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Easy Sudoku for 19/February/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hello page 4.
19/Feb/13 3:31 PM
See how easy that was?
19/Feb/13 3:32 PM
Hee, hee, hee.
19/Feb/13 3:39 PM
I got a phone call from son #2 this evening. My elderly cat, Miss Priss, died today. The vet thinks she had a stroke. She was 15, and hadn't been in good health for a couple of years. She stayed with my son after the divorce.
19/Feb/13 3:44 PM
Glad you enjoyed it, HalT.
Hope HalT, has the same sense of humor.
19/Feb/13 3:49 PM
So many of us are loosing our pets recently, so sad for all of you who have lost their companions.
19/Feb/13 3:51 PM
That's sad Sarah Beth. That's the 3rd loss - Vici & Cathy have both lost beloved cats, too, recently!
19/Feb/13 3:52 PM
Good night people of the world.
19/Feb/13 3:52 PM
Goodnight Karen!
19/Feb/13 3:54 PM
As my Nemmy would say (bite your tongue, Karen!!!)
She's a little touchy on account of her a - g - e (she's 10 + 3)
19/Feb/13 3:57 PM
Have a question about car pedals. Our manual car has the accelerator on the right & the clutch on the left with the brake in the middle. I'm assuming it's the same layout in Left hand drive!
19/Feb/13 4:07 PM
The reason I want to know is because we're going to Europe in June. Going to Scotland first for a friend's daughter's wedding. Doing a few days' tour of Scotland before the wedding - no problem driving over there, the steering wheel is on the right & they drive on the left! But after Scotland we're going to warm up in Corfu & they drive on the right hand side of the road!
19/Feb/13 4:15 PM
Kate, I can drive a standard transmission (among other things), but I had to think about that one. Yes, you are correct.
19/Feb/13 4:27 PM
Tractors and combines are different.
19/Feb/13 4:28 PM
Grain trucks are the same, but they have overdrive. TM didn't teach me how to use the overdrive. For some reason, he thought it was safer for me to operate the combine than drive the grain truck.
19/Feb/13 4:31 PM
I think I am going to head off to bed. I have to get up early later this week, so I should adjust.
19/Feb/13 4:32 PM
One more for CP and GP.
19/Feb/13 4:32 PM
2:06 Good afternoon one and all!
19/Feb/13 4:39 PM
Thanks Sarah Beth!
19/Feb/13 5:04 PM
Hi Anne!
19/Feb/13 5:04 PM
1:38. Good afternoon all.
19/Feb/13 5:30 PM
Afternoon Anne
19/Feb/13 5:38 PM
I have my nice new glasses, very pleased with them. Will put a pic on my page.
19/Feb/13 5:39 PM
Better get the evening meal I suppose. Will have to return to do todays puzzles.
19/Feb/13 6:00 PM
Thanks, DorA. I will check the cookie and closing situations, but I had to sign in again just now even though my computer has been on the whole time. All I did was leave this site and come back, and the cookie had disappeared.
19/Feb/13 6:42 PM
Kate, the feet are fine when driving on the 'wrong' side of a road, but oh, man, making left turns will be hard, as making right turns is for Americans driving in the left-side countries. Going around rotaries/circles backwards is also quite a trick.
I've had no problems driving after a day or More...
19/Feb/13 6:47 PM
I'm back, after checking CCleaner - I think that may have been the culprit, though I don't remember cleaning anything earlier. Cookies were checked again, despite the fact that I know I unchecked that box. I did not have to sign in this time, so things are looking up.
19/Feb/13 6:52 PM
Kate, another trick with a manual transmission on the 'wrong' side of the road is shifting with the other hand, but not in the opposite direction.
19/Feb/13 6:55 PM
Oh, things are just crazy with this new computer. I had to sign in again after submitting the last comment, but not between the other two comments!
It's hard to figure out anything that has no rhyme or reason.
19/Feb/13 6:56 PM
Back in the day, I had a friend whose car had ''three on the tree''. He removed the shift lever and reattached it on the left side. The shift pattern became upside down and backwards.
19/Feb/13 7:03 PM
Thats a mo and a half.
19/Feb/13 7:15 PM
Good evening. It's stormy outside here. Have just had lots of thunder and lightning. Now it's pouring rain. Good sleeping weather.
19/Feb/13 7:20 PM
Sounds like our weather CP. Very humid here though lately.
19/Feb/13 8:53 PM
There was a bit of a drama in the vacant paddock behind my house this afternoon. A young chap has been flogging his car doing 360's and burnouts for a few weeks now in the dry grass, last week it was 3:15am in the morning Today it must have burnt out the motor or something as he set More...
19/Feb/13 9:00 PM
Hello Kate and Viv!
19/Feb/13 9:01 PM
The police also attended the fire and the two young chaps involved left with them.
19/Feb/13 9:03 PM
Think they call it Hooning Anne.
19/Feb/13 9:28 PM
I just noticed there are only four posts to go on this page.
19/Feb/13 9:28 PM
Make that two, Mr Cee's in on htis as well.
19/Feb/13 9:29 PM
So I should be able to get BOPP.
19/Feb/13 9:29 PM
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