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Easy Sudoku for 19/May/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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hi all..
19/May/08 12:00 AM
Wolrd, beautiful day here
19/May/08 12:00 AM
hi all!
19/May/08 12:01 AM
G'day/nite my dearest friends...
19/May/08 12:01 AM
Good Morning all!
19/May/08 12:02 AM
hope you all have a
wherever you may be.
19/May/08 12:08 AM
19/May/08 12:08 AM

I cannot for the life of me figure out the riddle (or whatever it was) 'from' posted yesterday! Does anyone have a clue? My brain is fried!
19/May/08 12:09 AM
Gotta run!
If anyone has the answer (including 'from') POST IT!!!
I'll try and check back later!
19/May/08 12:12 AM

Mornin' Y'all

Recipe For A Happy Home

A heaping cup of kindness
Two cups of Love and Caring
One cup of Understanding
One cup of Joyful Sharing
A level cup of Patience
One cup of Thoughtful Insight
One cup of Gracious More...
19/May/08 12:25 AM
I wish you a happy sunday .
19/May/08 12:35 AM
Here's the answer to yesterday's riddle from me -each word has a country hidden within.

19/May/08 12:36 AM
And here's today's one for all the aspiring Mensa candidates among us!
Which letter comes next in the series?

S, M, H, D, W, M, ?
19/May/08 12:45 AM
2:31 Yeah Mon!!! Welcome back appy did you enjoy your trip? I think I'm still tripping...

Thought for the Day:

I have worked myself into a frenzy of lethargy.
19/May/08 12:48 AM
It's been pointed out that sometimes there are several answers possible to these riddles - of course there are, and as long as you can prove an alternative then it is correct. However, I will continue to post the 'official' (i.e. the answer I have!) every day.
19/May/08 12:49 AM
oh André's back!!!!!!!
19/May/08 12:49 AM
lie down and relax girl, you must be exhausted after all that holidaying!
19/May/08 12:50 AM
To my dear mate billy, love ya girl, the thoughts of the day were to say the least fantasmogorically, superbfious, wonderfully, stunningly cool... big up! and love xxxx
19/May/08 12:50 AM
Welcome back André!! Lucky you to have spent some time in St. Lucia - it's a beautiful place! Hope you'll post some pictures for us soon.
Appy - I must have missed where you were going to be traveling. Glad you're home safely, too.
19/May/08 12:51 AM
Oh Fiona I'm so melloowwwww.... I can talk like a rasta mon da sweat has me tripping... remind me though never to go bareback horseriding in the sea again without excess padding... I'll say no more xx
19/May/08 12:52 AM
rubbed you up the wrong way did it?
19/May/08 12:53 AM
And a happy birthday to Idriggs, have a wonderful day.
19/May/08 12:54 AM
Fiona let us just say they have very, very bony spines!!!
19/May/08 12:59 AM

lovely chill afternoon.
19/May/08 1:01 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Idriggs!
to you!
May your day be wonderful with a and lots of !
19/May/08 1:03 AM
Thanks Kathy x I have posted a few pics on my page. I'll do the rest later. Time to sleep...
19/May/08 1:06 AM
In the interests of fair play and all that lah de dah stuff, I will admit that I did change the question slightly in yesterday's riddle, (and it was one that came from the internet).
I will repost it in the next post with the correct question.
19/May/08 1:25 AM
andré - loved your pictures of St. Lucia! Were you near Castries and, if so, did you dine at Chez Paul? We were in St. Lucia many years ago on business but were able to spend a few days vacation time and just loved it. Chez Paul was called "Rain" at the time, but I've heard that More...
19/May/08 1:28 AM
OK, here goes.
In the following sentences, there are two hidden countries. Can you find them?

1. Vladimir and Olga are Soviet names.
2. Have you ever heard an animal talk in dialect?
3. The children put on galoshes to go out in the rain.
4. Extra tuition will help an amateur to More...
19/May/08 1:28 AM
And if anyone wants another crack at one you won't find an answer from Mr Google, here is one I posted a few days ago.

Beautiful am I in my coats of bright colors including pink, magenta and purple. Although thought of as low class, I am joined by an upper class residence. However, my More...
19/May/08 1:34 AM
2:23 to you all
19/May/08 1:42 AM
19/May/08 1:44 AM
I don't think I would walk on that pier.
19/May/08 1:47 AM
1. Iran & Vietnam
2. Malta & India
3. Tonga & Togo
4. Panama & Spain
5. Sweden & Lebanon
6. Lesotho & Ghana
7. China & Nepal
8. Chad & Andorra
9. Gabon & Mali
10. Peru & Uganda
19/May/08 1:50 AM
Nice work Jane. Care to hazard a guess at the other one?
19/May/08 2:02 AM

Good mAen, all.

Nice picture from Flores. Always interesting shots. Life looks simpler there.
19/May/08 2:14 AM
Welcome back, andré and Anu.
19/May/08 2:20 AM
all. Another warm day ahead here, already around 80° out there. Continuting on the "Sun" or "Sunshine" theme:


Seen that rickety dock before.

--- from --- I was looking for 2 countires that fit all 10. There are multiple combinations for each single line.

19/May/08 2:30 AM
everyone. Another beautiful day in So. Oregon.
Sure happy I am here and not back in Arizona. 107 F (42C) until Wed. when it goes down to 96 and then 86. The low over night is a nice warm 71F (21C).
19/May/08 2:34 AM
You might go on the pier with a Kimodo dragon bearing down on you, Dorthea
19/May/08 2:40 AM
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