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Easy Sudoku for 19/April/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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andre, thanks for the thought of the day! i teach a special little boy, and he keeps on blowing me away with the things he knows. every day i figure we'll be able to get him to fly a little higher. what a lovely image to take when i am dealing with him.
19/Apr/07 8:25 AM
Wordsmith: Think I heard this one before. Is it notunderstanditibly?
19/Apr/07 8:25 AM
Interesting so many people are in agreement ... I don't see Opossums as ''cute.''
19/Apr/07 8:29 AM
Corky, kricketing kommiserations. (I cleverly disguised the comment so that nobody would know what we were talking about).
19/Apr/07 8:43 AM
Quick hello. Back from a few days in Sydney. Played tourist. Come on down, folks, it is a fabulous city!
19/Apr/07 8:50 AM
I don't think that 'possums are that cute either, and they sure do eat a lot of the fruit from the trees in our yard! Several places in the US, drivers are asked to stop if you hit an opossum. They are SO slow on the ground that it occurs frequently. Often, a female opossum will be carrying a More...
19/Apr/07 8:50 AM
Have to stick with the All Bran avatar to atone for my indulgences in Sydney.
19/Apr/07 8:51 AM
In the pure interests of research for the chocoholics on this site, I made a foray in to Haig's Chocolates in the Strand Arcade in Sydney. Mmmnnn - dark chocolate Rocky Road, with marshmallow, cherries, hazlenuts and the best dark chocolate!
19/Apr/07 8:55 AM
so pleased to hear that all is okay.
that sounds just delicious but now I have put on a kilo just thinking about it.
19/Apr/07 9:32 AM
19/Apr/07 10:05 AM
Don't know then Wordsmith. Duh??
19/Apr/07 10:07 AM
How about supercalifrilisticepidaliouyios.
19/Apr/07 10:10 AM
Good night all! Too much time on the site today, but I do hope everyone has a great MAEN where ever you are! Cheers!
19/Apr/07 10:16 AM
Rosemary, I really like this color rose since lilac (shade of purple for those who aren't into the vary of the different hues) is one of my favorites.
19/Apr/07 10:19 AM
good one, wordsmith and from. This one is easy. How many types of syllables in the English language?
19/Apr/07 10:20 AM
and what are they?
19/Apr/07 10:20 AM
Vary= variety
19/Apr/07 10:22 AM
19/Apr/07 10:30 AM
KEITH and JUDY - I totally agree - those are some of the ugliest animals running around.
'Wordy' discussion today.
19/Apr/07 10:44 AM
to Wordsmith
mon-closed syllable
o-open syllable
syl-closed syllable
19/Apr/07 10:54 AM
Jamie are you saying that possums are ugly?
Aussie possums are the cutest things going with their big eyes - until they run across your roof
late at night wearing their hob nailed boots. Or you hear them growling in the trees- quite un-nerving until you figure out what they are.
19/Apr/07 10:58 AM
19/Apr/07 10:59 AM
Victoria - I will have to do some research on Aussie possums. YES - those we have around here are absolutely scary they are so ugly.
19/Apr/07 11:07 AM
I've never heard a possum growl, but they hiss louder than any cat! I guess that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Victoria! :)
19/Apr/07 11:07 AM
Although it is a little funny, don't you think, to hear Jamie talk about ''ugly,'' when his avatar is the most butt-ugly one to ever appear on the site! LOL (JK, Jamie ... Gus is cute!)
19/Apr/07 11:10 AM
rotfl butt-ugly ... love it ......
just joking

the possums here in Aust are cute and ours love sharing the cats food.
but they do sound like a herd of elephants on the tin roof .... and guests not happy when they park the car under the trees and find More...
19/Apr/07 11:34 AM
opossums are ugly things ,they'll eat anything,my Great Grandfather had cattle and one came up missing ,they found it and opossums were inside it ,they'll get inside and eat the caruss from the inside out until its gone ,natures cleanup crew.but Mom always hated them after seeing that ,can't say as I blame her.
19/Apr/07 11:51 AM
it's all greek to me. giggle.giggle.

19/Apr/07 11:56 AM
possums are dangerous (rabies), creepy, and scary. but they can't run faster than you so step away from the marsupiam =(pouch).
19/Apr/07 12:01 PM
Aussie possums are vegetarian. These opossums sound like nastly little creatures - a bit like gremlins - fed after midnight.

Rosemary - the only thing we ever found in our cat's bowl was cane toads. They liked to eat the cat biscuits and then soak at the bottom of the water bowl. Absolutely disgusting.
19/Apr/07 12:08 PM
Very sweet. An opossum?
19/Apr/07 12:20 PM
A retiring farmer in preparation for selling his land, needed to rid his farm of animals. So he went to every house in his town.

To the houses where the man is the boss, he gave a horse. To the houses where the woman is the boss, a chicken was given.

He got toward the end of the More...
19/Apr/07 1:06 PM
Hi everyone hope your all having a great day.

Forgot to post earlier, today's youtube is non other than Don McLean..American Pie. Enjoy
19/Apr/07 1:47 PM
Busy day, a nice sunny spring day, outside most of the day. Have a good day / night everyone.
19/Apr/07 2:06 PM
What a sweet looking critter! A North American Marsupial?! A sweet little Opossum?! They are adorable and so gentle!
19/Apr/07 2:41 PM
2:52 Good Afternoon All.
Veronica only put on 40 grams at the last weigh in and so I am now on three weeks of expressing and feeding her from a bottle for each feed to make sure she is getting the right amount. How to make me feel more inadequate.
19/Apr/07 2:50 PM
wooooooo hoooooooooooooooo
19/Apr/07 2:50 PM
ok there are possums and opossums but I don't think that that makes a difference in the spelling but there are different types
19/Apr/07 2:54 PM
My post yesterday got lost in cyberspace! Here it goes again.
Paul and I are planning to have our wedding in Fiji (to save on costs - we are paying for it ourselves and you wouldn't believe how much cheaper it is) and if we could do it without family there (apart from children) without having More...
19/Apr/07 3:03 PM
sounds like she uses her mouth before her brain computes logically.
You and Paul have what you want and she will just have to come to grips with it.
With Veronica and her feeding, it is around this time that hormones change with some adjustment to your milk. hang in there, you are not More...
19/Apr/07 3:10 PM
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