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Easy Sudoku for 19/May/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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19/May/16 2:55 AM
OKay, veni, vidi, whee whee!
19/May/16 2:56 AM
Don't have to go anywhere but my office needs a cleaning, well really getting rid of a lot of junk! So to work I must start!
19/May/16 2:58 AM
Sur le pont d'Avignon encore!~
19/May/16 4:00 AM
19/May/16 6:08 AM
Good morning all. Another wet and windy day here.
19/May/16 6:29 AM
So inside job today. Inside a shearing shed, that is.
19/May/16 6:30 AM
I've found a free supply of sheep manure, so I'm off to shovel some merino marbles.
19/May/16 6:32 AM
Brilliant for adding organic matter to my very clayey vegie garden!
19/May/16 6:33 AM
I hope everyone who has injury or illness heals quickly.
19/May/16 6:34 AM
Enjoy your day folks!
19/May/16 6:35 AM
Sacky, I thought 'marbles' was a kids game.
19/May/16 7:19 AM
I'm a big kid!
19/May/16 7:22 AM
Good response, Sacky.
19/May/16 7:41 AM
Morning all, will have to go look at what Peter got up to yesterday. Sacky is sure on the ball this morning !😂
19/May/16 8:58 AM
Good one, Peter, re; piecost !😄
19/May/16 9:07 AM
Morning everybody
19/May/16 11:49 AM
19/May/16 12:14 PM
19/May/16 12:55 PM
maeN everyone. What a lovely bridge
19/May/16 8:08 PM
Now you all sit up and pay attention......

Redacted from Mr Cee's report on TOS.

Mr Cee had a bit of a turn on the weekend and ended up in the Coronary Care Unit in Brisbane hospital for 5 days.

He ended up with a barrage of tests etc. with no clear answers, as everything More...
19/May/16 8:37 PM
Might as well seein' as I,m here.
19/May/16 8:38 PM
Almost there.
19/May/16 8:39 PM
That $$$$ question.
19/May/16 8:39 PM
19/May/16 8:39 PM
Clickety click.
19/May/16 8:40 PM
Hope Joyce isn't crook at me.
19/May/16 8:40 PM
It was only a bit of fun.
19/May/16 8:41 PM
My work here is done.....Good night all.
19/May/16 8:42 PM
Peter for the update on Mr Cee, glad to hear its all good news.
19/May/16 11:46 PM
Mr. C - stiff upper lip, mate,
19/May/16 11:58 PM
G'day all.
19/May/16 11:58 PM
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