick with More...
18/Jul/07 9:49 AM
way to go
great effort ..... time to relax, sit back and enjoy your work whilst playing here.
no need to put your butt in just post anytime you feel like it .....
18/Jul/07 9:49 AM
Rosemary, I've sent a coded message and asked André to head up the attack squad on the naughty corner. After all, we do need an expert in chocolate and wine. I also have a few spares in mind, but I hope she will pick her own team.
18/Jul/07 10:01 AM

mmmm I am impressed but send in all those reinforcements now cos I wont give the choccies up easiily ..... and we could have a party whilst they are all visiting
18/Jul/07 10:11 AM
.. Sue and Martha ..
18/Jul/07 10:13 AM
Nal, What a beautiful poem. I was so sorry to hear about Rocko. I hope you have a beautiful spot picked out in the garden to bury his ashes.
We are actually thinking about adopting a playmate for our Reggie. He is a bundle of energy and needs company. We have to finish extending the fences More...
18/Jul/07 10:15 AM
Sue and Martha. I hope you both have a wonderful day.

Sarah-Beth - best wishes to Ashley on the impending arrival. I'm looking forward to hearing all the details.
18/Jul/07 10:19 AM
Well Rosemary, I hope we get you out of there before too much damage is done. I must leave now, as I have to fight an attack of killer rabbits in the rubbard and strawberry patch. Wish me luck, and cheers to all valiant patriots that are out there fighting for the preservation of chocolate, fresh More...
18/Jul/07 10:31 AM
a step at a time and let yourself grieve.
many of our pets have been from the shelters here
18/Jul/07 10:32 AM
I am with you ... have to go and work ...... cleaning rooms beckons and it is oh so cold outside.
18/Jul/07 10:33 AM
MizTricia - LOVED your joke (several pages ago!!!)
18/Jul/07 10:38 AM
Martha, Hope you too had a wonderful day that will in turn become a wonderful memory.
18/Jul/07 10:40 AM
Nal, What a beautiful poem. Please just take things one day at a time.....May you have peace in your heart!
18/Jul/07 10:43 AM
In Rocko's memory....new photo and new video

Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman
Time To Say Goodbye

18/Jul/07 10:51 AM
a late visit for me tonight. What a picture, first I noticed all of those ladders than I thought that could be a picture of just about any where and then I noticed all of the wires. They must get paid by the wire there huh.

18/Jul/07 10:55 AM
Sue and Martha
to you both...and many MANY more
18/Jul/07 11:20 AM
18/Jul/07 11:28 AM
Sue Martha
I hope that you have both had a wonderful day.

Way to go Rosemary, you had quite a run there.

Has any one else been having trouble with the site? Both yesterday and today I was on when the site became unavailable for serveral minutes before I could get back in.
18/Jul/07 11:31 AM
Yes, and add to that, my cable went out for several hours. When I called, they asked if I was in Washington or Oregon - guess they had a major failure in their system.
18/Jul/07 11:36 AM
Well dear friends, hubby and I are continuing our quest for a new rottie. We almost had 'Buddy' home; when Jim called the Humane Society someone had taken him home already - hope it was a good one. I just filled out an adoption application with Gulfstream Guardian Angels Rottweiller Rescue More...
18/Jul/07 12:14 PM
Oh well.... I guess I'm all by myself in Sudokuland - Rosemary and Rpsemary must be in the naughty corner with everyone else.

18/Jul/07 12:24 PM
Hi, Nal! If you are still here, I just wanted to say you have our support. I suspect this has been a stressful day for you. I visited the ggarr site and looked at their rottweilers. I hope you find one who is 'just right' for your family! Good luck. We'll be thinking of you.
18/Jul/07 12:32 PM
Hey Nal
I am baaaaaaaaaaaccccccccckkkkkk
hope you find another beautiful dog to share your lives with.
would love to have a dog but no way to keep them in an open yard. after loosing our beloved Laddie, scotch collie, to a truck accident we said no more as it is too devastating.
18/Jul/07 12:34 PM
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