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Easy Sudoku for 2/February/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning world!!!
02/Feb/13 12:02 AM

Got to make the most of Kayo being away!!! but I do miss her daffynitions......
02/Feb/13 12:03 AM
Well that slowed you lot down didn't it.

1. islander slander
2. jangle angle
3. clever lever
4. ideal deal
5. ipad pad
6. islam slam
7. knight night
8. cleft left

June Having fun on hubbys pooter. Hmmmm?? Got them all.
02/Feb/13 12:10 AM
1:39. Good morning and good night all.
02/Feb/13 12:12 AM

So easy I nearly didn't post it.

Answers to my EASY inbox please.

2. Possess information -> The present time
3. Baby school -> cars
4. Put to death -> Sick
5. Typed on a computer -> Looked at More...
02/Feb/13 12:15 AM
02/Feb/13 12:17 AM
next . . .
02/Feb/13 12:17 AM
02/Feb/13 12:17 AM
Going for a run so will see you later!
02/Feb/13 12:18 AM

Mr Cee what happened to No 1? I need all the easy ones i can get.
02/Feb/13 12:26 AM
Hello, friends!
Probably won't need today.
Several multi-car pile-ups in Michigan yesterday caused by 'white outs'.
Possibility of snow again today.
02/Feb/13 12:26 AM
There you go LizzieG.

1. Possessed information -> Recently made

And you do very well I might add.
02/Feb/13 12:36 AM
Feather Duster? Okay Captain J, what is it?
02/Feb/13 12:36 AM
Hi Lizzy, I think Mr Cee's done a runner! I sent him my answers less #1 - if it's been posted while I'm having a well-earned sleep I'll attempt it in the morning.
02/Feb/13 12:37 AM
Ah, that's a bit TOO easy Mr Cee!
02/Feb/13 12:38 AM
I just had time to work the Easy puzzle - waiting for a parent to show up for a conference!
02/Feb/13 12:38 AM

Night Chris.
02/Feb/13 12:40 AM
Good Maen all!
Getting here late today - congrats on #1 Lizzy!
Yes, Mr. Cee - not all starting with the same letter threw me off - hopefully I'll know better now!
Shiela - I need to move to your neighborhood - temps in the 60's here.
02/Feb/13 1:09 AM
Blooming Christmas catcus - Beautiful!
02/Feb/13 1:15 AM

Cheeky devil is Mr Cee hey Chris......glad you found No 1 before that well earned sleep.

Why is there always one to stump me and no its not No 1......will spend all night working on it thankfully its a tad slow at work tonight...for now anyway....
02/Feb/13 1:15 AM
02/Feb/13 1:16 AM
02/Feb/13 1:22 AM
(Hello, Keith!)
02/Feb/13 1:22 AM
02/Feb/13 1:49 AM
How's your new ipad, HalT????
02/Feb/13 2:01 AM
I'm still learning, Shiela.
02/Feb/13 2:17 AM
Are those Christmas Cactus flowers? Pretty!
02/Feb/13 2:17 AM
Good morning people of the world.
02/Feb/13 2:18 AM
Many celebrations today, and I think they all go together.

Working Naked Day
Spunky Old Broad's Day
Bubble Gum Day
National Freedom Day
02/Feb/13 2:20 AM
Good luck, HalT!
I think we'll break into that realm of electronics next time we make a change. I can see lots of advantages, but as a self-taught computer person...
02/Feb/13 2:23 AM
Think I'll celebrate number one, three and four, Karen!
Not ready for number two, yet!
02/Feb/13 2:26 AM
Number one sounds good to me... as long as I don't pass any mirrors.
02/Feb/13 2:39 AM
I don't qualify for number two. And I don't chew gum. But I'm all for number four.
02/Feb/13 2:41 AM
Spunky old broad, I could qualify for that. Freedom, very important for me and I will remember the responsibility that goes with it! Don't chew gum either. I kept popping the gum and that annoyed me. As for working naked, well this time of year it's too cold!!!
02/Feb/13 3:00 AM

We have snow on the ground! First I've seen this winter. Yes, it's true. I join Vici in the Snow Lover Club.

Actually, there was some accumulation while I was gone, but I didn't see it, so it doesn't count.
02/Feb/13 3:20 AM
Our ''Christmas Cactus'' has pink flowers, and blooms any old time of the year. We've called it by many names.

My iPad gets a lot of use, at home as well as traveling. It has completely replaced my laptop for portable computing. Great tool.
02/Feb/13 3:36 AM
Mr. Cee and I have formed a relationship!

Wait. That doesn't sound right.

Let me re-phrase....Mr. Cee and I have formed a WORKING relationship.

He will be puzzling Friday through Sunday, and I will be a little more More...
02/Feb/13 3:37 AM
Lately, I cannot get enough citrus. Man is thinking about taking stock out in cutie oranges, grapefruit and orange juice. But, I think, I now know why grapefruit is great for diets. By the time you peel the grapefruit and take the skin off the wedges, you are no longer hungry, or you have forgotten what you were doing.
02/Feb/13 3:40 AM
I had a comment, like that Kathy.
Mine was: I found two great men in my inbox this morning.

Do you know what kind of scandal that would have caused if I had posted it? Poor Jamie and HalT, may have blushed. I won't mention names, because, that would really cause a scandal, since I generally go to bed and wake up with one of those men.
02/Feb/13 3:43 AM
Bye bye page one.
02/Feb/13 3:43 AM
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