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Easy Sudoku for 19/April/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Rose, could you explain to her that you just want a quiet wedding with only immediate family - you, Paul, kids and parents, brother/sisters (if you want them to come). Perhaps explain that anyone coming will have to pay all their own costs. She could then explain to people she has invited that you More...
19/Apr/07 3:43 PM
the site that there having a lot of info on the Virgina Tech killings is
19/Apr/07 4:15 PM
Rose: I think Victoria's idea about getting your m-i-l to organise a party after the wedding is a good one. That way she can do it as she likes without spoiling what should be a memorable day for you.
I hope you don't live too close to her!
19/Apr/07 4:46 PM
No I didn't know that Richard Carpenter has a new song out.
How is your boy going with his driving!!. My boy is just over half way through the required 25hrs of Logged Supervised Driving before he gets his licence, and can go on his own.
19/Apr/07 4:51 PM
new You Tube offering on my page.
My all time favourite band growing up, The Seekers singing The Carnival is Over
19/Apr/07 4:52 PM
How precious! We had a baby oppossum for a few days when I was young. We have a great picture of my sister holding it in her hand. Her mouth is open in a shriek b/c the possum was hissing at her. It still makes me laugh thinking about it!

Oh, and just for some clarification...'Thanks to More...
19/Apr/07 6:16 PM
to Rose/Sydney - hey sis - I did offer not to go to the wedding but you were insisting. I'm guessing I'm not the family referred to :-)
Hang in there - she may yet decide to go on holidays somewhere out of pique. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed.
19/Apr/07 6:36 PM
Thank you everyone. I love your idea Victoria! I will put the idea to her to organise her own party here in Sydney.
19/Apr/07 8:10 PM
mAen all. Have a good day where ever you are.
19/Apr/07 8:13 PM
...emels and ange - changed my mind about my youtube offering ...ange feel free to use the one you were wanting to use which I said I was going to use, cos I haven't...
19/Apr/07 8:22 PM
I just fed two possums. The old brush tail (about the size of our cat) ran up the drive to meet me to get some bread and jam and then a piece of apple. I call him scar face as he is very battle scared or has been hit by a car.
I then heard the ring tail (about the size of a large rat) in the More...
19/Apr/07 8:29 PM
Ummm... Billy.... am I meant to take this guy seriously? Did anyone take this guy seriously? I would have laughed him right off the chessboard
19/Apr/07 9:15 PM
jordan and jacob!!!!
19/Apr/07 11:05 PM
juio!! arnold!!!
19/Apr/07 11:06 PM
johnny gordon stockwell!!!!!!!!
19/Apr/07 11:06 PM
jose is stupid
19/Apr/07 11:07 PM
19/Apr/07 11:12 PM
20/Apr/07 5:44 AM
03/Feb/12 7:12 AM
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