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Easy Sudoku for 2/April/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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02/Apr/17 12:04 AM
Hello everyone. It is the end of daylight savings for us here in Canberra
02/Apr/17 12:07 AM
I saw that mentioned yesterday & thought maybe it would effect site time ...guess not though! Hello, Good morn Julie!
02/Apr/17 12:15 AM
Julia - sorry
02/Apr/17 12:16 AM
Being at the wrong loo - then a moment for a photo? Haha - not likely! I'd be scrambling for the right one......
02/Apr/17 12:20 AM
2:16 Rather slow again.
Played golf with my son-in-law and two grandsons, Johnathan and Bailey, this afternoon. First time I've played for about 4 years when I used to take Johnathan out when he was about 9 years old. I'll probably suffer for it tomorrow.
02/Apr/17 12:44 AM
What happened to 'Check Moves'?
02/Apr/17 2:15 AM
02/Apr/17 2:32 AM
02/Apr/17 2:45 AM
02/Apr/17 2:13 AM
Medium is back!! Thanks, Gath!
02/Apr/17 2:15 AM
I remember at my last yacht club, someone had the cutesy idea of putting flag sign (when you're out at sea, sometimes to communicate you can use the alphabetic signs) for the restrooms. That was before I made a quick study of the alphabet flags. So I made an arbitrary decision and promptly entered the wrong one!
02/Apr/17 2:16 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
02/Apr/17 2:17 AM
What's wrong with 'Check Moves', Denny?
02/Apr/17 2:17 AM
Upon entering, I thought wow what an elegant idea - putting water fountains on the wall with ivy vines around each! Looking closer, I realized they were urinals.
02/Apr/17 2:19 AM
I just redid the puzzle & discovered how to be most efficient solving it: 8->1, then 9
02/Apr/17 2:19 AM
I couldn't scurry out that restroom fast enough! Luckily no man had to use the facilities while I was there!
02/Apr/17 2:20 AM
Hi, Joyce!
02/Apr/17 2:21 AM
Happy Saturday!
Sharon, you were lucky no one was in the room.
Imagine my surprise when I opened the door (at a restaurant) to have all these male faces turn to look at me before I beat a hasty exit with apologies
02/Apr/17 3:19 AM
Good mAen, good fools. Well, I've exhausted myself cleaning just half the kitchen. So, Netflix time.
02/Apr/17 3:53 AM
Oops. Can't not try to sneak up on 22 ...
02/Apr/17 3:53 AM
02/Apr/17 3:54 AM
Once, when there was a long line at the ladies bathroom and I couldn't wait, I ducked into the empty men's room. From behind a closed door I heard a lot of men enter. Luckily, when I darted out no one saw me as they were all facing the walls.
02/Apr/17 3:57 AM
Morning all, as the signs are only on the outside ,did she go in or just posing near the sign.
02/Apr/17 4:28 AM
Joyce, if you look at the time Keith first posted 2:45am then Shosho at 2:13 . You will most likely notice it more tomorrow morning.
02/Apr/17 4:33 AM
K(Brissie), Judy and Sarah .
02/Apr/17 4:35 AM
Haha,Dotcom, you should have said something like ''oops'' just to see the look on their faces.
02/Apr/17 4:40 AM
And a CP to go !
02/Apr/17 4:41 AM
Just saw two eagles in the Decorah eagle's nest.
02/Apr/17 5:33 AM
1:51, a bit of a slow one going 1-9 today, probably would have been better the other way around. Good morning everyone.
02/Apr/17 5:59 AM
Thanks, Amelia. I expected it to be evident at changeover - but I guess 'officially' it's at 2:00am
02/Apr/17 6:30 AM
Maybe DotCom could have said, ''Oops!'' Amelia ... but she could have done a good deed and made all the guys feel good about themselves if she had said, ''Way to go, Guys!'' and exited with a !!
02/Apr/17 6:40 AM
To add to what Hal said....there are 2 eagle's nests in Decorah, Iowa. One is called Decorah North and the other Decorah. There are 2 eaglets in the DN nest and 1 in the D nest....so far. Cute little dandelion heads they are.
02/Apr/17 6:45 AM
I was at a very large 10K race once where before the race when everyone is making a 'last pit stop', the women in the race realised there was no way there were enough bathrooms allocated to the female runners. So, some very enterprising women confiscated the 'Men's Room' nearby since a majority of More...
02/Apr/17 7:05 AM
Kathy, there are two eaglets in the Decorah nest. I've got a picture which I'll post ASAP.
02/Apr/17 9:08 AM
OK, two new pix in my gallery. Enjoy.
02/Apr/17 9:52 AM
Sorry folks there are a couple of spelling mistakes in Saturday's poozle. TURITIAN should be TURTIUM. The last clue should be ZEI not ZIE. Of course that breaks the rules about alphabetical order, but given that some people will need to have the correct clues to solve the last few items. But then 5 people have posted correct solutions.
02/Apr/17 10:13 AM
02/Apr/17 12:38 PM
Well, Wombat - I found 2 different spellings for that last word along with 2 entirely different meanings; as you presented the meaning, the spelling you offered is correct!
02/Apr/17 2:07 PM
Oh....why hang around down here? BOTP
02/Apr/17 2:08 PM
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