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Easy Sudoku for 2/February/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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oooh an inadvertant wheeeeee!
02/Feb/11 5:15 AM
I'm still trying to figure out why honey's flight was already cancelled early yesterday evening when we have nothing except cold temps here - maybe an inch of snow- and of course nothing going on in Miami. He's been told "good luck getting home this week". I had no patience for his More...
02/Feb/11 5:18 AM
I know, Fiona ... Pantie Phantie's sweet words caught me off-guard. Note to self: to preserve my reputation as a naughty, irreverent oddity, don't post anything nice that might provide a peek into my true nature!
Thanks, Phantom ...
02/Feb/11 5:23 AM
you should have posted that you were a 'Naughty, Irreverent Twit' then I could have called you Judy the NITwit.
02/Feb/11 5:26 AM
For the boys on the board, you'll love how dense I am. So I shut off the main valve and then was draining the spigot on that line to release pressure. Kept wondering why I had so much water draining, thought maybe my valve was stripped and it wasn't actually shutting off my water. Just so used to More...
02/Feb/11 5:27 AM
Hope you're having a better day today Fiona...
02/Feb/11 5:28 AM
I am, Shannon, thank you. Sounds like your day isn't too great though!
02/Feb/11 5:35 AM
Meh, keeps things interesting. Although with no shower I could be bumping Judy out of the position of hairy mountain woman...
02/Feb/11 5:40 AM
Wagdy, I join Heidi and the others in wishing your family and friends well during the difficult days in Egypt. I hope the problems of your country are resolved quickly and without further bloodshed.
Also, best wishes to my fellow Aussies in FNQ, the approaching cyclone looks really dangerous.
02/Feb/11 5:43 AM
Judy... that was the closest I could come to finding a pointy stick. I thought you'd like one that illustrated your stinging barbs, and ability to squarely hit the target.
02/Feb/11 6:13 AM
Well, we already have our 12 inches of snow, that was the amount predicted but it is still snowing. We are still above 0º even though the temp. has dropped all day.
Won't even go out to until it quits snowing.
02/Feb/11 6:20 AM
Last night weather people we saying we could/should have blizzard conditions today, glad they got one thing wrong.
To all who are east and north of us get ready it's comming your way.
02/Feb/11 6:25 AM
No point in going out anyways Sue. Mom in Chicago and SIL in NE Indiana said grocery shelves are already picked clean. People were just hoarding like they weren't going to have food for weeks. If everyone would just buy what they really only need (everyone will be back out and around by Friday) there would be enough for everyone. Stay warm....first my pipes and now my internet keeps crashing...
02/Feb/11 6:29 AM
Heidi, I was not given an epidural. Analysis showed a herniated disc at L5 and given a selective "Nerve Root Block" injection (whatever that is?. Pain has already abated somewhat.

Another treatment is scheduled for 17 February; more if necessary. Told to take it easy as More...
02/Feb/11 6:30 AM
Judy, In case you're looking for a target site: My butt has been targeted enough lately. Why just yesterday afternoon, three nice ladies were dead on target with 4 inch needles. I'm beginning to wonder if there's a bullseye tattooed on that left cheek.
02/Feb/11 6:36 AM
Oh, Captain J, you know the needle was worth having three women admire your backside.

Hope the R&R does the healing thing for you. Girlfriend, should be nominated for Sainthood.
02/Feb/11 6:57 AM
It sounds like it's gonna work, Cap'n. Congratulations! Less pain is always good.
I have degenerative discs, degenerative vertebrae and herniated discs, as well as osteoarthritis, all in the lumbar area. I'm so grateful that the epidurals work for me because I don't know what they could operate on.
02/Feb/11 7:03 AM
I looked ahead.

6 weeks till Spring.
02/Feb/11 7:09 AM
Karen, I did mention something about 'role reversal' while prone.. told them it's just backwards (no pun intended) to have 3 pretty girls checking out an old man's backside.
02/Feb/11 7:09 AM
Heidi, After what I have been going thru these past 3 months, I'm glad the epidurals work for you. I will keep good thoughts and prayers for you to help keep you as pain free as possible.
02/Feb/11 7:15 AM
Good afternoon to all! Bleuts in a mass. Now I know why people go to mass.
02/Feb/11 7:29 AM
Another winter storm heading this way. Depending on which forecaster or journalist you listen to anywhere from 15 to 40 Cms of snow due starting tonight. C'est la vie.
02/Feb/11 7:32 AM
Cyclone Yasi looks like it's going to bring more devastation to east Australia. I do hope the forecasters and journalists are wrong in what they're saying, as it is being compared to Katrina. God bless all in its path.
02/Feb/11 7:36 AM
Captain J, that's good news you have passed on. I do hope the prolonged tratments help and you can avoid sugery. Take care!
02/Feb/11 7:38 AM
An Irishman, a Mexican and a Blonde Guy were doing construction work on scaffolding on the 20th floor of a building. They were eating lunch and the Irishman said, 'Corned beef and cabbage! If I get corned beef and cabbage one more time for lunch, I'm going to jump off this building.'
The Mexican More...
02/Feb/11 7:39 AM
At last.. equal opportunity for male blondes. Well done, Greg.
02/Feb/11 7:44 AM
Heidi, crème brûlèe just out of the over. I guarantee this is not vanilla pudding.
02/Feb/11 8:08 AM
CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. — Frank Woodruff Buckles, Jefferson County’s most famous living citizen and the last surviving World War I doughboy, turns 110 years old Tuesday (today).

02/Feb/11 8:09 AM
crème brûlée is never vanilla pud, Sue! Hope Harry enjoys it!
02/Feb/11 8:12 AM
Both of my grandmothers were born in 1890 (always remember that date from 1890 French Dressing commercials), they would be turn 111 this year, however, they are pushing up daisies and have for over 30 years. I know, I saw the daisies in Novermber for one of my grandmothers and a couple of years More...
02/Feb/11 8:20 AM
No time/patience to read past page 2 - need sleep.
02/Feb/11 8:32 AM
Especially since I volunteered to go and do it again tonight!
02/Feb/11 8:34 AM
Smilie is me - I must be loopy!!
02/Feb/11 8:34 AM
Cyclone is supposed to cross the coast at 10pm tonight.
02/Feb/11 8:35 AM
Expected to hit south of Cairns. Susan?Queensland is close to that area.
02/Feb/11 8:35 AM
02/Feb/11 8:39 AM
02/Feb/11 8:39 AM
02/Feb/11 8:40 AM
02/Feb/11 8:40 AM
02/Feb/11 8:41 AM
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