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Easy Sudoku for 18/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Happy birthday Martha and Sue.

nal, best of luck finding a wonderful replacement. Simon wandered into our yard 11 years ago and picked us. May you be as fortunate. He's our ''dog of a lifetime.''
18/Jul/07 2:50 PM
Martha and Sue, I hope you have had a wonderful birthday. (And I hope Ashley's little one arrives before it's too late for me to win.)
18/Jul/07 3:04 PM
hi Keith,read that the bark of redwood tree is fire proof,is it true??
18/Jul/07 3:20 PM
just updated my
to Brian Cadd - Let Go
18/Jul/07 3:30 PM
All the best to Ashley, Sarah Beth. baby boy, for all.
18/Jul/07 4:09 PM
Photo on the medium jigsaw puzzle today is my new man, Rick....
18/Jul/07 4:11 PM
I think that this is one of my photos- submitted unintentionally to the EASY puzzle 'forever ago'.

This was taken in January 2006.
18/Jul/07 4:23 PM
2.39 Talk about crossed wires!
Jano, once you've finished your place, could you please come and paint mine? Just got the quote, still haven't picked my jaw up off the ground! Don't worry, Anne will help.
Jane, csl rotflol!
Eve, I'll have some of your soup please, it's freezing here, no More...
18/Jul/07 4:54 PM
Deb he's very handsome!
18/Jul/07 4:55 PM
Maen all. Back to work after a nice week away with family. have a good Wednesday where ever you are:)
18/Jul/07 5:47 PM
Leaving for Durango!
18/Jul/07 5:55 PM

Quiet at work again today.
18/Jul/07 6:31 PM
Hello Fi - nice to see you on here.

Gail - I'm all ready to go. What colour are we painting it. Will this do? I'll bring my own brushes.
18/Jul/07 6:36 PM
Oh, well, I suppose I'd better give it a go!!
18/Jul/07 6:37 PM
23 mins. to knock-off time.
18/Jul/07 6:38 PM
Come on Rosemary, come and interrupt me. I don't want to CP today.
18/Jul/07 6:39 PM
Badminton tonight, I really need the exercise. I miss climbing up and down the ladder while I was painting. Oh, hum!! dee dum!
18/Jul/07 6:40 PM
How much longer? Jeepers, still 20mins.
18/Jul/07 6:41 PM
COME ON!!! Where are you all?
18/Jul/07 6:41 PM
I suppose if I look in the naughty room I'll find Rosemary. Sh*t, I knocked on the wrong door!!!
18/Jul/07 6:42 PM
It's like being marooned on a desert island being on here with no-one around.
Yae, I can go skinny dipping. Whoops, I don't think the sharks would like that.
18/Jul/07 6:44 PM
shhhhhhhhhh hiding from
hope she doesnt see me hiding behind the
18/Jul/07 6:44 PM
15mins to count down!!
18/Jul/07 6:45 PM
Well, Rosemary, I've found you at last. You're a spoilsport. You didn't let me finish!
18/Jul/07 6:46 PM
what/who was behind that other closed door or shouldn't I ask?
18/Jul/07 6:46 PM
ok the timer starts NOW...
18/Jul/07 6:46 PM
I'll just sit here and listen to Cat Stevens on the radio. mmm mmmmm mmmm dum dee dum mmmmm mmmm dum dee dee
18/Jul/07 6:47 PM
well you were yelling so
da mn loud, I wongered what all the noise was. I did shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hoping I didnt disturb you.
18/Jul/07 6:48 PM
2 minutes elapsed...
18/Jul/07 6:48 PM
Don't ask Rosemary, because I might just tell you, but it would be our secret. psstt psstt

Hello appy
18/Jul/07 6:48 PM
13 to go Anne..are you listening??
18/Jul/07 6:49 PM
some to listen to.
18/Jul/07 6:49 PM
How incondiserate, I just had to answer the 'phone and now I've got to empty the waste paper baskets. Drats, that means work!!!
18/Jul/07 6:50 PM
OH really, wow which door was it?
18/Jul/07 6:51 PM
just 10 left....
18/Jul/07 6:51 PM
I really lurve all those magpies
18/Jul/07 6:52 PM
quick haul them in the thrash can..and get ready..
just 9 more minutes left..
18/Jul/07 6:53 PM

safe drive home through all that traffic in Albany.
or tonight
18/Jul/07 6:55 PM
Thank you Rosemary, they are compliments of Angie. I need one that says Albany Anne, I might put in my request. Do you think she would oblige me.
Guess what, I'm going to turn my puter off now.
See you girls later. Bye for now.
18/Jul/07 6:58 PM
1 minute, bag packed, pooter off, car keys ready, lights out..... door locked. go for it anne!
18/Jul/07 6:59 PM
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